Blanket Ban on Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified or Not?

Blanket Ban on Nirbhaya Documentary: Justified or Not?

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Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had aforementioned BBC to not release the Nirbhaya documentary. Still, BBC once ahead and released it. Video links to the documentary are measure illegal and banned in India. The videos shared on YouTube are removed. The matter here highlights a heavy issue. A brutal rape case occurred in India, and a foreigner created a documentary and discharged it. There are people who suppose that it’s the actual fact then why hide off from it whereas there are some who powerfully believe that documentary should not have been released. The documentary made by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin features the interview of one of the convicts of the Delhi gang rape, Mukesh Singh, who held women more responsible than men for rape. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor slammed the Narendra Modi government for asking the UK to ban Nirbhaya documentary on the 16 December, 2012 gang rape-murder case. Is banning Nirbhaya documentary justified?

“A decent woman will not roll around at nine o’clock at the hours of darkness. A lady is much more responsible for rape than a boy”, says the cellblock convict Mukesh Singh. When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape. These were the words of Mukesh Singh, one of the convict of Delhi rape case. Hang him; suspend him to death in public. Create an example out of him. But the act of banning the documentary is akin to smashing the mirror because the mirror said ‘you are the ugliest of all’.

Indian government  banned the  documentary because it feels offended, as outsiders tells us that this country and its people have the most sickening patriarchal mind-set and attitude in the world. Male chauvinism is so much deeply rooted in our society that at times people fail to identify it. Until and unless the conventional shackles are not broken, things will not change. Documentary highlights no matter Mukesh Singh has claimed, and then why currently the government intends to ban it? If it’s to try to do one thing, take some substantial steps to prevent such mortifying statement of men towards girls.

It’s the time individuals ought to amendment their mind. The documentary can force individuals to possess a glance at intervals and judge do they agree rapists who blame women’s garments and character as the factors liable for the rape. Mukesh in his interview said that we wanted to teach her a lesson for breaching social and cultural norms and a girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. When you will keep a packet of sweets on the street; dogs will surely come and taste it.  But we asked the people of India who have given them the right to decide that when a girl should move out of her house. Who is this man to punish a girl to break the so-called hypocritical laws of society?

Undoubtedly, the documentary reveals the actual mindset of the Indians and their male chauvinistic mentality. It is a pointless argument that we want to preserve our fake image of being civilized in front of the entire world just by banning this video. We can impose ban within our country, but not for the other parts of the world.

And we should be actually fighting to rectify our loopholes rather than showing off our false image. Yes, this documentary reveals what we are, and where we stand. It explains that women still have no place in our society. They are just used as objects to be used and thrown. No reason can ever be justified for a rape. So, providing this reason for imposing the ban is no way justified.