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After the surgical strike on black money, now Prime Minister Modi has started a surgical strike on gold and those people who are purchasing gold by unfair means and undeclared income. According to this surgical strike on gold, people who are keeping gold out of the limit will have to pay the desirable tax according to rules and a limit will be set of keeping gold by the Indian government. One who will not follow these rules and protocols will be bounded to pay tax


Center government is trying to take a strict action against those who are trying to invest their black money in gold. Finance ministry of India started a this action by which limit of keeping the gold has been announced.

As per report from Finance ministry, new rules has introduced now. According to the new rules a married women, unmarried woman and a common person has been classified to keep the different ratio of gold with them. Not even this but males are also in this list of keeping gold with the announced limit by Indian government.

If anyone tries to cross this limit of keeping gold then government will take an action for getting tax from them according to rule. By an amendment of tax law, government has announced that there will be no tax on gold by ancestors, and gold earned by agriculture or declared income will also be tax free.

On the other hand government also raised an opinion that there is no such rule which can be called as a new rule regarding selling and purchasing of gold. Neither any change took place in this matter. There is no limit on the gold which has purchased by white money. This is only a surgical Strike for those who are trying to purchase gold buy undeclared money or trying to invest black money in gold.

According to few reports, within half an hour of announcement of note banning, gold worth 75 crore has been sold in Mumbai only.


This kind of gold will be free:


  • If you have gold purchase by declared amount of your income.
  • If you have purchased gold the by the relaxation gaind by the agriculture earning.
  • If you your Gold has purchased by fair means or ancestors.
  • If you have purchased gold buy your personal saving and also you should be able to provide the data of that money you have saved.
  • According to Central Board of Direct taxes ” if you have gold which comes under the above situation then your Gold will be text free and no tax will be applied on that gold or selling of purchasing.


Israel President Reuven Rivlin is on the visit of India yesterday 14 November Israel President Reuven Rivlin  arrived at India for 8 days visit. It is the first visit to India of any Israel President since past 20 years.

Israel President addressed from Hyderabad house Delhi and accepted that India is facing biased things in the matter of philistine. After that Israel President that India is our friend and we are going to celebrate 25 years old friendship with India.

Reuven Rivlin show support towards India in the matter of terrorism and said Israel and India will fight against terrorism and try to finish it from the core. We are glad to be with India and happy to protect the democracy of Israel. Reuven Rivlin said in his speech that terrorism is terrorism, doesn’t matter who is a part of terrorism and who is the victim of terrorism. If anyone is responsible for terrorism then he must be punished and it’s the duty of all the nations to fight against terrorism to save the humanity.

After that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the nation. Modi appreciated the efforts of Israel to against find against terrorism and give him a warm welcome in India for visit. Modi also talked about many planning and implementations to discuss with Israel President for future plan for the growth of Israel and India. Mod ialso said we will discuss and work for water resource management and Agriculture in following 8 days as Israel President is on his 8 days visit of India then we will utilize this meeting.

Israel and India had has signed many deals. Pm Narendra Modi and President raised their joint statement in front of media at a press conference today. Modi attacked on Pakistan by his words at the Press Conference while he was with the Israel President Reuven Rivlin and said ” terrorism is widely growing at the neighborhood of India and our neighbors are feeding the terrorists. India and Israel accepted that terrorism is a global threat.

PM Modi said that I am feeling proud of welcoming the Israel President Reuven Rivlin. India and Israel are together by many things. We are making our security relations more strong PM Modi also mentioned in his words that India will take help of Israel in the matter of water resource management and Agriculture.

Modi also said that number of students who are going to Israel for higher studies are getting increased day by day. It will take our partnership on the edge and will make the bond of India and Israel more strong. Israel is going to support India in the areas of agriculture, solar energy, water resource management and plantation etc.

Israel President sad thanks to PM Modi and invited him to come Israel after the Press Conference Israel President arrived at Rajghat and gave a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Israel President mentioned in his words that keeping a silence and taking no action is the reason of motivation for the terrorists. India and Israel are together against the terrorism.

Modi just came forward and raised his statement to Ban notes of rupees 500 and 1000 from today midnight. Modi took this step to heal the nation from the cancer of black money and fake currency business. Although people will face a little inconvenience in the transactions by manual methods but this step will finish the corruption from our country.

Few points of this decision to be considered: 



  • Entire nation including government official got this statement few minutes ago as Modiannounced this decision.
  • Reserve Bank accepted the proposal of issuing Rs.2000 note according to this process.
  • All banks will be closed on 9th November 2016.
  • People are free to deposit 500 and 1000 rupees notes in the nearest banks till 30th December. After that no bank will accept this currency.
  • Besides the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees note, old coin and currency will remain the same.
  • 30th december is the deadline to deposit the note of 500 and thousand rupees.
  • Government to this hard step due to the highly increased rate of corruption and black money.
  • Terrorism is the great issue and hurdle for the nation that is why government took this step.According to the Prime Minister Modi”fake currency and black money is being used to provide facilities to the terrorists.”

