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PM Narendra Modi has addressed India at the end of the year, for fulfilling the dreams of the own house of every Indian. Modi announced few schemes for the common man of India. PM has raised 2 government house schemes for urban and rural areas.


According to these schemes, loan seekers who are desiring for building a house will get an attractive relaxation in the rate of interest of house loan. Modi also talked about demonetization in this accost. Demonetization was the beneficial step for the country and taken to destroy the balckmoeny and fake currency, but few government and private employees of banks made corruption during the period of demonetization, said Modi.

Pm said that this government is the friend of the common and poor people but the enemy of corrupt people and creating an atmosphere to punish them. Earnest man of India will get the benefits what he deserves.

Modi also said a great thank to the bank employees and praised their efforts and hard-work during the time of demonetization. Modi also mentioned those bank employees who made corruption and promised to punish them.

Farmers will get the relaxation on 60 days Interest

The government will provide the relaxation to the farmers in the matter of loan taken by central and cooperative banks. This relief will be provided in the interest of 60 days. In the next 3 months, 3 crores of farmers will get their credit cards turned into rupay card.


Gift to the Senior Citizens  

Senior citizens also get the new year gift from the Indian Governments. Senior Citizens will get the fixed rate of interest up to 8% on the amount of 7.5 lakh till 10 years.

Expectant women will get INR6,000


By seeing towards the pregnant women, Government has announced to provide the help of INR 6,000. The government will transfer 6000INR to the account of expectant for the pregnancy and spending of hospitals etc.

Small scale industrialists


Credit card limit of small scale industrialists has been increased to 2 crores from 1cror and cash credit limit has also increased to 25% from 20%.

By addressing the nation, Modi said thank the each Indian who has faced so many hurdles meanwhile the demonetization for their daily needs and banking.

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After the surgical strike on black money, now Prime Minister Modi has started a surgical strike on gold and those people who are purchasing gold by unfair means and undeclared income. According to this surgical strike on gold, people who are keeping gold out of the limit will have to pay the desirable tax according to rules and a limit will be set of keeping gold by the Indian government. One who will not follow these rules and protocols will be bounded to pay tax


Center government is trying to take a strict action against those who are trying to invest their black money in gold. Finance ministry of India started a this action by which limit of keeping the gold has been announced.

As per report from Finance ministry, new rules has introduced now. According to the new rules a married women, unmarried woman and a common person has been classified to keep the different ratio of gold with them. Not even this but males are also in this list of keeping gold with the announced limit by Indian government.

If anyone tries to cross this limit of keeping gold then government will take an action for getting tax from them according to rule. By an amendment of tax law, government has announced that there will be no tax on gold by ancestors, and gold earned by agriculture or declared income will also be tax free.

On the other hand government also raised an opinion that there is no such rule which can be called as a new rule regarding selling and purchasing of gold. Neither any change took place in this matter. There is no limit on the gold which has purchased by white money. This is only a surgical Strike for those who are trying to purchase gold buy undeclared money or trying to invest black money in gold.

According to few reports, within half an hour of announcement of note banning, gold worth 75 crore has been sold in Mumbai only.


This kind of gold will be free:


  • If you have gold purchase by declared amount of your income.
  • If you have purchased gold the by the relaxation gaind by the agriculture earning.
  • If you your Gold has purchased by fair means or ancestors.
  • If you have purchased gold buy your personal saving and also you should be able to provide the data of that money you have saved.
  • According to Central Board of Direct taxes ” if you have gold which comes under the above situation then your Gold will be text free and no tax will be applied on that gold or selling of purchasing.


In the massive atmosphere of demonetization PM Modi had taken a very serious decision about the property business, which is also had introduced indirectly at Goa by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi targets Anonymous property of landlords and said “Government is going to take very strict action on those people who have Anonymous property”.

According to few records, Government is going to watch the entire selling and purchasing process of property with a keen and sharp eyes. All action will be taken to destroy the black money and the property business by unfair means. Government is also thinking to launch e-property passbook by which the black investments in property will be affected, Which is almost ready.

After the announcement of note banning on 8 November 2016 , the black money holders tried to invest their black money in the property business. That is the reason Government thought about “e-passbook” by which all the transactions will be transparent. It is considerable that e- passbook will be applied by 1st April 2017 and every person will have to make he/her property transparent.

Person will go to the registrar office and then declare the property and its the papers legally. To make this process successful Government is thinking to appoint new trained and skilled officers who will take care of the and entire process, also check the entire papers of the owner and submit all the details in the e-passbook.

