Clean Ganga

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In Hindu religion, the river Ganges is considered sacred and is represented as a goddess known as Ganga. It is worshipped by Hindus and it is believed that taking bath in the rive causes remission of sins. Believers travel from long distances to submerge the ashes of their kin in the precious water of the Ganges. It is the largest rive in the India with highest religious believe. The river is becoming polluted due to number of facts like – Human waste, Industrial waste and religious events. The river also serves water needs of the large number of population; nearly 11 states are getting water from the same river. There were many steps taken previously to make the river clean but in turn they did not show much improvement in the river conditions and its contamination.

The NDA Government after winning the election showed much interest in the cleaning of the river Gange and started the mission “Namami Gange”. Namami Gange is the name given to the programme proposed by the government to set up an integrated Ganga conservation and improvement mission. This Mission is being commenced because a considerable amount of money has been already spent in the conservation and improvement of the river Ganga but the efforts have not shown desired results because of the lack of concerted effort by all the stakeholders. This mission targets all the efforts of cleaning the river together and to generate funds at single point by accepting the voluntary contribution. The contributions can be from domestic as well as interested NRI’s.

The Namami Gange project, has involved the ministries of rural development, shipping and water resources and the mission stared from October, 2014. The Government has allocated Rs 2,037 crore for an integrated programme for the conservation of river Ganga. This amount is set aside in the Union Budget 2014. There is large number of amount in consideration which can be spent on the improvement of the environment of the river and to set up plans through which river can be protect from the pollution contributed from factors like – Human waste, Industrial waste and religious events.

To tie together the passion of the NRI Community to add towards the protection and conservation of the river Ganga, an NRI Fund “Clean Ganga Fund” is set up. Through this fund NRI’s and PIO’s can voluntary contribute the funds. These funds will be used the special projects and for the development of the river Gange. Domestic donors to the CGF will be eligible for tax benefits as applicable in the case of the ‘Swachh Bharat Kosh’. Foreign donors may also get suitable tax exemptions in domestic law, wherever permissible.


“HARIYALI” a plantation project is being started along the stretch of river Ganga in all five states through which it flows i.e. Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. The plantation will be monitored every six months and a video recording will be sent to the party’s headquarter every time for verification. Narender Modi has created a special ministry for cleaning the river Ganga and senior leader Uma Bharti has been given the responsibility of it.


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River Ganga: Central Pollution Control Board

700 industrial units have been issued notices for polluting the river.

Central Pollution Control Board chairman Susheel Kumar on Wednesday said that only industrial pollution is not squarely responsible for polluting the River Ganga.

Susheel Kumar added that municipal discharge is more responsible for polluting Ganga.

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