India improved its position in the global ranking of the corruption, Modi has taken many steps against corruption and this step is the part of those steps which will be proved a boon for the anti corruption campaign started by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi mentioned in his words “ BJP government brings useful sachems time by time, especially  for the class of farmers and poor”. We took this step this time to finish the corruption from its roots and that is why I appeal to the public of India to deposit the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees note in the nearest bank, if someone is not able to deposit this currency till 30th December then he will be given a last chance.

In the end of his speech Modi address the nation and said ” we will take care of the rights of common public of nation. A little trouble is better than to tolerate the cancer of corruption. This stuff will come out with great results.


Famous Pakistani singer adnaan saami is now Indian as he applied for Indian citizenship and left Pakistan.

This is an important issue and a big slap to those who want to leave India for the sake of intolerance behavior including Bollywood stars like shahrukh khan, amir khan, and many other famous celebrities. They made a bigg issue before bihar elections and raised a message that not even a single muslim is safe in India but after the incident of Indian citizenship demanded by Pakistani muslim singer adnaan saami a question has been arise that if muslims are not safe in this country then why a muslim from Pakistan demanded Indian citizenship.


This crystal clear that saami feels safe in India, he found security, peace, respect, fame and wealth in India. Adnaan saami is famous singer and have enough living resource in Pakistan. He is well rich enough to live a luxury life in Pakistan. Then why he left his own country Pakistan and came India after demanding Indian citizenship.

There can be two reasons of that. First reason if the atmosphere of that place is not so much peaceful and other is there are not much opportunities in country for a safe future like many Asian people get citizenship of America.

Now there is a question is to be asked to those who returned their awards and done everything to destroy the image of country. And what happened to the super star like shahrukh khan before bihar election that he felt impossible to live in his own country.

Why these all people are now quiet? Don’t they find India is a place where they can’t live? Because now no one is talking about intolerance, no strike, neither anyone coming to return their awards. The thing is, people who made an issue on intolerance were never unsafe in india ever. They were only following the command of their political parties.

Many people who were more success and archiviers then these award returning group. They never asked to leave the country or return the awards. Because they utilized their entire life for making their talent and to shine the county. This can be call their love towards India.

Adnaan saami marked these lines and spoke about it with full of confidence and enthusiasm that no country in this world peaceful as India, so there is no question of intolerance etc.

He also said a big thanks to PM Narender Modi for giving him citizenship of India to a person who lived his entire life in Pakistan till yet in an army officer of Pakistan.

But he praised india for its peaceful atmosphere where anyone can live with full human rights and with freedom either he is hindu or muslim.

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Financial stability and development council (F.S.D.C.) presents a report on Wednesday that India should be ready for the up and down of currency war.

If Indian government wants to save itself from this up and down of currency war then they have to improve the policies of their central banks. It was a meeting of financial stability and development council (F.S.D.C.) in this concern which held under guidelines of finance minister. During this meeting, many other official people was also their such as RBI Governor, officials of life insurance and pension department.

Report shows that price of petroleum is no so much beneficial than before but at the current time prices of petroleum is getting decrease so it can be beneficial for India. Remaining amount from the decreased price of petroleum will encourage the private sector to invest in policies.

Dollar will remain constant by a report of international market, which shows this instability of international market and china getting profit form that. Country will face more ups and downs which has made some wrong policies in the central banks.

Effect of Increment in interest rates from America is not affecting anything right now but soon it will affect the financial conditions. It is a warning comes from a report that entire world is going towards the financial instability but it is expected from India that it can be come out from this financial instability.

According to report that entire financial policies are getting effected by the financial policies of china. As china is the biggest market and manufacturer of electronic goods. So it is making a stress to other markets and making instability in the financial policies in the market by which financial market of India can be effected.

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The Bombay High Court on Thursday ruled in favour of Nestle(NESN.VX) in its battle to overturn a nationwide ban of its Maggi instant noodles, but demanded the popular snack be tested again for safety before it can go on sale again.

The ruling marks a partial victory for the Swiss food giant, which withdrew the noodles from Indian stores in June after the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) said they contained unsafe levels of lead.

A spokesman said Nestle India (NEST.NS) would comply with the court order, which it hopes will mark the beginning of the end of India’s worst packaged food scare in a decade.

