Modi’s surprise to Nawaz, arrived in Pak on his birthday

Modi’s surprise to Nawaz, arrived in Pak on his birthday

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Modi arrived at pak today’s morning. It is birthday of pak Prime Minister Nawaz sharif. Along with this surprise modi also talked about few things with pak pm Nawaz sharif.

As Modi pointed Pakistan on the matter of terrorism indirectly many times but during this discussion suddenly modi came to Pakistan (Lahore) without any information to give a surprise to pak prime minister Nawaz sharif.

Nawaz sharif came pakistan’s international airport Alama Iqbal to receive and give a warm welcome to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

After coming from rouse and finishing the entire government issues and works before arriving at delhi, modi suddenly made a program to stay in Pakistan.

It was like a surprise gift to Nawaz sharif on his birthday.

After arriving to Pakistan airport modi went to Nawaz sharif’s house raivind mehal by sharif’s helicopter. Nawaz was in the Lahore on the wedding of his granddaughter.

They ordered to make modi’s favorite food saag and other vegetarian food for modi at his house.

They also presented Kashmiri tea to modi. According to some politics specialists, modi gave a surprise to whole world by making this program on sudden time and it is a part of his democratic ethics.

Before all that modi also did a twit that I have wished Pakistani president Nawaz sharif on his 66th birthday. I pray for his heath and for his long life. After a period of time it is kind of achievement in matter of relation if India and pak.

Government officials of Pakistan has become a panic station when they got information of modi’s sudden visit of Pakistan. On the other hand they have applied a high alert in Lahore because of modi’s Lahore visit.

Modi also was the chief guest in the opening of afghan parliament in Kabul (Afghanistan) which is made by India in the presence of Afghanistan president Ashraf gani. The building made by spending’s of 9corer dollars. It was also an opening of building in afghan parliament named “Atal block” by modi.

In afghan parliament modi also spoke about the relations of both countries and talked about Mahabharata and Mahatma Gandhi.

Modi also met afghan president Ashraf gani after arriving from rouse. Modi also announced scholarship for 500 afghani students from India.

According to Indian foreign minister sushma swraaj “ modi made very good decision to visit Pakistan on Nawaz’s birthday. It will the helpful and good step to increase the relations of both countries.