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India and UAE have signed 14 deals by the motive of making Strategic relations stronger between both of the countries.

To give a great strength to the Bilateral relations of India and United Arab Emirates, Both of the countries has signed deals for defense, security, and energy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “these deals are the symptoms of a new development and success of both the countries. Here the united Arab Emirates made a promise for investing $ 75 billion, which is apart from those 14 deals. India was expecting this investment deal from United Arab Emirate.

All the deals are signed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. Sheikh mentioned in his word that “our relations with India was not so much strong like this, and I am expecting a great future for this friendship between India and Arab.

Sheikh was the chief guest of the republic Day function at Delhi and came to India on the invitation of PM Narendra Modi. To make the relation with Arab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this step and in the meeting, Modi said we have prepared a roadmap to implement the things of development in the strategic partnership and other fields.

Modi raised a statement that “contribution for security and protection has provided new wings to the relationship of both of the countries. We have also discussed the deals with many countries along with our friend Afghanistan. We have also discussed terrorism and criminal activities and now this the relationship is ready to fly. I believe that this visit will create a strong bond between India and United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and the Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd. (ISPRL), agreed to establish a strategic crude oil storage in the southern Indian city of Mangalore.

Although that deal of investing 75 million dollars has not signed yet whereas foreign ministry was expecting this deal to be implemented on Tuesday. Secretary of finance of foreign ministry Amar Sinha said “we were expecting the deal of investing 75 million dollars on Tuesday which will be a great step for making the foundation of development stronger”.

When the question has arrived that why this deal hasn’t signed yet then officials raised a statement that “discussion on this matter has taken place and soon it will be implemented after getting the complete knowledge of fields where the money is to be invested.

Pm Narendra Modi said ” we feel that entire world should be the one to fight with violence and extremism.

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PM Modi warned the black money holders.

By taking some hard and strict actions against black money, government is keep on exposing the black money holders. Many employees of banks and people who are trying to hide their black money are getting busted and going jail.

Prime Minister Modi said ” Black money holders was thinking that they will be escape from the eye of Government and there will be a backdoor, but government has put up cameras on the back door for these kind of criminals.

“Criminals who are planning to create a wrong activity after the demonetization will be punished for sure, because innocent citizens of India are in the queue for getting there currency and facing hurdles for the better India” Said Modi while addressing a rally in Gujarat on Saturday.

Modi mentioned in his words ” Rupaya turned into paper from silver coins and now it will be using by mobile in the form of e-wallet.

E-wallet and mobile banking will facilitate the efforts of people of India. Public should be aware on the large level. Government is working on this concept by which everyone will be aware of technology and mobile banking.

Modi asked for blessing and support from the nation in the fight against Black Money. Modi also tagged the opposition that all the opposite parties are creating difficulties in Parliament and trying to stop me for speaking about the development and demonetization. To talk with public of India by the direct way I came here.

Modi also said ” after the 50 days of demonetization, difficulties will start reducing, conditions and situations will be normal like before. People should adopt mobile banking and e-payment and after that there will be no need of going bank or ATM for getting money.

Our country is thinking about that what will be happened with notes. Here I want to ask you that what was the importance small notes before 8th November. Everyone tries to Grab thousand and 500 rupees notes. But after that demonetization, small currency and small people got the great importance. Government took this decision to serve poor people in better way.

Modi said he will present his explanation about the concept of demonetization in the Parliament.

Political parties and their leaders are protesting from the Parliament to roads against The demonetization which have decided by PM Modi to stop the corruption and black money few days ago.

Although a classification of common public is also unhappy by this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but according to a survey, 85% of Indian population is supporting Prime Minister Modi for his decision of  demonetization.

A Newspaper of India had this survey by the contribution of Survey agency marketing and development research associate and tried to get the opinion of common Public of India and shown the result that results, 85% of population is comfortable with this note banning decision.

In the survey a great number of youth came forward especially 18 to 25 years old gave their opinion that they praise this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it can make a great change in the growth of India and can be a great reason of stopping the black money.

