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PM Narendra Modi has addressed India at the end of the year, for fulfilling the dreams of the own house of every Indian. Modi announced few schemes for the common man of India. PM has raised 2 government house schemes for urban and rural areas.


According to these schemes, loan seekers who are desiring for building a house will get an attractive relaxation in the rate of interest of house loan. Modi also talked about demonetization in this accost. Demonetization was the beneficial step for the country and taken to destroy the balckmoeny and fake currency, but few government and private employees of banks made corruption during the period of demonetization, said Modi.

Pm said that this government is the friend of the common and poor people but the enemy of corrupt people and creating an atmosphere to punish them. Earnest man of India will get the benefits what he deserves.

Modi also said a great thank to the bank employees and praised their efforts and hard-work during the time of demonetization. Modi also mentioned those bank employees who made corruption and promised to punish them.

Farmers will get the relaxation on 60 days Interest

The government will provide the relaxation to the farmers in the matter of loan taken by central and cooperative banks. This relief will be provided in the interest of 60 days. In the next 3 months, 3 crores of farmers will get their credit cards turned into rupay card.


Gift to the Senior Citizens  

Senior citizens also get the new year gift from the Indian Governments. Senior Citizens will get the fixed rate of interest up to 8% on the amount of 7.5 lakh till 10 years.

Expectant women will get INR6,000


By seeing towards the pregnant women, Government has announced to provide the help of INR 6,000. The government will transfer 6000INR to the account of expectant for the pregnancy and spending of hospitals etc.

Small scale industrialists


Credit card limit of small scale industrialists has been increased to 2 crores from 1cror and cash credit limit has also increased to 25% from 20%.

By addressing the nation, Modi said thank the each Indian who has faced so many hurdles meanwhile the demonetization for their daily needs and banking.


In the massive atmosphere of demonetization PM Modi had taken a very serious decision about the property business, which is also had introduced indirectly at Goa by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi targets Anonymous property of landlords and said “Government is going to take very strict action on those people who have Anonymous property”.

According to few records, Government is going to watch the entire selling and purchasing process of property with a keen and sharp eyes. All action will be taken to destroy the black money and the property business by unfair means. Government is also thinking to launch e-property passbook by which the black investments in property will be affected, Which is almost ready.

After the announcement of note banning on 8 November 2016 , the black money holders tried to invest their black money in the property business. That is the reason Government thought about “e-passbook” by which all the transactions will be transparent. It is considerable that e- passbook will be applied by 1st April 2017 and every person will have to make he/her property transparent.

Person will go to the registrar office and then declare the property and its the papers legally. To make this process successful Government is thinking to appoint new trained and skilled officers who will take care of the and entire process, also check the entire papers of the owner and submit all the details in the e-passbook.

Meanwhile the concerned person will not be forced to provide the details of his property other than that.Unique property identification card Launched by Delhi Municipal Corporation is being like by the public on social media. This new technology will not only provide the transparency of Assets and property of the Concern person but also can provide print of all the transactions whenever its needed.

Modi has built a special team:

According to the reports, after the announcement of note banning, financial situations are being affected in the country and people are facing problems in the daily routine life due to financial hurdles. So, to make this financial situation strong and to provided relief to the public of India Modi has made a special team for that which is going to make few miracle schemed for the poor classification of India and try to finish the hurdles people are facing. The process is in the progress and all the structures are being made by this team.

Although at the current time handling the situations occurred after the  announcement of note banning is the first priority of the Government but PM Modi is also thinking about the coming years and financial problems about daily routine life, related to property. That is why Government is thinking about new schemes which will be helpful for the poor citizen of India.

Political parties and their leaders are protesting from the Parliament to roads against The demonetization which have decided by PM Modi to stop the corruption and black money few days ago.

Although a classification of common public is also unhappy by this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but according to a survey, 85% of Indian population is supporting Prime Minister Modi for his decision of  demonetization.

A Newspaper of India had this survey by the contribution of Survey agency marketing and development research associate and tried to get the opinion of common Public of India and shown the result that results, 85% of population is comfortable with this note banning decision.

In the survey a great number of youth came forward especially 18 to 25 years old gave their opinion that they praise this decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it can make a great change in the growth of India and can be a great reason of stopping the black money.

