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Modi has earned the tag of person of the Year by the online survey of Times magazine.

The famous magazine “Times” introduced Modi as the person of the Year by a survey. Times magazine is very popular and first choice of readers which has given this tag to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an online survey 2016.

It was basically an online survey held by times magazine,in which the readers of Times magazine got a choice to choose the person of the Year between many personalities such as Modi, Trump, Putin and Obama etc. and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved the place of person of the Year among all those famous and popular personalities of the world , chosen bye the readers of TIMES magazine.

Here you need to know that Donald Trump is the new President of united States of America and considered as the famous and popular personality of the world of the world.

Similarly Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin both are very famous personalities, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the first choice of people according to this survey.

It was 4th year when Modi has got a great place in the survey of Times magazine, according to reports, magazine adds the name of those people who were in the light for good or bad news for their work. All the personalities who get the place in this magazine are those who leave a great impact on the news and readers. Last year chancellor of Germany Angela markel got this tag of the person of the year by Time Magazine.

In the online survey held by this magazine Narendra Modi got 25% of votes, Putin got 6% and Barack Obama was on 7% , here on the list and according to the reports the current Prime Minister of United States of America Donald Trump got more than 6%.

This survey is still going on and we need to see that, will Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi be able to increase his fan following or not till 4th December. Many other personality from the different countries are also added by times in this survey.


In the massive atmosphere of demonetization PM Modi had taken a very serious decision about the property business, which is also had introduced indirectly at Goa by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi targets Anonymous property of landlords and said “Government is going to take very strict action on those people who have Anonymous property”.

According to few records, Government is going to watch the entire selling and purchasing process of property with a keen and sharp eyes. All action will be taken to destroy the black money and the property business by unfair means. Government is also thinking to launch e-property passbook by which the black investments in property will be affected, Which is almost ready.

After the announcement of note banning on 8 November 2016 , the black money holders tried to invest their black money in the property business. That is the reason Government thought about “e-passbook” by which all the transactions will be transparent. It is considerable that e- passbook will be applied by 1st April 2017 and every person will have to make he/her property transparent.

Person will go to the registrar office and then declare the property and its the papers legally. To make this process successful Government is thinking to appoint new trained and skilled officers who will take care of the and entire process, also check the entire papers of the owner and submit all the details in the e-passbook.

Meanwhile the concerned person will not be forced to provide the details of his property other than that.Unique property identification card Launched by Delhi Municipal Corporation is being like by the public on social media. This new technology will not only provide the transparency of Assets and property of the Concern person but also can provide print of all the transactions whenever its needed.

Modi has built a special team:

According to the reports, after the announcement of note banning, financial situations are being affected in the country and people are facing problems in the daily routine life due to financial hurdles. So, to make this financial situation strong and to provided relief to the public of India Modi has made a special team for that which is going to make few miracle schemed for the poor classification of India and try to finish the hurdles people are facing. The process is in the progress and all the structures are being made by this team.

Although at the current time handling the situations occurred after the  announcement of note banning is the first priority of the Government but PM Modi is also thinking about the coming years and financial problems about daily routine life, related to property. That is why Government is thinking about new schemes which will be helpful for the poor citizen of India.

Political parties and their leaders are protesting from the Parliament to roads against The demonetization which have decided by PM Modi to stop the corruption and black money few days ago.

Although a classification of common public is also unhappy by this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but according to a survey, 85% of Indian population is supporting Prime Minister Modi for his decision of  demonetization.

A Newspaper of India had this survey by the contribution of Survey agency marketing and development research associate and tried to get the opinion of common Public of India and shown the result that results, 85% of population is comfortable with this note banning decision.

In the survey a great number of youth came forward especially 18 to 25 years old gave their opinion that they praise this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it can make a great change in the growth of India and can be a great reason of stopping the black money.

Few political parties gave their statement that it is kind of emergency made by and Mr Modi, critics also considering this a bad decisions for the nation, but the condition of cities is under control now although few small towns and villages are still far from the facilities they are not able to exchange or get the money from bank because lack of facilities but soon it will be under control as Prime Minister Modi demanded 50 days from the Indian public to heal the entire nation from the black money.

At the many places of India a huge number of Black Money has been busted by the police. Big corporate and political leaders are in the list in the matter of Black Money and government  is taking action everyday against these kind of accused. After all that the opposition is not satisfied by the steps of Modi Government and continuously blaming Prime Minister Modi for taking this decision. Even in the winter session the anti parties are creating the issue of not banning, the voice against this decision of BJP government has raised in Parliament also, but as 85% of common public is in the support of this decision of note banning so government working with the great enthusiasm to heal the situation in very short time.

