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ISRO has created history after sending 104 satellites. This is the world record till now as  there is no country which has made this history of sending 104 satellite at one time. Russia was the one which has sent 37 satellites in 2014, but now India came on first position. In this mission India has claimed 104 satellite although America, 10, Netherlands, Israel and Kazakhstan claimed 101 satellites.

“Mr.A S Kiran Kumar chairman of ISRO has provided a statement to media that in the satellites, 1 satellite contains 730 kilograms of weight and another 2 contains 19 kilogram. Although we had capability to get the satellites carry 600 kilogram of weight, that is why we have decided to send 101 another satellites.”

Although the spending are not cleared yet, but Mr Kiran Kumar explained that half of the amount of this project is coming from foreign satellites sending procedures. According to the reports, ISRO is getting around 100 cr. of rupees from foreign satellites. The senior journalist Pallav said “ this mission was not started to made any record, but this is the initiative of ISRO for commercial starting serial this was not an easy task and will be a difficult one, so that entire world is staring on this mission with a great focus. The foreign satellites launched by India r claimed by America and Israel also.

ISRO is currently working on the the process to maintain this record for the future and to make it huge than now. Concern persons of ISRO gave their statement that” ISRO is working on the new projects with a great dedication. It will bring India in the limelight among the world.

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India and UAE have signed 14 deals by the motive of making Strategic relations stronger between both of the countries.

To give a great strength to the Bilateral relations of India and United Arab Emirates, Both of the countries has signed deals for defense, security, and energy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “these deals are the symptoms of a new development and success of both the countries. Here the united Arab Emirates made a promise for investing $ 75 billion, which is apart from those 14 deals. India was expecting this investment deal from United Arab Emirate.

All the deals are signed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. Sheikh mentioned in his word that “our relations with India was not so much strong like this, and I am expecting a great future for this friendship between India and Arab.

Sheikh was the chief guest of the republic Day function at Delhi and came to India on the invitation of PM Narendra Modi. To make the relation with Arab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this step and in the meeting, Modi said we have prepared a roadmap to implement the things of development in the strategic partnership and other fields.

Modi raised a statement that “contribution for security and protection has provided new wings to the relationship of both of the countries. We have also discussed the deals with many countries along with our friend Afghanistan. We have also discussed terrorism and criminal activities and now this the relationship is ready to fly. I believe that this visit will create a strong bond between India and United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and the Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd. (ISPRL), agreed to establish a strategic crude oil storage in the southern Indian city of Mangalore.

Although that deal of investing 75 million dollars has not signed yet whereas foreign ministry was expecting this deal to be implemented on Tuesday. Secretary of finance of foreign ministry Amar Sinha said “we were expecting the deal of investing 75 million dollars on Tuesday which will be a great step for making the foundation of development stronger”.

When the question has arrived that why this deal hasn’t signed yet then officials raised a statement that “discussion on this matter has taken place and soon it will be implemented after getting the complete knowledge of fields where the money is to be invested.

Pm Narendra Modi said ” we feel that entire world should be the one to fight with violence and extremism.

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PM Narendra Modi has addressed India at the end of the year, for fulfilling the dreams of the own house of every Indian. Modi announced few schemes for the common man of India. PM has raised 2 government house schemes for urban and rural areas.


According to these schemes, loan seekers who are desiring for building a house will get an attractive relaxation in the rate of interest of house loan. Modi also talked about demonetization in this accost. Demonetization was the beneficial step for the country and taken to destroy the balckmoeny and fake currency, but few government and private employees of banks made corruption during the period of demonetization, said Modi.

Pm said that this government is the friend of the common and poor people but the enemy of corrupt people and creating an atmosphere to punish them. Earnest man of India will get the benefits what he deserves.

Modi also said a great thank to the bank employees and praised their efforts and hard-work during the time of demonetization. Modi also mentioned those bank employees who made corruption and promised to punish them.

Farmers will get the relaxation on 60 days Interest

The government will provide the relaxation to the farmers in the matter of loan taken by central and cooperative banks. This relief will be provided in the interest of 60 days. In the next 3 months, 3 crores of farmers will get their credit cards turned into rupay card.


