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PM Narendra Modi landed at Iran with a gilded welcome, where he met Iran President Hasan Ruhani and discussed about trading, investments and energy related topics. Both the leaders had a meeting  for sharing their thoughts about furthers tactics of business issues and trading of both countries.

Pm after that had a conversation with deputation and signed a deal about the development of Chabahar port on southern coast of Iran, aluminium smelter plant establishment and a setting up a railway line.

PM Modi expressed his happiness by saying “all the agreements signed by both the countries will take a new start in our fateful partnership”. Pm also said that both the countries has contributed and exchanged their thoughts about the growing situations of religion and global issues.

Pm Modi also said that India and Iran will discuss about the issues of terrorism, drugs, trafficking and cyber-crime etc on the regular basis and find the solutions to face these problems.


What is Chabhar

Chabahar is the sea port identified in southern coast of Iran. The thing of its significance, it is the only sea port of Iran which is directly connected to ocean. The port’s establishment has done by India in 1990 to provide the access to Afghanistan and central aisa.

Why Modi’s Iran Visit is Crucial

PM Modi is now on Iran’s Visit. This visit is going to be most crucial in the terms of hope that Chabhar Deal will bring huge advantages to the country. Infact this deal is going to be helpful for 3 Countries, India, Afganistan and Iran. And it could help India stand against its rival countries like Pakistan and China.  the Chabahar port will help India bypass Pakistan and transport goods directly to Afghanistan and central Asia. India now will not be depended on the permission of Pakistan for compelting the transportation tasks towards Afghanistan through wagha boarder.

Chabahar will help New Delhi’s efforts to engage with Kabul directly both strategically and economically.

Important Points of Chabahar deal

  1. India will invest billions in the trade zone of Iran. In the joint press conference attended by Indian PM and Iranian President, the Iranian President Hassan Ruhani mentioned in his words “Chabahar is going to be the emblem of the co-operation between India and Iran.”
  2. Chabahar can be the bridge and a way of connectivity between India, Afghanistan and other countries. By participating in the speaking terms, pm narendra Modi also said “the friendship between India and Iran is not new; this is the oldest like history.
  3. Chabahar port on southern coast of Iran can plays a vital role in the strategic policies of India. Chabahar project will be the first foreign effort for the Indian mass territory port. Till today, Jawahar lal Nehru port is the biggest container port of India which has 60% of contribution in Indian global ports. Although kandla port has remain 40%.


Inside Cover Story

Modi is the first Prime Minister of India in past 15 years who had a bilateral visit of Iran. Iranian President Hassan Ruhani welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Courtyard of sadabad palace. Army band played the national anthems of India and Iran. After that Modi looked up the guard of honor.

PM Modi came to Iran for two days and he will try to make a strong bond between the India and Iran, also we will try to find some more new opportunity in trading and business for growing the more benefits for both the countries, Gadkari added.

After that he mentioned in his words “Iran has natural gas and power with very low cost and Indian companies want to establish the units of aluminum smelter and urea plants of 50 lakhs tones. We spend almost 45000 crore rupees on urea subsidies and if we manufacture it in the Chabahar free trade zone and transport it to kandla port then it will come out with the  same benefits.

At this occasion the Indian shipping minister Nitin Gadkari, who also presented in Tehran said “Chabahr and kandela port has less distance than Delhi to Mumbai. So this agreement will help us to transfer goods to Iran and then it will help to send the goods to afanistan through new road and railway lines.”


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Indian students now can get the studies of making a smart city in the universities of America. We can see the rapid development in the cities of world including India. Today many cities are in the list of smart cities by using technology.

Smart city is future:

A smart city is not only to live in but also it is the result of living in future. A smart city contains all these points. Engineers, scientists and architectures are regularly inventing methods by which any city can be more smarter although it is about the issue of pollution or it is the issue of human resources.

Opportunities of Indian students for learning smart city concept in America:

Few of American universities and institutions arrange workshops for smart cities to teach the students about it. Arizona University has started this concept of teaching about smart city projects and technology.