Few political parties gave their statement that it is kind of emergency made by and Mr Modi, critics also considering this a bad decisions for the nation, but the condition of cities is under control now although few small towns and villages are still far from the facilities they are not able to exchange or get the money from bank because lack of facilities but soon it will be under control as Prime Minister Modi demanded 50 days from the Indian public to heal the entire nation from the black money.

At the many places of India a huge number of Black Money has been busted by the police. Big corporate and political leaders are in the list in the matter of Black Money and government  is taking action everyday against these kind of accused. After all that the opposition is not satisfied by the steps of Modi Government and continuously blaming Prime Minister Modi for taking this decision. Even in the winter session the anti parties are creating the issue of not banning, the voice against this decision of BJP government has raised in Parliament also, but as 85% of common public is in the support of this decision of note banning so government working with the great enthusiasm to heal the situation in very short time.

According to a recent report, many news channels and newspapers are taking surveys this issue of note banning, and the number of voting who are in support of this decision is getting increased day by day so this can be a bad news for the position has many people supporting the  demonetization.



Israel President Reuven Rivlin is on the visit of India yesterday 14 November Israel President Reuven Rivlin  arrived at India for 8 days visit. It is the first visit to India of any Israel President since past 20 years.

Israel President addressed from Hyderabad house Delhi and accepted that India is facing biased things in the matter of philistine. After that Israel President that India is our friend and we are going to celebrate 25 years old friendship with India.

Reuven Rivlin show support towards India in the matter of terrorism and said Israel and India will fight against terrorism and try to finish it from the core. We are glad to be with India and happy to protect the democracy of Israel. Reuven Rivlin said in his speech that terrorism is terrorism, doesn’t matter who is a part of terrorism and who is the victim of terrorism. If anyone is responsible for terrorism then he must be punished and it’s the duty of all the nations to fight against terrorism to save the humanity.

After that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the nation. Modi appreciated the efforts of Israel to against find against terrorism and give him a warm welcome in India for visit. Modi also talked about many planning and implementations to discuss with Israel President for future plan for the growth of Israel and India. Mod ialso said we will discuss and work for water resource management and Agriculture in following 8 days as Israel President is on his 8 days visit of India then we will utilize this meeting.

Israel and India had has signed many deals. Pm Narendra Modi and President raised their joint statement in front of media at a press conference today. Modi attacked on Pakistan by his words at the Press Conference while he was with the Israel President Reuven Rivlin and said ” terrorism is widely growing at the neighborhood of India and our neighbors are feeding the terrorists. India and Israel accepted that terrorism is a global threat.

PM Modi said that I am feeling proud of welcoming the Israel President Reuven Rivlin. India and Israel are together by many things. We are making our security relations more strong PM Modi also mentioned in his words that India will take help of Israel in the matter of water resource management and Agriculture.

Modi also said that number of students who are going to Israel for higher studies are getting increased day by day. It will take our partnership on the edge and will make the bond of India and Israel more strong. Israel is going to support India in the areas of agriculture, solar energy, water resource management and plantation etc.

Israel President sad thanks to PM Modi and invited him to come Israel after the Press Conference Israel President arrived at Rajghat and gave a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Israel President mentioned in his words that keeping a silence and taking no action is the reason of motivation for the terrorists. India and Israel are together against the terrorism.

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PM Modi addressed union secretaries last week and said ” review all the government policies without any fear, there is no need to be hesitated from any government official while reviewing the government policies.” Modi asked the union secretaries to provide a road-map for the policies to be applied and for the budget  2017-18, with the innovative ideas.

90 secretaries has been divided in 10 groups in budget consultation exercise and they are asked to prepare a report on education, energy, environment, communication,Urban Development, Finance, Corporate Affairs, transport, agriculture, governance and crisis management, along with that many other sartorial themes. Time duration will be one month to prepare this report.

A secretary raised an information without showing his name that “Prime Minister wants a great output and focus on these policies started by his government along with many program ,schemes and projects, so that all policies can get a great implementation and people can get benefits for whom these policies are made.