Gift to the Senior Citizens  

Senior citizens also get the new year gift from the Indian Governments. Senior Citizens will get the fixed rate of interest up to 8% on the amount of 7.5 lakh till 10 years.

Expectant women will get INR6,000


By seeing towards the pregnant women, Government has announced to provide the help of INR 6,000. The government will transfer 6000INR to the account of expectant for the pregnancy and spending of hospitals etc.

Small scale industrialists


Credit card limit of small scale industrialists has been increased to 2 crores from 1cror and cash credit limit has also increased to 25% from 20%.

By addressing the nation, Modi said thank the each Indian who has faced so many hurdles meanwhile the demonetization for their daily needs and banking.

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On the successful launch of Agni-5 every Indian should be proud. It will be the reason of a great security of the nation.It is the result of the scientist of DRDO. A great hard work is there behind this launch. I give a hearty congratulation to all the scientist and our country: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Successful experiment of
Agni-5 is able to hit the target from 5000 kilometers of distance.
India has taken its place in the hyper-exclusive club along with America, Russia, and China.

By writing the new story of success and Glory India has successfully done the experiment with missile Agni-5 which has a great mark and atomic power. Agni-5 can hit the target from the distance of 5000 kilometer or more. A test has done with missile Agni-5 from the Abdul Kalam island of Odisha, which will be able to hit the place of event China.

DRDO raised a statement that this missile has launched on 11 a.m. It was the fourth successful launch and second can astride test of this missile. This missile is able to bring the atomic types of equipment. According to the report, Agni-5 is 17-metre height and 2 meters in radius and 50 tons in weight. This missile can bring the atomic weapons with very heavy weight. The speed of Agni-5 is 24 times more than the speed of sound.

India has achieved its place in the hyper-exclusive club with Agni 5. America, Russia and china are the members of this club already. The missile is able to target many areas of Asia, northern China and a large part of Europe. At the time of the launching DRDL Hyderabad and many other scientists were present.

ITR raised a statement that Agni-5 which is an advanced and fully loaded with Indian techniques. It has already tested with mobile launcher and it is the first time.

At the present time, India has Agni-1 which has 700 kilometers of range. Agni-2, which has 2000 kilometers of range. Agni-3 which has 2500 to 3500 kilometers of range and now Agni-4 and 5 available.

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PM Modi warned the black money holders.

By taking some hard and strict actions against black money, government is keep on exposing the black money holders. Many employees of banks and people who are trying to hide their black money are getting busted and going jail.

Prime Minister Modi said ” Black money holders was thinking that they will be escape from the eye of Government and there will be a backdoor, but government has put up cameras on the back door for these kind of criminals.

“Criminals who are planning to create a wrong activity after the demonetization will be punished for sure, because innocent citizens of India are in the queue for getting there currency and facing hurdles for the better India” Said Modi while addressing a rally in Gujarat on Saturday.

Modi mentioned in his words ” Rupaya turned into paper from silver coins and now it will be using by mobile in the form of e-wallet.

E-wallet and mobile banking will facilitate the efforts of people of India. Public should be aware on the large level. Government is working on this concept by which everyone will be aware of technology and mobile banking.

Modi asked for blessing and support from the nation in the fight against Black Money. Modi also tagged the opposition that all the opposite parties are creating difficulties in Parliament and trying to stop me for speaking about the development and demonetization. To talk with public of India by the direct way I came here.

Modi also said ” after the 50 days of demonetization, difficulties will start reducing, conditions and situations will be normal like before. People should adopt mobile banking and e-payment and after that there will be no need of going bank or ATM for getting money.

Our country is thinking about that what will be happened with notes. Here I want to ask you that what was the importance small notes before 8th November. Everyone tries to Grab thousand and 500 rupees notes. But after that demonetization, small currency and small people got the great importance. Government took this decision to serve poor people in better way.

Modi said he will present his explanation about the concept of demonetization in the Parliament.

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After the surgical strike on black money, now Prime Minister Modi has started a surgical strike on gold and those people who are purchasing gold by unfair means and undeclared income. According to this surgical strike on gold, people who are keeping gold out of the limit will have to pay the desirable tax according to rules and a limit will be set of keeping gold by the Indian government. One who will not follow these rules and protocols will be bounded to pay tax


Center government is trying to take a strict action against those who are trying to invest their black money in gold. Finance ministry of India started a this action by which limit of keeping the gold has been announced.