Here Students talk about projects and technology about smart cities and study about this concept.

M.I.T an institute coordinates a program named city science. In that students notes all the points to make a smart city and also they consider sensor technology, its use, data of inventions of city life etc.

Research center of Alabama University is in the favor of making ecofriendly buildings. They teach students about health of people and psychology of people when the live in an ordinary city and in smart city.

Graduate school of design of Howard University also has arranged a program about smart cities in 2012. Concept of smart cities is not only a topic to study but also it is a serious issue for entire world now.

As Prime Minister Narender Modi also announced to make 100 smart cities in India by investing 1.2 billion dollars till 2022. According to Narender Modi “till 2022 India will get 100 smart cities with full of technology and resources without the problems of pollution, traffic and health issues etc.

Famous Pakistani singer adnaan saami is now Indian as he applied for Indian citizenship and left Pakistan.

This is an important issue and a big slap to those who want to leave India for the sake of intolerance behavior including Bollywood stars like shahrukh khan, amir khan, and many other famous celebrities. They made a bigg issue before bihar elections and raised a message that not even a single muslim is safe in India but after the incident of Indian citizenship demanded by Pakistani muslim singer adnaan saami a question has been arise that if muslims are not safe in this country then why a muslim from Pakistan demanded Indian citizenship.


This crystal clear that saami feels safe in India, he found security, peace, respect, fame and wealth in India. Adnaan saami is famous singer and have enough living resource in Pakistan. He is well rich enough to live a luxury life in Pakistan. Then why he left his own country Pakistan and came India after demanding Indian citizenship.

There can be two reasons of that. First reason if the atmosphere of that place is not so much peaceful and other is there are not much opportunities in country for a safe future like many Asian people get citizenship of America.

Now there is a question is to be asked to those who returned their awards and done everything to destroy the image of country. And what happened to the super star like shahrukh khan before bihar election that he felt impossible to live in his own country.

Why these all people are now quiet? Don’t they find India is a place where they can’t live? Because now no one is talking about intolerance, no strike, neither anyone coming to return their awards. The thing is, people who made an issue on intolerance were never unsafe in india ever. They were only following the command of their political parties.

Many people who were more success and archiviers then these award returning group. They never asked to leave the country or return the awards. Because they utilized their entire life for making their talent and to shine the county. This can be call their love towards India.

Adnaan saami marked these lines and spoke about it with full of confidence and enthusiasm that no country in this world peaceful as India, so there is no question of intolerance etc.

He also said a big thanks to PM Narender Modi for giving him citizenship of India to a person who lived his entire life in Pakistan till yet in an army officer of Pakistan.

But he praised india for its peaceful atmosphere where anyone can live with full human rights and with freedom either he is hindu or muslim.

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According to intelligence agencies Terrorists are planning to attack on capital of India. Intelligence bureau (IB) has announced this information under the department and to media. According to IB terrorists can target PM Modi, Indian parliament, army head quarter and defense ministry. Terrorist group lashkar is in activity to implement this plan.

20 terrorists of lashkar can enter secretly in India. Before that India security agencies announced alert for PM Modi. Even in the report of delhi police they have got the information that delhi is in a threat of terrorists including PM Modi. Terrorists are planning to attack delhi.

Many VVIPs are on the target of lashkar. Before that one information of attacking air flight of air india Kabul-delhi has been declared by the IB. According to IB lashkar commanders are continue in ordering the terrorists to attack india.


ISI agent and worker of Indian air force got arrested:

Ex worker of air force has been arrested by delhi police crime branch from Punjab. He is alleged of keeping confidential data of india and shared it with Pakistani agency ISI.

Person has been identified as a worker of Indian air force with name ranjeet of Punjab. He had been fired and arrested after getting the confidential data of india and sharing it with isi.