The important thing in this discussion is, youngster officers also invited to give their views and opinion. Secretary also told ” PM Modi asked us to give a full conclusion in the report”. According to a report PM Modi said that with the contribution of youngsters, tech friendly officers and joint secretaries we can make a better road map.

A report came from PMO x that prime Minister Modi does not want a limited output of this process till the next budget. In fact PM wants these policies to give an effect on 2019 policies. All policy announcements are already done, either it is swachh Bharat, digital India etc.

Secretary also under the expectations to give an answer that what should be happened in the next 2 years and what will be the strategies to be applied in 2018-19 for the Wellness of nation and how to implement the strategies to give the benefits to the common public of India.

A meeting held between the prime Minister Modi and secretary cabinet and Pk Sinha from secretary cabinet performed a presentation with the 8 groups of secretaries about strategy for the new starting year.

Some suggestion from few secretaries of a group has been added in the last budget. The main motive of this meeting was to clarify the Prime Minister’s message that secretaries should be fearless and should make a crystal clear report. So that all policies should be melted without any hotel and government could be able to provide more and more benefits to the public of India.

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India offered a concessional credit of USD 10 billion to Africa over the next five years and a grant assistance of USD 600 million even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong pitch for deeper ties in key areas of counter-terrorism, climate change and UN reforms.

Addressing the inaugural session of the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) describing it as a “meeting of dreams of the one-third humanity under one roof”, Modi said the heart beat of 1.25 billion Indians and 1.25 billion Africans is in rhythm and the partnership was “beyond strategic concerns and economic benefits.”

Admitting that there are times when India has not done as well as they have wanted and not fulfilled commitments as quickly as it should have, he said the country will raise the level of its support for the vision of a prosperous, integrated and united Africa that was a major partner for the world.

“To add strength to our partnership, India will offer concessional credit of USD 10 billion over the next five years. This will be in addition to our ongoing credit programme.

“We will also offer a grant assistance of USD 600 million. This will include an India-Africa Development Fund of USD 100 million and an India-Africa Health Fund of USD 10 million. It will also include 50,000 scholarships in India over the next five years,” the Prime Minister announced.

Noting that India has committed USD 7.4 billion in concessional credit and 1.2 billion dollars in grant since the first India-Africa Summit in 2008, Modi said it is creating 100 capacity-building institutions, and developing infrastructure, public transport, clean energy, irrigation, agriculture and manufacturing capacity across Africa.

During his nearly half-an-hour speech at the session, which was attended by 41 Heads of State and Government and hundreds of senior officials from 54 African countries, Modi called for stronger ties in the strategic areas of counter- terrorism and climate change as well as on UN reforms.

Stressing the need for UN Security Council reforms, he noted that the world was undergoing political, economic, technological and security transition on a scale and speed rarely seen in recent history.

“Yet our global institutions reflect the circumstances of the century that we left behind, not the one we are in today.

These institutions have served us well, but unless they adjust to the changing world, they risk becoming irrelevant. We cannot say what will replace them in an uncertain future…

“That is why India and Africa must speak in one voice for reforms of the United Nations, including its Security Council,” Modi said.

Seeking greater counter-terrorism ties, the Prime Minister said today, in many parts of the world, the light of a bright future flickers in the storm of violence and instability.

“When terror snuffs out life on the streets and beaches, and in malls and schools of Africa, we feel your pain as our own. And, we see the links that unite us against this threat. We also see that when our oceans are no longer safe for trade, we all suffer together,” he asserted.

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Before both elections modi mentioned many things and promises in his speech. PM Narender Modi made an atmosphere of modern and ideal country as he talked about opportunities for youth, border issues, terrorism issues etc.

But now a days modi government seems forgetting the promises done earlier in elections. Here media , people of country and many other NGOs asking to modi government about the focus they had on the time of election.

Why these questions arise??

There are few points to be considered –

  • Applying service tax-

As PM Narender Modi promised to work for growth of country with a focus of common men’s pocket , but when jaitly raised his flag of service tax even on food it has become a little injustice to common people. Although jaitly said “ middle class should take care of its pocket on its on efforts , let the government focus on growth of country. . Jaitly gave this proposal of 14% service tax so that government can easily apply  the GST  , which government wants to roll out from april 2016.