According to a recent report, many news channels and newspapers are taking surveys this issue of note banning, and the number of voting who are in support of this decision is getting increased day by day so this can be a bad news for the position has many people supporting the  demonetization.


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Prime minister Modi has cleared the 10 point on the rules for anti-corruption campaign. Modi just raised few new points and changes which will take place soon with a tougher form then before.


  1. PM Modi has approved a cabinet note which favors amending the Prevention of Corruption Act.
  2. A rule which requires the approval of government before carrying an investigation on an official will be brought back.
  3. The Supreme Court, in 2014 had stated that it was necessary to punish a corrupt official irrespective of his rank.
  4. The lobby of IAS officers wanted the clause back which protected the officers from investigation.
  5. Officials in favor of the clause say that it will protect officers from unwanted harassment.
  6. The court stated that law cannot discriminate between public servants based on their ranks.
  7. After the approved changes in the law are made, senior management of corporate houses will be held liable only after their involvement in any given case in proved in the court.
  8. As per the current rules, if any company is found involved in bribery, then the head of the company is held guilty.
  9. The removal of the rigid “undue advantage” clause has been approved by prime minister Modi.
  10. The amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Fund are required to be cleared in the parliament.

Talking about the fist point among all, Modi has approved a cabinet note to mend the act of preventing the corruption to fetch the protection critics believe water down the law. Modi introduced this point to make the anti-corruption acts more secure and to show to those who believe in the lack of anti-corruption laws. Another rule is raised by Modi is for agencies. According to this point, agencies are required to get the sanction of the government but it would be restored before the investigation.

Rules which are in the consideration and have implemented will be for the entire class of people and the action will also be the same as per government seems to be ready to make it sure that no relaxation will be provided to the upper class in the matter of corruption.



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2 days ago PM Narender Modi said, “before 2 years everyone was living under the atmosphere of Despondency and sombreness. Now it is the time of delight and gratification”.

Country wants development, youngsters want growth.  Only development is the key of all problems. Rest all speak for the vote bank. Modi contented that very soon he will provide the electricity to the villages of Uttar Pradesh. Poor people of India now connected with banks because of “Prdhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojna” it will help them in future.

Modi added these words in his speech during the “Vikas Rally” at Saharanpur.

Few steps taken by Modi’s government and lines from his speech-

Modi said “youngsters happily and dedicatedly accepted the “Swachhta Abhiyan” and even a little kid of India is now aware of this. The Swachhta Abhiyan is not for upper class people, it is basically for the poor one. Poor people are not able to afford the expenses of treatment, due to all this they stop working and it makes so many difficulties in their lives. That is why we took a step of “Swachhta Abhiyan”

By an instance Modi asked to our doctors “ give the free treatment to a woman who is pregnant and comes to hospitals on the date of 9th of any month. Because in our country it is quite usual the pregnant women die due to no or costly treatment”.

The age of retirement of our doctors will be exceeded to 65 years; central cabinet is going to pass this very soon.


In his speech, Modi said “they are trying to make the economy of this country stronger than before. In prior time financial graph of central govt was 65% and state govt was 35% but now they are trying to give the 65% to state government so that they can build the state more better. It will give the strength to the economy of the states of our country.

Modi govt made a scheme of giving 2 lakh crores to the Gram Panchayats. 80 lakhs to 1 crore rupees our panchayats are getting every year from the central government.The main motive of these projects and schemes is the development of our villages. It will make a change which will be helpful to remove the poverty from our country.

Pm said that he is serving the nation and he is here to give the entire report of 2 years of his working.


Modi said “the government made the resolution to make the earning of our farmers double than before till 2022, and it is not only a slogan, we took this project in our hands and we will achieve its success very soon.

Pm added in his speech “ more than 1 crore people have given up their gas subsidies. Gas connections has been provided to 3 crore people in previous year by government and it will be exceeded by 5 crores in coming years. This is such a huge decision which hasn’t taken by any other government is past 50 years.


PM Narendra Modi landed at Iran with a gilded welcome, where he met Iran President Hasan Ruhani and discussed about trading, investments and energy related topics. Both the leaders had a meeting  for sharing their thoughts about furthers tactics of business issues and trading of both countries.

Pm after that had a conversation with deputation and signed a deal about the development of Chabahar port on southern coast of Iran, aluminium smelter plant establishment and a setting up a railway line.

PM Modi expressed his happiness by saying “all the agreements signed by both the countries will take a new start in our fateful partnership”. Pm also said that both the countries has contributed and exchanged their thoughts about the growing situations of religion and global issues.

Pm Modi also said that India and Iran will discuss about the issues of terrorism, drugs, trafficking and cyber-crime etc on the regular basis and find the solutions to face these problems.