Few political parties gave their statement that it is kind of emergency made by and Mr Modi, critics also considering this a bad decisions for the nation, but the condition of cities is under control now although few small towns and villages are still far from the facilities they are not able to exchange or get the money from bank because lack of facilities but soon it will be under control as Prime Minister Modi demanded 50 days from the Indian public to heal the entire nation from the black money.

At the many places of India a huge number of Black Money has been busted by the police. Big corporate and political leaders are in the list in the matter of Black Money and government  is taking action everyday against these kind of accused. After all that the opposition is not satisfied by the steps of Modi Government and continuously blaming Prime Minister Modi for taking this decision. Even in the winter session the anti parties are creating the issue of not banning, the voice against this decision of BJP government has raised in Parliament also, but as 85% of common public is in the support of this decision of note banning so government working with the great enthusiasm to heal the situation in very short time.

According to a recent report, many news channels and newspapers are taking surveys this issue of note banning, and the number of voting who are in support of this decision is getting increased day by day so this can be a bad news for the position has many people supporting the  demonetization.


Modi just came forward and raised his statement to Ban notes of rupees 500 and 1000 from today midnight. Modi took this step to heal the nation from the cancer of black money and fake currency business. Although people will face a little inconvenience in the transactions by manual methods but this step will finish the corruption from our country.

Few points of this decision to be considered: 



  • Entire nation including government official got this statement few minutes ago as Modiannounced this decision.
  • Reserve Bank accepted the proposal of issuing Rs.2000 note according to this process.
  • All banks will be closed on 9th November 2016.
  • People are free to deposit 500 and 1000 rupees notes in the nearest banks till 30th December. After that no bank will accept this currency.
  • Besides the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees note, old coin and currency will remain the same.
  • 30th december is the deadline to deposit the note of 500 and thousand rupees.
  • Government to this hard step due to the highly increased rate of corruption and black money.
  • Terrorism is the great issue and hurdle for the nation that is why government took this step.According to the Prime Minister Modi”fake currency and black money is being used to provide facilities to the terrorists.”

India improved its position in the global ranking of the corruption, Modi has taken many steps against corruption and this step is the part of those steps which will be proved a boon for the anti corruption campaign started by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi mentioned in his words “ BJP government brings useful sachems time by time, especially  for the class of farmers and poor”. We took this step this time to finish the corruption from its roots and that is why I appeal to the public of India to deposit the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees note in the nearest bank, if someone is not able to deposit this currency till 30th December then he will be given a last chance.

In the end of his speech Modi address the nation and said ” we will take care of the rights of common public of nation. A little trouble is better than to tolerate the cancer of corruption. This stuff will come out with great results.


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Prime minister Modi has cleared the 10 point on the rules for anti-corruption campaign. Modi just raised few new points and changes which will take place soon with a tougher form then before.


  1. PM Modi has approved a cabinet note which favors amending the Prevention of Corruption Act.
  2. A rule which requires the approval of government before carrying an investigation on an official will be brought back.
  3. The Supreme Court, in 2014 had stated that it was necessary to punish a corrupt official irrespective of his rank.
  4. The lobby of IAS officers wanted the clause back which protected the officers from investigation.
  5. Officials in favor of the clause say that it will protect officers from unwanted harassment.
  6. The court stated that law cannot discriminate between public servants based on their ranks.
  7. After the approved changes in the law are made, senior management of corporate houses will be held liable only after their involvement in any given case in proved in the court.
  8. As per the current rules, if any company is found involved in bribery, then the head of the company is held guilty.
  9. The removal of the rigid “undue advantage” clause has been approved by prime minister Modi.
  10. The amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Fund are required to be cleared in the parliament.

Talking about the fist point among all, Modi has approved a cabinet note to mend the act of preventing the corruption to fetch the protection critics believe water down the law. Modi introduced this point to make the anti-corruption acts more secure and to show to those who believe in the lack of anti-corruption laws. Another rule is raised by Modi is for agencies. According to this point, agencies are required to get the sanction of the government but it would be restored before the investigation.

Rules which are in the consideration and have implemented will be for the entire class of people and the action will also be the same as per government seems to be ready to make it sure that no relaxation will be provided to the upper class in the matter of corruption.



Famous Pakistani singer adnaan saami is now Indian as he applied for Indian citizenship and left Pakistan.