  • Where is black money?

Entire BJP party and PM Modi promised many times and mentioned in his speech that they will bring black money of back. But after so many days of modi government , no work is on progress for black money. Seems they completely forgot what they said.



  • Big issue of terrorism-

During the time or EX PM Manmohan singh, people made a thought that Pm should work on stopping the terrorism and when Pm modi said we will not going to tolerate the terrorism, country made an opinion that Modi will surely work for that. Besides modi the home minister Rajnath singh said the same. But after the incident of terrorist attack in Gurdaspur (Punjab) the promise of stopping the terrorism also seems loosing shine.

After the meetings with nawaz sharif and modi, Pakistan still in the form of increasing the terrorist incidents in India.


Although Modi visting forigen countries and bringing alot more proposals and investments, but still India is waiting for employment.

Few Investments from other countries:

  • Investment from Canada will be 35 crore dollars
  • Investment from France will be  2 billion euro.
  • Investment from Japan will be 35 billion dollars
  • Investment from America will be 45 billion dollars
  • Investment from china will be 52 billion dollars


Agreements with other countries-

India`s investment in Bhutan-After taking the responsibility of Prime Minister Modi visited Bhutan in June 2014. India will invest in the building of supreme court and one hydro electric plant. India can also have some electricity from this plant.

Electricity Power plant in Nepal- Modi visited Nepal in august and then November 2014.Modi talked about electricity power plant projects on both visits. India may get some benefits from this power plant project.

Myanmar, Moriciouse  and signature- Modi`s these visits were the part of India`s act east policy.


We cannot deny the efforts of modi government but still criticisers are not satisfied from modi government on the issues of budget, terrorism, land bill etc on which modi government should worok.

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Pm Modi specially focused on the foreign strategies during the one year of his Government. What benefits India attained upto now by Narendra Modi`s foreign visits?

Modi scored more than Manmohan :

Ex. Prime Minister had 8 foreign visits in the period of UPA Government during the first year of UPA-1.and 14 visits during UPA-2.But in this case Modi scored more than Mamohan singh. Last year Modi visted 19 countries and Bangladesh visit was his 20th foreign visit.

Benefits from foreign visits:

Although America is the biggest business partner of India but in the commitments of investments, china is competing America, and this all happened in past 8 months. after  Ginping`s India`s visit and then Modi`s china visit both countries commits about agreements of 52billion dollars. America also commits some agreements with India in during past 8 months but the investment will be 7 billion dollers less than china. It will be around 45 billion dollars.

Investments from other countries:

  • Investment from Canada will be 35 crore dollars
  • Investment from France will be  2 billion euro.
  • Investment from Japan will be 35 billion dollars
  • Investment from America will be 45 billion dollars
  • Investment from china will be 52 billion dollars

Agreements with other countries-

India`s investment in Bhutan-After taking the responsibility of Prime Minister Modi visited Bhutan in June 2014. India will invest in the building of supreme court and one hydro electric plant. India can also have some electricity from this plant.

Electricity Power plant in Nepal- Modi visited Nepal in august and then November 2014.Modi talked about electricity power plant projects on both visits. India may get some benefits from this power plant project.

Four investment agreements with Shrilanka- Modi visited Shrilanka as a prime minister after 1987.Four agreements signed between both countries which are related to the investments on businesses.

Myanmar, Moriciouse  and signature- Modi`s these visits were the part of India`s act east policy.

Japan will help in the matter of bullet train- Modi`s Japan visit was successful in September 2014.Jpan will help to run bullet train between Ahmadabad and Mumbai. Japan commits to give 35 billion dollars for development projects.

Investments from America-  With agreements on defence , intelligence and terrorism Modi and Obama wrote a united editorial in Washington post .Modi`s speech was also in the headlines. American industrialists commits to invest 45billion dollars.