According to authorities police took ranjeet into delhi after getting arrested. Ranjeet was is under the doubt of indian intelligence bureau and trapped by a female who was his virtual friend on a social website.

Now police investigating ranjeet including a team which has 2 senior member of indian army and 3 members others. All 5 members has been arrested by police.

At the time according to police that still they are unable to identify that ranjeet also has any link with other terrorist group or not.

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I was also a victim of insult of this cast system: Modi

Prime minister Narender Modi gave his presence into program of people belongs to schedule cast. During his speech prime minister Modi said that he also was a victim of this cast system. We can see this kind of mentality in our country which shows the discrimination of cast system.

He mentioned in his speech that persons belongs to schedule cast faced the very bad time of criticism and insult just because they are from schedule cast. Modi said this in the summit of Indian chamber of schedule cast of commerce and industries.

After completing his speech Modi got down from the stage and broke all the protocols, came in the crowed for taking a slfie with schedule cast people. People came in the program seems happy by seeing this friendly behavior of prime minister of India and took a lot more selfies.

Activist of Schedule cast chanderbhahn got so much emotional and couldn’t complete his speech for giving thank you to Prime Minister Modi. Modi also talked about “PM MUDRA YOJNA” during his speech. He said that according to this scheme 80 lakh people got financial loan without any guaranty.

There are mostly people from schedule cast and schedule tribes who got this loan. Financial inclusion is our main and very important motive he said. Modi said there is a need to make people strong who are from schedule casts and tribes.

He said they need people who can build their own business not who are in search for job. He also talked about bheen rao ambedkar that he is known person as a maker of indian constitution but few of us don’t know that he is also a good economist.

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Financial stability and development council (F.S.D.C.) presents a report on Wednesday that India should be ready for the up and down of currency war.

If Indian government wants to save itself from this up and down of currency war then they have to improve the policies of their central banks. It was a meeting of financial stability and development council (F.S.D.C.) in this concern which held under guidelines of finance minister. During this meeting, many other official people was also their such as RBI Governor, officials of life insurance and pension department.

Report shows that price of petroleum is no so much beneficial than before but at the current time prices of petroleum is getting decrease so it can be beneficial for India. Remaining amount from the decreased price of petroleum will encourage the private sector to invest in policies.

Dollar will remain constant by a report of international market, which shows this instability of international market and china getting profit form that. Country will face more ups and downs which has made some wrong policies in the central banks.

Effect of Increment in interest rates from America is not affecting anything right now but soon it will affect the financial conditions. It is a warning comes from a report that entire world is going towards the financial instability but it is expected from India that it can be come out from this financial instability.

According to report that entire financial policies are getting effected by the financial policies of china. As china is the biggest market and manufacturer of electronic goods. So it is making a stress to other markets and making instability in the financial policies in the market by which financial market of India can be effected.

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Indian central government paid 400cr rupees as fine to Asian development bank, japan, Germany and international bank for reconstruction and development (I.B.R.D) for unspent external loan as a commitment charge.

Japan and Asian development bank got more profit by this mistake. This information has given by a CAG report of 2014-15. CAG pointed this mistake in its report. Cag report showing that more than 110cr rupees has been paid as a commitment charge in last one year by the NDA government.

Commitment charge is a charge or fine for unused amount of loan which takes by anyone. According to report of CAG loan has given on the normal interest and conditions but if we add the commitments charge also, it will be more expensive than the normal market loans.

India has burden of 3.66 lakh crore in which 65% (2.37 lakh crore) is unutilized committed loan. In recent reports of finance ministry, India had paid more than 1400 cr rupees as commitment charge form1991 to 2009.

CAG also pointed those department where loan took by government did not used by those department or facilities for those departments. In this case the ministry of urban development is on number first. Ministry of urban development has more unused amount then other departments or ministries.

This is the amount of 33,700 crore rupees. After that atomic energy amount is 31,300 crore, road transport amount is 29,500 crore rupees, power amount 28,500 crore rupees, railway amount is 25,100 crore rupees, water supply extension amount is 14,900 crore rupees.