What is Chabhar

Chabahar is the sea port identified in southern coast of Iran. The thing of its significance, it is the only sea port of Iran which is directly connected to ocean. The port’s establishment has done by India in 1990 to provide the access to Afghanistan and central aisa.

Why Modi’s Iran Visit is Crucial

PM Modi is now on Iran’s Visit. This visit is going to be most crucial in the terms of hope that Chabhar Deal will bring huge advantages to the country. Infact this deal is going to be helpful for 3 Countries, India, Afganistan and Iran. And it could help India stand against its rival countries like Pakistan and China.  the Chabahar port will help India bypass Pakistan and transport goods directly to Afghanistan and central Asia. India now will not be depended on the permission of Pakistan for compelting the transportation tasks towards Afghanistan through wagha boarder.

Chabahar will help New Delhi’s efforts to engage with Kabul directly both strategically and economically.

Important Points of Chabahar deal

  1. India will invest billions in the trade zone of Iran. In the joint press conference attended by Indian PM and Iranian President, the Iranian President Hassan Ruhani mentioned in his words “Chabahar is going to be the emblem of the co-operation between India and Iran.”
  2. Chabahar can be the bridge and a way of connectivity between India, Afghanistan and other countries. By participating in the speaking terms, pm narendra Modi also said “the friendship between India and Iran is not new; this is the oldest like history.
  3. Chabahar port on southern coast of Iran can plays a vital role in the strategic policies of India. Chabahar project will be the first foreign effort for the Indian mass territory port. Till today, Jawahar lal Nehru port is the biggest container port of India which has 60% of contribution in Indian global ports. Although kandla port has remain 40%.


Inside Cover Story

Modi is the first Prime Minister of India in past 15 years who had a bilateral visit of Iran. Iranian President Hassan Ruhani welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Courtyard of sadabad palace. Army band played the national anthems of India and Iran. After that Modi looked up the guard of honor.

PM Modi came to Iran for two days and he will try to make a strong bond between the India and Iran, also we will try to find some more new opportunity in trading and business for growing the more benefits for both the countries, Gadkari added.

After that he mentioned in his words “Iran has natural gas and power with very low cost and Indian companies want to establish the units of aluminum smelter and urea plants of 50 lakhs tones. We spend almost 45000 crore rupees on urea subsidies and if we manufacture it in the Chabahar free trade zone and transport it to kandla port then it will come out with the  same benefits.

At this occasion the Indian shipping minister Nitin Gadkari, who also presented in Tehran said “Chabahr and kandela port has less distance than Delhi to Mumbai. So this agreement will help us to transfer goods to Iran and then it will help to send the goods to afanistan through new road and railway lines.”


Famous Pakistani singer adnaan saami is now Indian as he applied for Indian citizenship and left Pakistan.

This is an important issue and a big slap to those who want to leave India for the sake of intolerance behavior including Bollywood stars like shahrukh khan, amir khan, and many other famous celebrities. They made a bigg issue before bihar elections and raised a message that not even a single muslim is safe in India but after the incident of Indian citizenship demanded by Pakistani muslim singer adnaan saami a question has been arise that if muslims are not safe in this country then why a muslim from Pakistan demanded Indian citizenship.


This crystal clear that saami feels safe in India, he found security, peace, respect, fame and wealth in India. Adnaan saami is famous singer and have enough living resource in Pakistan. He is well rich enough to live a luxury life in Pakistan. Then why he left his own country Pakistan and came India after demanding Indian citizenship.

There can be two reasons of that. First reason if the atmosphere of that place is not so much peaceful and other is there are not much opportunities in country for a safe future like many Asian people get citizenship of America.

Now there is a question is to be asked to those who returned their awards and done everything to destroy the image of country. And what happened to the super star like shahrukh khan before bihar election that he felt impossible to live in his own country.

Why these all people are now quiet? Don’t they find India is a place where they can’t live? Because now no one is talking about intolerance, no strike, neither anyone coming to return their awards. The thing is, people who made an issue on intolerance were never unsafe in india ever. They were only following the command of their political parties.

Many people who were more success and archiviers then these award returning group. They never asked to leave the country or return the awards. Because they utilized their entire life for making their talent and to shine the county. This can be call their love towards India.

Adnaan saami marked these lines and spoke about it with full of confidence and enthusiasm that no country in this world peaceful as India, so there is no question of intolerance etc.

He also said a big thanks to PM Narender Modi for giving him citizenship of India to a person who lived his entire life in Pakistan till yet in an army officer of Pakistan.

But he praised india for its peaceful atmosphere where anyone can live with full human rights and with freedom either he is hindu or muslim.

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Relations of India and Rouse are satisfactory in every kind of matter from the independence of India as pandit jawahar lal Nehru also visited rouse with Indira Gandhi in 1955.