Discussion of MAKE IN INDIA – After 28 years any Indian Prime Minister visited Australia .Modi went there to be a part of event of G-20 countries. Everyone discussed in Australia about MAKE IN INDIA to bring more investments for the development.

Promotion of MAKE IN INDIA in Germany:  Modi promoted the project MAKE IN INDIA in Germany with many other CM and CEOs.

France investment in India- Modi had a direct deal with France about 36 Rafael planes (fighter jets) although this agreement was in process from many years. Modi also discussed about jaitpur nuclear plant.

Canada will arrange Uranium- Agreement signed of 34 crore dollars for importation of Uranium.

Minister of finance Arun Jaitley presented the primary full-year Budget of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government on Sabbatum.

Here are the highlights of the Union Budget 2015:

Fiscal deficit:

* financial deficit seen at three.9 per cent of GDP in 2015/16

* can meet the difficult financial target of four.1 per cent of GDP

* stay committed to meeting medium term financial deficit target of three per cent of GDP

* accounting deficit below one.3 per cent of GDP

* Jaitley says need to keep financial discipline in mind despite want for higher investment


* GDP growth seen at between eight per cent and eight.5 per cent y/y

* Aiming whole number rate, possible presently


* Expects shopper inflation to stay near five per cent by March, gap area for additional financial policy easing

* financial policy framework agreement with the run clearly states objective of keeping inflation below half dozen per cent

* “One of the achievements of my government has been to beat inflation. This decline in my read represents a structural shift.”


* Revenue deficit seen at two.8 per cent of GDP

* Non government income seen at Rs two.21 trillion

* Agricultural incomes are underneath stress


* Government targets Rs 410 billion from stake sales in firms

* Total stake sale in 2015/16 seen at Rs 695 billion

Market reforms:

* Propose to merge commodities regulator with SEBI

* To bring a replacement bankruptcy code

* Jaitley says can move to amend the run act this year, and supply for a financial policy committee

* to line up debt management agency

* Proposes to introduce a public contract resolution of disputes bill

* to ascertain Associate in Nursing autonomous bank board bureau to enhance management of public sector banks

Policy reforms:

* To enact a comprehensive new law on black cash

* Propose to make a universal social insurance system for all Indians

* To launch a national skills mission presently to boost employability of rural youth

* to lift visa-on-arrival facility to a hundred and fifty countries from forty three

* Allocates Rs 346.99 billion for rural employment guarantee theme


* Gross market borrowing seen at Rs half dozen trillion

* web market borrowing seen at Rs four.56 trillion

General anti-avoidance rules (GAAR)

* Government defers rollout of anti-tax shunning rules GAAR by 2 years

* GAAR to use prospectively from April one, 2017

* Retrospective tax provisions are going to be avoided


* To get rid of wealth tax

* Replaces wealth tax with extra two per cent surcharge on super wealthy

* Proposes to chop to twenty five per cent company tax over next four years

* company tax of thirty per cent is noncompetitive

* web gain from tax proposals seen at Rs a hundred and fifty.68 billion

* Jaitley proposes modification of permanent institution norms so the mere presence of a fund manager in Bharat wouldn’t represent a permanent institution of the offshore fund, leading to adverse tax consequences.

* Proposes to rationalise capital gains tax regime for land investment trusts

* Expects to implement merchandise and services tax by April 2016

* to cut back custom duty on twenty two things

* Basic custom duty on industrial vehicle doubled to twenty per cent

* Proposes to extend service rate and education cess to fourteen per cent from twelve.36 per cent

* Plans to introduce tax regime that’s internationally competitive on rates while not exemptions

* Exemptions for individual tax payers to continue

* To enact robust penalties for nonpayment in new bill

* Tax department to clarify indirect transfer of assets and dividend paid by foreign corporations


* Investment in infrastructure can go up by Rs 700 billion in 2015/16 over last year

* Plans to line up national investment infrastructure fund

* Proposes nontaxable infrastructure bonds for comes in roads, rail and irrigation comes