CAG pointed a question mark on Modi government:

CAG pointed a question mark on the ability of Modi government in the matter of use of funds of loan. According to CAG unutilized amount of 2011-12 was 1, 76,090 crore, which has become 2, 36,882 crore by 2013-14 and become 2, 37,012 crore increasing by next year.

This report shows that Modi government not performing well in using the amount which gets as a loan from outer sources. CAG also put a question on the decision of Modi government where they show the commitment charge interest obligation.

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Modi government made a plan to develop 100 smart cities in India by investing 7000cr rupees. 2000cr rupees are expected to invest for a technology center. Many officers from foreign countries are also seems interested in this plan and in continuity visiting India time to time.

Smart campus of Cisco:

Smart campus of Cisco at outer ring road of crowded Bengaluru is kind of mini smart city. There are 12000 employees working in Smart campus of Cisco and they are getting enough facilities such as cafeteria, to order something, booking of cab, booking of hotel room, getting appointment of campus doctor all are available on just one application.

In campus of cisco, energy saving is very sensitive issue. They give a lot more importance to energy saving. If any conference room booked by anyone else then the lights, a.c etc. will start itself on time.

Except all these facilities there is an emergency medical primary healthcare facility too. If it is an emergency then you can call on a number and get instant help. Ambulance will come in just few minutes and take you to manipal hospital where you can get a good treatment. There are many ambulances in the campus.

Officials say that after making this campus smart, employee are performing well then before. Other IT companies are also considering this foot prints of Smart campus of Cisco.

More than 100 IT companies are active:

According to a report more than 100 companies in India are providing the facilities of software and hardware. These companies are seeing their bright future in the process of smart cities in India.

Here the meaning of smart city is, to make a residential area where everything is done by use of information technology and providing entire facilities to people who are living in. mainly there are energy saving, water saving and cleanness are the issues for making smart cities.

An initiative by big IT firms:

  • A demo command center has been established in Jaipur by tech Mahindra.
  • Microsoft launched city next initiative.
  • Wipro providing different facilities in lawasa scheme near pune.
  • Companies like cisco and Infosys converted their own campus and offices in smart models.

Smart cities is the future:

According to few Specialists of IT the future will be all about the smart cities. This concept will be adopted by entire India. Only technology can improve the condition of India where population is increasing very fast. Although it will be the great investment to implement is plan but smart cities are need of India at this time.

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Relations of India and Rouse are satisfactory in every kind of matter from the independence of India as pandit jawahar lal Nehru also visited rouse with Indira Gandhi in 1955.

Russian politicians are interested to make a good relations with India from the time of Indian independence. Time to time india was also served by Russian communist party and mr.khurshew.

After that in 1955 Russian Prime Minister Bulganin and khurshew came India. This visit made a history in a good relations of India and rouse. Result of that hot a name of “favored nation treaty” which was the consideration of importance given by both the countries to each other.

Both countries have good relations every matter although it was a nuclear of space research etc. India did not sign this much deals with any other country then rouse either it is about technology, space research or nuclear deal etc.

After the visit of japan, rouse visit of modi was so proven successful for relation of both countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi and Russian Prime Minister Putin has signed 16 deals for the growth of both countries.

226 commove helicopter manufacturing is also included in this list of deals. This deal is a part of process of make in India. Both countries committed to establish 12 nuclear units and 2 nuclear reactor units of Russian design with the contribution of Indian companies.

Both countries considered that the peaceful use of nuclear energy will be the reason of good relations of both countries. Both countries took a step to increase business of 10billion dollars to 30 billion dollars.

Along with that prime ministers of both countries talked about the matter of terrorism and said that whole world should take a step together to finish the terrorism.

Putin also praised Indian steps of being a member of United States defense committee. Modi vested 33 countries included a successful journey of rouse and japan with the matter of bullet train in India.

With all that all countries not only able to make good relations for business, but also they can fight against terrorism.