Russian politicians are interested to make a good relations with India from the time of Indian independence. Time to time india was also served by Russian communist party and mr.khurshew.

After that in 1955 Russian Prime Minister Bulganin and khurshew came India. This visit made a history in a good relations of India and rouse. Result of that hot a name of “favored nation treaty” which was the consideration of importance given by both the countries to each other.

Both countries have good relations every matter although it was a nuclear of space research etc. India did not sign this much deals with any other country then rouse either it is about technology, space research or nuclear deal etc.

After the visit of japan, rouse visit of modi was so proven successful for relation of both countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi and Russian Prime Minister Putin has signed 16 deals for the growth of both countries.

226 commove helicopter manufacturing is also included in this list of deals. This deal is a part of process of make in India. Both countries committed to establish 12 nuclear units and 2 nuclear reactor units of Russian design with the contribution of Indian companies.

Both countries considered that the peaceful use of nuclear energy will be the reason of good relations of both countries. Both countries took a step to increase business of 10billion dollars to 30 billion dollars.

Along with that prime ministers of both countries talked about the matter of terrorism and said that whole world should take a step together to finish the terrorism.

Putin also praised Indian steps of being a member of United States defense committee. Modi vested 33 countries included a successful journey of rouse and japan with the matter of bullet train in India.

With all that all countries not only able to make good relations for business, but also they can fight against terrorism.

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Modi arrived at pak today’s morning. It is birthday of pak Prime Minister Nawaz sharif. Along with this surprise modi also talked about few things with pak pm Nawaz sharif.

As Modi pointed Pakistan on the matter of terrorism indirectly many times but during this discussion suddenly modi came to Pakistan (Lahore) without any information to give a surprise to pak prime minister Nawaz sharif.

Nawaz sharif came pakistan’s international airport Alama Iqbal to receive and give a warm welcome to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

After coming from rouse and finishing the entire government issues and works before arriving at delhi, modi suddenly made a program to stay in Pakistan.

It was like a surprise gift to Nawaz sharif on his birthday.

After arriving to Pakistan airport modi went to Nawaz sharif’s house raivind mehal by sharif’s helicopter. Nawaz was in the Lahore on the wedding of his granddaughter.

They ordered to make modi’s favorite food saag and other vegetarian food for modi at his house.

They also presented Kashmiri tea to modi. According to some politics specialists, modi gave a surprise to whole world by making this program on sudden time and it is a part of his democratic ethics.

Before all that modi also did a twit that I have wished Pakistani president Nawaz sharif on his 66th birthday. I pray for his heath and for his long life. After a period of time it is kind of achievement in matter of relation if India and pak.

Government officials of Pakistan has become a panic station when they got information of modi’s sudden visit of Pakistan. On the other hand they have applied a high alert in Lahore because of modi’s Lahore visit.

Modi also was the chief guest in the opening of afghan parliament in Kabul (Afghanistan) which is made by India in the presence of Afghanistan president Ashraf gani. The building made by spending’s of 9corer dollars. It was also an opening of building in afghan parliament named “Atal block” by modi.

In afghan parliament modi also spoke about the relations of both countries and talked about Mahabharata and Mahatma Gandhi.

Modi also met afghan president Ashraf gani after arriving from rouse. Modi also announced scholarship for 500 afghani students from India.

According to Indian foreign minister sushma swraaj “ modi made very good decision to visit Pakistan on Nawaz’s birthday. It will the helpful and good step to increase the relations of both countries.

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During the efforts of prevention of black money by government, more than 16,000 corers black money has been exposed in 20 months and 1200 corers has been impounded by the authorities. This information has given by financial secretary and IAS officer of 1981st batch mr.hasmukh adhiya.

Adhiya said that from September 2015, about 774 cases has been filled and government also announced to expose and give information of the black money in 90 days. By this process black money of 4160 corers has been exposed on that period and government also expecting that soon till the end of the month they will get around 25000 corers black money and tax.

New 635 cases of black money worth 4160 corers:

Government made the law of “black money and imposition of tax act 2015 “ for preventing the black money, in which there is a huge fine and punishment of jail is in the procedure.

People having the black money in foreign countries, government has arranged the “one time compliance windows” for them. During the period of 3 months 4160 corers of black money exposed on the compliance windows.

Last date of paying tax is 31st December:

Mr. hansmukh adhiya said “people who announced about the black money they have, got the last date of paying tax till 31st December.

We are expecting that more than 25000 corers of amount government will get in coming year in the form of tax. Except all that international corporation which is related to tax and black money is in the form an activities. Also they are giving the information about black money.

America is also following the terms and conditions which have been applied for the matters of black money of both the countries.