As per report from Finance ministry, new rules has introduced now. According to the new rules a married women, unmarried woman and a common person has been classified to keep the different ratio of gold with them. Not even this but males are also in this list of keeping gold with the announced limit by Indian government.

If anyone tries to cross this limit of keeping gold then government will take an action for getting tax from them according to rule. By an amendment of tax law, government has announced that there will be no tax on gold by ancestors, and gold earned by agriculture or declared income will also be tax free.

On the other hand government also raised an opinion that there is no such rule which can be called as a new rule regarding selling and purchasing of gold. Neither any change took place in this matter. There is no limit on the gold which has purchased by white money. This is only a surgical Strike for those who are trying to purchase gold buy undeclared money or trying to invest black money in gold.

According to few reports, within half an hour of announcement of note banning, gold worth 75 crore has been sold in Mumbai only.


This kind of gold will be free:


  • If you have gold purchase by declared amount of your income.
  • If you have purchased gold the by the relaxation gaind by the agriculture earning.
  • If you your Gold has purchased by fair means or ancestors.
  • If you have purchased gold buy your personal saving and also you should be able to provide the data of that money you have saved.
  • According to Central Board of Direct taxes ” if you have gold which comes under the above situation then your Gold will be text free and no tax will be applied on that gold or selling of purchasing.

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Modi has earned the tag of person of the Year by the online survey of Times magazine.

The famous magazine “Times” introduced Modi as the person of the Year by a survey. Times magazine is very popular and first choice of readers which has given this tag to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an online survey 2016.

It was basically an online survey held by times magazine,in which the readers of Times magazine got a choice to choose the person of the Year between many personalities such as Modi, Trump, Putin and Obama etc. and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved the place of person of the Year among all those famous and popular personalities of the world , chosen bye the readers of TIMES magazine.

Here you need to know that Donald Trump is the new President of united States of America and considered as the famous and popular personality of the world of the world.

Similarly Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin both are very famous personalities, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the first choice of people according to this survey.

It was 4th year when Modi has got a great place in the survey of Times magazine, according to reports, magazine adds the name of those people who were in the light for good or bad news for their work. All the personalities who get the place in this magazine are those who leave a great impact on the news and readers. Last year chancellor of Germany Angela markel got this tag of the person of the year by Time Magazine.

In the online survey held by this magazine Narendra Modi got 25% of votes, Putin got 6% and Barack Obama was on 7% , here on the list and according to the reports the current Prime Minister of United States of America Donald Trump got more than 6%.

This survey is still going on and we need to see that, will Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi be able to increase his fan following or not till 4th December. Many other personality from the different countries are also added by times in this survey.


In the massive atmosphere of demonetization PM Modi had taken a very serious decision about the property business, which is also had introduced indirectly at Goa by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi targets Anonymous property of landlords and said “Government is going to take very strict action on those people who have Anonymous property”.

According to few records, Government is going to watch the entire selling and purchasing process of property with a keen and sharp eyes. All action will be taken to destroy the black money and the property business by unfair means. Government is also thinking to launch e-property passbook by which the black investments in property will be affected, Which is almost ready.

After the announcement of note banning on 8 November 2016 , the black money holders tried to invest their black money in the property business. That is the reason Government thought about “e-passbook” by which all the transactions will be transparent. It is considerable that e- passbook will be applied by 1st April 2017 and every person will have to make he/her property transparent.

Person will go to the registrar office and then declare the property and its the papers legally. To make this process successful Government is thinking to appoint new trained and skilled officers who will take care of the and entire process, also check the entire papers of the owner and submit all the details in the e-passbook.

Meanwhile the concerned person will not be forced to provide the details of his property other than that.Unique property identification card Launched by Delhi Municipal Corporation is being like by the public on social media. This new technology will not only provide the transparency of Assets and property of the Concern person but also can provide print of all the transactions whenever its needed.

Modi has built a special team:

According to the reports, after the announcement of note banning, financial situations are being affected in the country and people are facing problems in the daily routine life due to financial hurdles. So, to make this financial situation strong and to provided relief to the public of India Modi has made a special team for that which is going to make few miracle schemed for the poor classification of India and try to finish the hurdles people are facing. The process is in the progress and all the structures are being made by this team.