* Proposes five “ultra mega” power comes for four,000MW each

* Second unit of Kudankulam atomic power station to be commissioned

* can ought to build extra a hundred,000km of road

* Ports publically sector are going to be inspired to corporatize underneath firms Act


* arrange expenditure calculable at regarding Rs four.65 trillion

* Non-plan expenditure seen at regarding Rs thirteen.12 trillion

* Allocates Rs two.46 trillion for defense defrayment

* Allocates Rs 331.5 billion for health sector

* If revenue improves, hope to lift budgeted allocations for rural job theme by Rs fifty billion


* Propose to try to away with differing kinds of foreign investment caps and replace them with composite caps

* to permit foreign investment in various investment

* Public investment required to catalyze investment


* To develop a sovereign gold bond

* To introduce gold proof theme to permit depositors to earn interest

* To introduce Indian-made gold coin to cut back demand for foreign gold coins


* Food grant seen at Rs one.24 trillion

* fertilizer grant seen at Rs 729.69 billion

* Fuel grant seen at Rs three hundred billion

* we tend to are committed to grant rationalization supported cutting leakages

Finance minister’s comments:

* “We familial a sentiment of doom and gloom. The investment community had virtually written US off. We’ve come back an extended method since then.”

* “We have gyrated the economy, dramatically restoring economics stability and making the conditions for property economic condition elimination, job creation, sturdy whole number economic process.”

* “While being aware of the challenges … this provides US reason to feel optimistic.”

* “Domestic and international investors ar seeing US with revived interest and hope.”


The budget has not made any single smile on a common man face. But, it is still beneficial for high ends corporate industries. We should hope PM govt. is planning for something good for common man too by some other means as they have promise

For the attraction of foreign investors to Rajasthan, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is planning to visit Japan from 9 to 13 of this month. The main focus of the visit will be discussion of the new projects related to power and energy.  Vasundhara Raje’s flagship initiation “Resurgent Rajashthan-2015” main big ticket is “overseas investment”.

Indian government has carried out energy flow study with the two big organization of Japan; Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA) and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and presently studying about grid stabilization study – information shared by senior officials.

Officials said- “our energy department is daily interacting and willing to interact with NEDO to accelerate the same, which will include way forward for implementation and completion of the programme.”

Many big projects are in queue to be implemented by the PHE and the water resources department. A department main plan is to implement projects like Indira Gandhi Nehar Project – Nagaur and City water distribution system of Jaipur with the help of Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA).

More projects like transportation of water supply for river Chambal at Dholpur to Alwar are in queue after this project. The project “water supply from river Chambal” will cover the entire water supply for Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

Though studies for this projects is going on but the project will be initially start in the coming months. There more projects which are to be introduced like “Inter Basin Linking” projects of river Brahmni to Bisalpur and creating parallel canals for Parvati Kalisindhi River. Studies are going on for all the above projects.

Vasundhara Raje’s other aim for the visit will be the discussion over the high end projects like Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Golf Course Facility. This discussion will include the third phase construction of DMIC and the first and second phase construction of Golf Course Facility.

CM mains focus over the Japan visit is to introduce the Japan investor for the Golf Course in Neemrana near Jaipur city. CM wanted that this development should look like a Japanese Township. Another reason for development in Neemrana is that other Japanese investors are also focusing on this specific area and it will be a hub for the development of the Japanese Township.

“Experience of Japanese investor to setup a township in Neemrana is very good and they will dig out a lot more” said by Gajendra Singh Khinvsar, Industry Minister. “Japanese investors are looking for more opportunities similar to Neemrana development all over India. DMIC is one of the big focuses for these investors”- words also added by the Industry Ministry Gajendra Singh Khinvsar.

Rajasthan’s Chief Minister  Vasundhara Raje a big light from the Japanese investor for state Rajasthan especially areas touching the Delhi NCR and the DMIC region. Raje said “I see a great perspective of investment by Japan over India which includes not only Rajasthan in fact there are more list of regions, states which are being noticed by the Japanese investor to develop”.  There is hope that this visit of Vasundhara Raje named as Resurgent Rajasthan should get inked in November this year which will be a great boon to Rajasthan State.