Meanwhile the concerned person will not be forced to provide the details of his property other than that.Unique property identification card Launched by Delhi Municipal Corporation is being like by the public on social media. This new technology will not only provide the transparency of Assets and property of the Concern person but also can provide print of all the transactions whenever its needed.

Modi has built a special team:

According to the reports, after the announcement of note banning, financial situations are being affected in the country and people are facing problems in the daily routine life due to financial hurdles. So, to make this financial situation strong and to provided relief to the public of India Modi has made a special team for that which is going to make few miracle schemed for the poor classification of India and try to finish the hurdles people are facing. The process is in the progress and all the structures are being made by this team.

Although at the current time handling the situations occurred after the  announcement of note banning is the first priority of the Government but PM Modi is also thinking about the coming years and financial problems about daily routine life, related to property. That is why Government is thinking about new schemes which will be helpful for the poor citizen of India.

Political parties and their leaders are protesting from the Parliament to roads against The demonetization which have decided by PM Modi to stop the corruption and black money few days ago.

Although a classification of common public is also unhappy by this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but according to a survey, 85% of Indian population is supporting Prime Minister Modi for his decision of  demonetization.

A Newspaper of India had this survey by the contribution of Survey agency marketing and development research associate and tried to get the opinion of common Public of India and shown the result that results, 85% of population is comfortable with this note banning decision.

In the survey a great number of youth came forward especially 18 to 25 years old gave their opinion that they praise this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it can make a great change in the growth of India and can be a great reason of stopping the black money.

Few political parties gave their statement that it is kind of emergency made by and Mr Modi, critics also considering this a bad decisions for the nation, but the condition of cities is under control now although few small towns and villages are still far from the facilities they are not able to exchange or get the money from bank because lack of facilities but soon it will be under control as Prime Minister Modi demanded 50 days from the Indian public to heal the entire nation from the black money.

At the many places of India a huge number of Black Money has been busted by the police. Big corporate and political leaders are in the list in the matter of Black Money and government  is taking action everyday against these kind of accused. After all that the opposition is not satisfied by the steps of Modi Government and continuously blaming Prime Minister Modi for taking this decision. Even in the winter session the anti parties are creating the issue of not banning, the voice against this decision of BJP government has raised in Parliament also, but as 85% of common public is in the support of this decision of note banning so government working with the great enthusiasm to heal the situation in very short time.

According to a recent report, many news channels and newspapers are taking surveys this issue of note banning, and the number of voting who are in support of this decision is getting increased day by day so this can be a bad news for the position has many people supporting the  demonetization.


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PM Modi addressed union secretaries last week and said ” review all the government policies without any fear, there is no need to be hesitated from any government official while reviewing the government policies.” Modi asked the union secretaries to provide a road-map for the policies to be applied and for the budget  2017-18, with the innovative ideas.

90 secretaries has been divided in 10 groups in budget consultation exercise and they are asked to prepare a report on education, energy, environment, communication,Urban Development, Finance, Corporate Affairs, transport, agriculture, governance and crisis management, along with that many other sartorial themes. Time duration will be one month to prepare this report.

A secretary raised an information without showing his name that “Prime Minister wants a great output and focus on these policies started by his government along with many program ,schemes and projects, so that all policies can get a great implementation and people can get benefits for whom these policies are made.

The important thing in this discussion is, youngster officers also invited to give their views and opinion. Secretary also told ” PM Modi asked us to give a full conclusion in the report”. According to a report PM Modi said that with the contribution of youngsters, tech friendly officers and joint secretaries we can make a better road map.

A report came from PMO x that prime Minister Modi does not want a limited output of this process till the next budget. In fact PM wants these policies to give an effect on 2019 policies. All policy announcements are already done, either it is swachh Bharat, digital India etc.

Secretary also under the expectations to give an answer that what should be happened in the next 2 years and what will be the strategies to be applied in 2018-19 for the Wellness of nation and how to implement the strategies to give the benefits to the common public of India.

A meeting held between the prime Minister Modi and secretary cabinet and Pk Sinha from secretary cabinet performed a presentation with the 8 groups of secretaries about strategy for the new starting year.

Some suggestion from few secretaries of a group has been added in the last budget. The main motive of this meeting was to clarify the Prime Minister’s message that secretaries should be fearless and should make a crystal clear report. So that all policies should be melted without any hotel and government could be able to provide more and more benefits to the public of India.