Although at the current time handling the situations occurred after the  announcement of note banning is the first priority of the Government but PM Modi is also thinking about the coming years and financial problems about daily routine life, related to property. That is why Government is thinking about new schemes which will be helpful for the poor citizen of India.

Political parties and their leaders are protesting from the Parliament to roads against The demonetization which have decided by PM Modi to stop the corruption and black money few days ago.

Although a classification of common public is also unhappy by this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but according to a survey, 85% of Indian population is supporting Prime Minister Modi for his decision of  demonetization.

A Newspaper of India had this survey by the contribution of Survey agency marketing and development research associate and tried to get the opinion of common Public of India and shown the result that results, 85% of population is comfortable with this note banning decision.

In the survey a great number of youth came forward especially 18 to 25 years old gave their opinion that they praise this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it can make a great change in the growth of India and can be a great reason of stopping the black money.

Few political parties gave their statement that it is kind of emergency made by and Mr Modi, critics also considering this a bad decisions for the nation, but the condition of cities is under control now although few small towns and villages are still far from the facilities they are not able to exchange or get the money from bank because lack of facilities but soon it will be under control as Prime Minister Modi demanded 50 days from the Indian public to heal the entire nation from the black money.

At the many places of India a huge number of Black Money has been busted by the police. Big corporate and political leaders are in the list in the matter of Black Money and government  is taking action everyday against these kind of accused. After all that the opposition is not satisfied by the steps of Modi Government and continuously blaming Prime Minister Modi for taking this decision. Even in the winter session the anti parties are creating the issue of not banning, the voice against this decision of BJP government has raised in Parliament also, but as 85% of common public is in the support of this decision of note banning so government working with the great enthusiasm to heal the situation in very short time.

According to a recent report, many news channels and newspapers are taking surveys this issue of note banning, and the number of voting who are in support of this decision is getting increased day by day so this can be a bad news for the position has many people supporting the  demonetization.



Israel President Reuven Rivlin is on the visit of India yesterday 14 November Israel President Reuven Rivlin  arrived at India for 8 days visit. It is the first visit to India of any Israel President since past 20 years.

Israel President addressed from Hyderabad house Delhi and accepted that India is facing biased things in the matter of philistine. After that Israel President that India is our friend and we are going to celebrate 25 years old friendship with India.

Reuven Rivlin show support towards India in the matter of terrorism and said Israel and India will fight against terrorism and try to finish it from the core. We are glad to be with India and happy to protect the democracy of Israel. Reuven Rivlin said in his speech that terrorism is terrorism, doesn’t matter who is a part of terrorism and who is the victim of terrorism. If anyone is responsible for terrorism then he must be punished and it’s the duty of all the nations to fight against terrorism to save the humanity.

After that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the nation. Modi appreciated the efforts of Israel to against find against terrorism and give him a warm welcome in India for visit. Modi also talked about many planning and implementations to discuss with Israel President for future plan for the growth of Israel and India. Mod ialso said we will discuss and work for water resource management and Agriculture in following 8 days as Israel President is on his 8 days visit of India then we will utilize this meeting.

Israel and India had has signed many deals. Pm Narendra Modi and President raised their joint statement in front of media at a press conference today. Modi attacked on Pakistan by his words at the Press Conference while he was with the Israel President Reuven Rivlin and said ” terrorism is widely growing at the neighborhood of India and our neighbors are feeding the terrorists. India and Israel accepted that terrorism is a global threat.

PM Modi said that I am feeling proud of welcoming the Israel President Reuven Rivlin. India and Israel are together by many things. We are making our security relations more strong PM Modi also mentioned in his words that India will take help of Israel in the matter of water resource management and Agriculture.

Modi also said that number of students who are going to Israel for higher studies are getting increased day by day. It will take our partnership on the edge and will make the bond of India and Israel more strong. Israel is going to support India in the areas of agriculture, solar energy, water resource management and plantation etc.

Israel President sad thanks to PM Modi and invited him to come Israel after the Press Conference Israel President arrived at Rajghat and gave a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Israel President mentioned in his words that keeping a silence and taking no action is the reason of motivation for the terrorists. India and Israel are together against the terrorism.