This is an important issue and a big slap to those who want to leave India for the sake of intolerance behavior including Bollywood stars like shahrukh khan, amir khan, and many other famous celebrities. They made a bigg issue before bihar elections and raised a message that not even a single muslim is safe in India but after the incident of Indian citizenship demanded by Pakistani muslim singer adnaan saami a question has been arise that if muslims are not safe in this country then why a muslim from Pakistan demanded Indian citizenship.


This crystal clear that saami feels safe in India, he found security, peace, respect, fame and wealth in India. Adnaan saami is famous singer and have enough living resource in Pakistan. He is well rich enough to live a luxury life in Pakistan. Then why he left his own country Pakistan and came India after demanding Indian citizenship.

There can be two reasons of that. First reason if the atmosphere of that place is not so much peaceful and other is there are not much opportunities in country for a safe future like many Asian people get citizenship of America.

Now there is a question is to be asked to those who returned their awards and done everything to destroy the image of country. And what happened to the super star like shahrukh khan before bihar election that he felt impossible to live in his own country.

Why these all people are now quiet? Don’t they find India is a place where they can’t live? Because now no one is talking about intolerance, no strike, neither anyone coming to return their awards. The thing is, people who made an issue on intolerance were never unsafe in india ever. They were only following the command of their political parties.

Many people who were more success and archiviers then these award returning group. They never asked to leave the country or return the awards. Because they utilized their entire life for making their talent and to shine the county. This can be call their love towards India.

Adnaan saami marked these lines and spoke about it with full of confidence and enthusiasm that no country in this world peaceful as India, so there is no question of intolerance etc.

He also said a big thanks to PM Narender Modi for giving him citizenship of India to a person who lived his entire life in Pakistan till yet in an army officer of Pakistan.

But he praised india for its peaceful atmosphere where anyone can live with full human rights and with freedom either he is hindu or muslim.

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I was also a victim of insult of this cast system: Modi

Prime minister Narender Modi gave his presence into program of people belongs to schedule cast. During his speech prime minister Modi said that he also was a victim of this cast system. We can see this kind of mentality in our country which shows the discrimination of cast system.

He mentioned in his speech that persons belongs to schedule cast faced the very bad time of criticism and insult just because they are from schedule cast. Modi said this in the summit of Indian chamber of schedule cast of commerce and industries.

After completing his speech Modi got down from the stage and broke all the protocols, came in the crowed for taking a slfie with schedule cast people. People came in the program seems happy by seeing this friendly behavior of prime minister of India and took a lot more selfies.

Activist of Schedule cast chanderbhahn got so much emotional and couldn’t complete his speech for giving thank you to Prime Minister Modi. Modi also talked about “PM MUDRA YOJNA” during his speech. He said that according to this scheme 80 lakh people got financial loan without any guaranty.

There are mostly people from schedule cast and schedule tribes who got this loan. Financial inclusion is our main and very important motive he said. Modi said there is a need to make people strong who are from schedule casts and tribes.

He said they need people who can build their own business not who are in search for job. He also talked about bheen rao ambedkar that he is known person as a maker of indian constitution but few of us don’t know that he is also a good economist.

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During the efforts of prevention of black money by government, more than 16,000 corers black money has been exposed in 20 months and 1200 corers has been impounded by the authorities. This information has given by financial secretary and IAS officer of 1981st batch mr.hasmukh adhiya.

Adhiya said that from September 2015, about 774 cases has been filled and government also announced to expose and give information of the black money in 90 days. By this process black money of 4160 corers has been exposed on that period and government also expecting that soon till the end of the month they will get around 25000 corers black money and tax.

New 635 cases of black money worth 4160 corers:

Government made the law of “black money and imposition of tax act 2015 “ for preventing the black money, in which there is a huge fine and punishment of jail is in the procedure.

People having the black money in foreign countries, government has arranged the “one time compliance windows” for them. During the period of 3 months 4160 corers of black money exposed on the compliance windows.

Last date of paying tax is 31st December:

Mr. hansmukh adhiya said “people who announced about the black money they have, got the last date of paying tax till 31st December.

We are expecting that more than 25000 corers of amount government will get in coming year in the form of tax. Except all that international corporation which is related to tax and black money is in the form an activities. Also they are giving the information about black money.

America is also following the terms and conditions which have been applied for the matters of black money of both the countries.