PM Narendra Modi landed at Iran with a gilded welcome, where he met Iran President Hasan Ruhani and discussed about trading, investments and energy related topics. Both the leaders had a meeting  for sharing their thoughts about furthers tactics of business issues and trading of both countries.

Pm after that had a conversation with deputation and signed a deal about the development of Chabahar port on southern coast of Iran, aluminium smelter plant establishment and a setting up a railway line.

PM Modi expressed his happiness by saying “all the agreements signed by both the countries will take a new start in our fateful partnership”. Pm also said that both the countries has contributed and exchanged their thoughts about the growing situations of religion and global issues.

Pm Modi also said that India and Iran will discuss about the issues of terrorism, drugs, trafficking and cyber-crime etc on the regular basis and find the solutions to face these problems.


What is Chabhar

Chabahar is the sea port identified in southern coast of Iran. The thing of its significance, it is the only sea port of Iran which is directly connected to ocean. The port’s establishment has done by India in 1990 to provide the access to Afghanistan and central aisa.

Why Modi’s Iran Visit is Crucial

PM Modi is now on Iran’s Visit. This visit is going to be most crucial in the terms of hope that Chabhar Deal will bring huge advantages to the country. Infact this deal is going to be helpful for 3 Countries, India, Afganistan and Iran. And it could help India stand against its rival countries like Pakistan and China.  the Chabahar port will help India bypass Pakistan and transport goods directly to Afghanistan and central Asia. India now will not be depended on the permission of Pakistan for compelting the transportation tasks towards Afghanistan through wagha boarder.

Chabahar will help New Delhi’s efforts to engage with Kabul directly both strategically and economically.

Important Points of Chabahar deal

  1. India will invest billions in the trade zone of Iran. In the joint press conference attended by Indian PM and Iranian President, the Iranian President Hassan Ruhani mentioned in his words “Chabahar is going to be the emblem of the co-operation between India and Iran.”
  2. Chabahar can be the bridge and a way of connectivity between India, Afghanistan and other countries. By participating in the speaking terms, pm narendra Modi also said “the friendship between India and Iran is not new; this is the oldest like history.
  3. Chabahar port on southern coast of Iran can plays a vital role in the strategic policies of India. Chabahar project will be the first foreign effort for the Indian mass territory port. Till today, Jawahar lal Nehru port is the biggest container port of India which has 60% of contribution in Indian global ports. Although kandla port has remain 40%.


Inside Cover Story

Modi is the first Prime Minister of India in past 15 years who had a bilateral visit of Iran. Iranian President Hassan Ruhani welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Courtyard of sadabad palace. Army band played the national anthems of India and Iran. After that Modi looked up the guard of honor.

PM Modi came to Iran for two days and he will try to make a strong bond between the India and Iran, also we will try to find some more new opportunity in trading and business for growing the more benefits for both the countries, Gadkari added.

After that he mentioned in his words “Iran has natural gas and power with very low cost and Indian companies want to establish the units of aluminum smelter and urea plants of 50 lakhs tones. We spend almost 45000 crore rupees on urea subsidies and if we manufacture it in the Chabahar free trade zone and transport it to kandla port then it will come out with the  same benefits.

At this occasion the Indian shipping minister Nitin Gadkari, who also presented in Tehran said “Chabahr and kandela port has less distance than Delhi to Mumbai. So this agreement will help us to transfer goods to Iran and then it will help to send the goods to afanistan through new road and railway lines.”


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According to intelligence agencies Terrorists are planning to attack on capital of India. Intelligence bureau (IB) has announced this information under the department and to media. According to IB terrorists can target PM Modi, Indian parliament, army head quarter and defense ministry. Terrorist group lashkar is in activity to implement this plan.

20 terrorists of lashkar can enter secretly in India. Before that India security agencies announced alert for PM Modi. Even in the report of delhi police they have got the information that delhi is in a threat of terrorists including PM Modi. Terrorists are planning to attack delhi.

Many VVIPs are on the target of lashkar. Before that one information of attacking air flight of air india Kabul-delhi has been declared by the IB. According to IB lashkar commanders are continue in ordering the terrorists to attack india.


ISI agent and worker of Indian air force got arrested:

Ex worker of air force has been arrested by delhi police crime branch from Punjab. He is alleged of keeping confidential data of india and shared it with Pakistani agency ISI.

Person has been identified as a worker of Indian air force with name ranjeet of Punjab. He had been fired and arrested after getting the confidential data of india and sharing it with isi.

According to authorities police took ranjeet into delhi after getting arrested. Ranjeet was is under the doubt of indian intelligence bureau and trapped by a female who was his virtual friend on a social website.

Now police investigating ranjeet including a team which has 2 senior member of indian army and 3 members others. All 5 members has been arrested by police.

At the time according to police that still they are unable to identify that ranjeet also has any link with other terrorist group or not.

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The disputes in APP party have given a chance to opposition and public. What so ever is going in the party has becomes a worry for Delhi as oppositions believes this is going to affect functioning of Delhi government. Somehow this is true that they are focusing to settle the internal chaos within the party and give it more importance than any other activity of Delhi.  Rather than settling, it seems to be more of blame game.


Few statement give by each other: Aam Aadmi Party founding member Shanti Bhushan calls Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal ‘new Hitler’, Have not received expulsion letter yet: Yogendra Yadav; this statement came right after the day APP expelled four of its rebel leaders including founder-members Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav. Dissident group of APP announces ‘Swaraj Abhiyan’ movement that would be a halt to the AAP in every possible way.
People of Delhi had chosen the government, with lot of expectation and high hopes, APP made number of promises to the public and they must focus on them and try to fulfil them and not waste the opportunity due to their “immature politics”. Rather than making a good position for upcoming year they are wasting the roles and opportunities they have.


Opposition says, “Differences, division and dissidence within parties are nothing new. But the way Kejriwal has misused his powers to settle scores with the dissidents and to decimate equally popular leaders within the party is a new experience.”


APP should take care of it that due to these tussles the people of Delhi should not suffer. Kejriwal’s way of heading party and handling issues is annoying. He should use his power in the interest of public not to be misused on this own rebel member of party.  The opposition also says rather than discussing the summer action plan for power, the chief minister is busy with the internal party disputes.
APP is also labelled as worse than other parties, AAP was seen to have emerged from a movement to represent a new brand of politics but what is now coming out makes it worse.  They always needed time and position, now they have it but the APP does not know how to utilise it. The concerns now have change from getting free things (Water, Electricity, Wi-Fi, etc) to even getting the most needed in this summer.  APP should focus on Delhi’s people, who have chosen them with greater hopes and have faith in getting the promises fulfilled.

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Global Warming is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature attributable to result of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which entice heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. This is an often a kind of atmospheric phenomenon and is called a greenhouse effect. Scientific understanding of global warming has been increasing. In its fifth assessment (AR5) in 2014 the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) reported  that scientists were more than 95% bound that the majority of world warming is caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases and alternative human activities.

Global warming is predicted to have far-reaching, long-lasting and, in several cases, devastating consequences for planet Earth. For some years, heating, the gradual heating of surface, oceans and atmosphere, was a subject of heated discussion within the scientific community. Today, the overwhelming agreement of researchers is that heating is real and is caused by human action, primarily the burning of fossil fuels that pump greenhouse emission (CO2), gas and alternative greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Global warming is having a measurable effect on the planet right now, in a variety of ways. Ice is melting in both polar ice caps and mountain glaciers. Lakes around the world, including Lake Superior, are warming rapidly – in some cases faster than the surrounding environment. Animals are changing migration patterns and plants are changing the dates of activity likes shedding of leaves and pollination of plants. One of the foremost immediate and obvious effects of global warming is the increase in temperatures round the world. The average global temperature has multiplied by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit over the past 100 years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A report by the World Meteorological Organization released July 3, 2014, said that deaths from heat increased by more than 2,000 percent over the previous decade. Extreme weather is an impact of global warming. Whereas experiencing some of the hottest summers on record, much of the United States also has been experiencing colder than normal winters.

Global warming may also lead to extreme weather apart from cold or heat extremes. For instance, hurricane formations will change. Although this is still a subject of active scientific research, current computer models of the atmosphere indicate that hurricanes are more likely to become less frequent on a global basis, though the hurricanes that do form may be more intense. Lightening is another weather feature that is being affected by global warming. The researchers of the study found a 12 percent increase in lightning activity for every 1.8 degree F of warming in the atmosphere.

Scientists project that extreme weather events, such as heat waves, droughts, blizzards and rainstorms will continue to occur more often and with bigger intensity because of heating, according to Climate Central. Climate models forecast that global warming will cause climate patterns worldwide to expertise vital changes. These changes will likely include major shifts in wind patterns, annual precipitation and seasonal temperatures variations. Glacial retreat, too, is an evident result of global warming.