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More than 50 lakhs central service men and 30 lakh pensioners are going to get benefits of 7th pay commission which will be applicable from 16 January 2016. 7 th pay commission has announced in 2014 for employees of central government. 15 months was the given time from the Government for 7th pay commission.

Government has discussed with many departments and ministries from the beginning of making the 7th pay commission from first day to now. During this period of time pay commission also met various employees and government societies. Many government employees also met the authorities of pay commission and gave the memorandum in the favor of their demands.

During all this process, pay commission also visited entire places of India which are in the list of impassable places, where government employees are working. According to a report pay commission has done all its formalities and work and soon it will show its report to the administration and September 2016 is expected time of submission of that report.

Now it will be the considerable thing that what surprise the pay commission will give to the employees. Central government employees are also in the wait of this surprise. Here are few main points which are expected by the employees.

  • Minimum and maximum pay scale
  • Announced structure of pay scale
  • Rate of increment
  • Promotional structure
  • New pension schemes
  • Funds for retirement etc.

This are the kind of questions which are government employees are thinking about the 7th pay commission. Most of the time pay commission considers the demands of employees and this time employees demanded for the scale of minimum pay of 260000rs/- with the ratio of 1:8 minimum and maximum pay scale.

If we talk about the fitment formula then it will be 3.67. That means your current salary will be multiplied with 3.67 and the result will be considered as your increment. Pay commission can announced the structure of 5 time promotion in the working period.

Suspense is still on the edge that what pay commission will do with new pension schemes. Every time employees get their increment in July, pay commission also making a structure to make this flexible. Few reliefs and innovations are also expected from the 7th pay commission in the matters of pension schemes.

Now let see what kind of surprise employees going to get but for this time they have to wait.

What is National Savings Certificate (NSC)?


National Savings Certificate or NSC is an investment option introduced by the Government of India in order to motivate individuals to indulge saving habits and channelize in the correct direction. NSC is issued via Post Offices as this agency makes it accessible to the common people. The sum total created through these deposits is utilized for the country’s growth and development.


Who can buy NSC?


  • Any individual whether singly or jointly along with other adult can buy NSC
  • A guardian or parent on his or her minor’s behalf can buy NSC


Who are not eligible to buy NSC?


  • Hindu Undivided Families (HUF’s) as well as Trusts cannot invest in NSC
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) are also not eligible to buy NSC. On the other hand, if an individual was an Indian Resident while buying NSC and becomes an NRI during maturity period, then he or she is eligible to hold this certificate till its maturity


Where to buy NSC?


  • NSC’s are certificates that are issued by the Department of Post, Govt of India and are accessible at almost all the post offices of the country. The Certificate may be relocated from the post office to the other post office provided you make an application in approved format at any of the two offices.


The payments for purchasing of NSC can be done to the P.O. in any one of the following modes mentioned underneath:


  • Cash
  • By putting forward an application for fund withdrawal from the P.O. Savings Bank Account
  • Cheque, Demand Draft or Pay Order drawn in goodwill of the Postmaster
  • By giving away an old matured certificate, thereby stating at the back of the certificate given away ‘Received payment through issue of fresh certificate, vide application attached
  • The Postmaster must issue new Certificate of NSC on that spot if possible or must issue provisional receipt to the buyer, which may later on be exchanged with NSC at the time of issue.


Types of NSC and their Rate of interest


National Saving Certificates or NSC offers a very good return on investments. There are currently two types of NSC available.


These are NSC VIII issue and NSC IX issue.


  • While the NSC VIII issue offers 8.50% of interest, investors get a hefty 8.80% of interest with NSC IX issue.
  • With NSC VIII issue, the maturity value of certificate of Rs 100 will be Rs 151.62 after 5 years.
  • With NSC IX issue, the maturity value of certificate of Rs 100 will be Rs 234. 35 after 10 years.
  • It is important to note that in case of NSC the interest is compounded half-yearly and therefore interest is reinvested.


Various Kinds of NSC


Three types of NSC certificates are there which are mentioned below:


  1. Single holder Kind Certificate: This NSC is subjected to the holder himself / herself or maybe on minor’s behalf
  2. Joint A Kind Certificate: This NSC is issued subjected for 2 adults and allocated to both holders mutually
  3. Joint B Kind Certificate: This NSC is subjected jointly for 2 adults and allocated to either of them