Only 25 glaciers bigger than 25 acres are currently found in Montana’s Glacier National Park, where about 150 glaciers were once found. An identical trend is seen in glacial areas worldwide. Global ocean levels have risen up about 8 inches since 1870, in keeping with the Environmental Protection Agency, and therefore the rate of increase is predicted to accelerate within the coming years. If current trends continue, several coastal areas, wherever roughly half the Earth’s human population lives, are inundated. Agricultural systems will likely be dealt a crippling blow. Though growing seasons in some areas will expand, the combined impacts of drought, severe weather, lack of snowmelt, greater number and diversity of pests, lower groundwater tables and a loss of productive land might cause severe crop failures and livestock shortages worldwide.

There are several ways through which we can help reducing global warming. If climate change continues unchecked, these impacts are almost certain to get worse. Unfortunately, those who will be hit hardest and first by the impacts of a changing climate are likely to be the poor and vulnerable, especially those in the least developed countries. Developed countries must take a leadership role in providing financial and technical help for adaptation. Planting trees is one suggested response to climate change, because trees absorb carbon dioxide, the most abundant greenhouse gas produced by human activity, as they grow. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and bio-energy are available around the world. Renewable technologies can be deployed quickly, are increasingly cost-effective, and create jobs while reducing pollution. Research into and development of the next generation of low-carbon technologies will be critical to deep mid-century reductions in global emissions.


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The Madras court prohibited beauty contests and pageants in school and colleges across the state on 6th Feb, 2015. Following the orders, students across province can now not be allowed to steer the ramp or flaunt their beauty and fashion sense. An interim order said a circular should be issued to ban or to not conduct any such beauty shows. The HC has ordered that walking the ramp is of no use for a student following engineering. From currently forwards, such events won’t be organized in universities and schools of state. The court passed the orders on petition filed by the mother of associate engineering student UN agency had won such a contest in associate engineering faculty, however was allegedly not paid the assured prize.

The decision has been received differently from different sections of the society. While some have welcomed it, others have openly criticized it. But is it right to ban the beauty pageants in schools and colleges. Are a creating any bad impact on our culture? The Madras high court is of the view that what an engineering student will get from walking on the ramp? But it’s not valid to ban such shows from school or colleges. Beauty Pageants and similar contests are just a sort of entertainment from the hectic schedule for the students.

These are held as a part of cultural activities, and there is nothing wrong in including beauty pageants with other form of activities like dance show, comedy, drama, fashion shows and others. There are many other activities like sports and dance that are given place in academic life. As sport focuses on physical stamina, dance focuses on moves, drama focuses on emotions, and fashion show focuses on dresses, similarly beauty pageants focuses on outer appearance. Each contest has a different objective.

If we have a tendency to think about these contests to be immoral or a making a dent to our culture, then we should always ideally finish these contests at the bottom level from our nation. We should put an end to modeling as a career that is that the main stream that marks and involves these beauty contests. When we say the beauty contests to be a distraction to the students, we should remember that the students are very much moldable at the school level. It is the time when they can take a decision regarding their career.

If a child is good at performance as a beauty pageant at the school and wants to take-up modeling as the career, provided we haven’t categorized modeling career as immoral as of now; then they have every right to get recognized that way. But, for any such recognition we need to have such contests being held at the school level. When we come on to the University level, every student is multi-talented. We just need to identify their hidden talents. Ramp walks add new learning experiences and to some extent reduces stage fear. It gives more ideas about fashion world. These competitions provide great help to person in life as the ones playing models there develop the sense of getting in front and hence is of great value for a person. Beauty pageants are part of co-curricular activities which surely helps to decrease mental pressure and also helps in developing ones self – confidence. It helps the students to give up on being shying, which is part and parcel of one’s life.
The students of engineering colleges have to work for their living; most of which includes interacting with people, a person who is not shy and self – confident will go higher on the ladder of success and the shy ones will be left behind.
As far as development of student is concerned I think that HC must make amendments to the order. But similarly looking on the other side these events must be organized in a disciplined manner so that it won’t spoil young brains and allow them to be more creative. We can keep a check on these events so that they don’t get off track. We can apply dress code for the contestants and can provide certain guidelines and instructions on the level of performance and dressing on the ramp walk. So it all depends upon our thinking and understanding and the way we take the things. We should treat beauty pageants in a positive sense but not in a negative sense. Always remember that our thought makes our actions. So have a positive sense and be a part in creating a positive society.