“It is Nestle India’s Endeavour to get Maggi noodles back on the shelves as soon as possible for the benefit of our consumer,” the spokesman said. The company had said its own tests showed the noodles were safe to eat.

FSSAI still didn’t take any decision on the decision of Bombay high court which challenged in Supreme Court last week. One official from FSSAI said that they are still not sure about the decision to go to Supreme Court or not. On the running time FSSAI is only considering the decision of high court.FSSAI president ashish bahuguna said “after considering the decision of court if we will find that high court did not considered the reply of second party then they will go to supreme court against this decision of high court.On other hand one official from health ministry said that they are also reading the copy of decision of high court. They will follow all the protocol and proceed further.As Bombay high court canceled the prevention on maggi made FSSAI and Maharashtra FDA on 13 august.So now manufacturer of maggi NESTLE got a relief from Bombay high court but on one condition that they have to submit the test reports from three scientific labs of India. If court finds anything wrong in the product report than prevention on maggi will be continued.

Lawyers acting for the food safety regulator said they may appeal, depending on the results of the fresh tests.

The Bombay High Court order said these tests must be conducted at specific laboratories, after media reports criticized the FSSAI’s facilities as ill-equipped and under-staffed. The regulator itself has said India needs to strengthen food safety infrastructure.

The safety scare left Nestle with a 66 million Swiss franc ($67.46 million) recall bill as well as the challenge of rebuilding its brand after its worst public relations crisis in India to date.

It replaced the head of its Indian unit last month with turnaround specialist Suresh Narayanan, the first Indian in almost two decades to run operations in the country.

Industry experts said the credibility of all involved was at stake. “A lot of work has to be done both by the industry as well as the regulator to ensure that a controversy like this does not erupt again,” said Arvind Singhal, chairman of retail consultants Technopak.



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During the period of one year of government modi specially focused on the foreign policies. Modi viaited many countries and made many plans, schemes for the nation. Modi arrived ufa, Russia on Wednesday.

Ex. Prime Minister had 8 foreign visits in the period of UPA Government during the first year of UPA-1.and 14 visits during UPA-2.But in this case Modi scored more than Mamohan singh. Last year Modi visted 19 countries and Bangladesh visit was his 20th foreign visit.


After completing his visit to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Ufa, Russia on Wednesday to participate in the 7th BRICS summit.


The Prime Minister also participated in the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).


The SCO summit is likely to see India, which is currently an observer of the grouping, acquire full membership. The 7th BRICS summit is going to be held from July 8-9.


On Wednesday, the leaders met in an informal milieu over dinner. The formal summit programme has done on next day. There was an official welcome, and then there a meeting has been arranged in which the members of the BRICS business council participated.


The theme of this summit is ‘BRICS partnership: A powerful factor for Global Development’. The agenda for this summit covers both political and economic issues but the emphasis is on the economic cooperation.


Earlier on Tuesday, Modi considered the matter of  common Islamic heritage of both India and Central Asia which doesn’t has  the forces of extremism and strongly pitched for enhanced defence and security cooperation between the two to combat terrorism.


Modi’s first visit to Central Asian countries, Modi, who walked toward Kazakhstan’s capital from Uzbekistan earlier in the day, underlined that both India and Central Asia which not be able to  achieve their full potential without the coordination of each other and nor will the region be more stable without the cooperation between the two.


Speeked with the crowed and gathering at the Nazerbayev University, the Prime Minister said, “We live at the frontier of instability. We live close to the crucible of extremism and terrorism. We see terrorism spawned by nations and groups. Today, we also see cyberspace become a platform without borders for terror to draw recruits to its cause.

Modi also mentioned the unity of both countries and gave examples of coordination of India and Russia. Besides that it was good to see that many Indian students are studying in Russia and getting the education for their bright future as Indian students are performing well in Russian universities.

Russia adopting the culture of yoga too. There are few Indian yoga experts  who are serving this Indian culture of yoga to Russian people by which they getting benefits of yoga and showing their full dedication towards yoga.

One of important lines said modi:

“Motive of this visit, to give strength to our defence and security cooperation in the region. But, we will also fight with terrorism by the strength of our values and our commitment to humanism.”




It has become history when people were conscious about only specific products like the public provident fund   and traditional life insurance plans for investments. But things have changed since the government turned into these schemes in a new package.

People around eight crore are entered in these new schemes and many more are about to join these new schemes launched by government.


What are these schemes?




It is a personal accident policy which gives you the surety to protect not only your family but also your loss of income due to any disability.



  • Age should be 18 to 70
  • Bank account is necessary

Features of this scheme:


  • Claim of 2 lakhs will be given by this policy if a person dies in an accident or suffers from a permanent disability due to an accident.
  • Policy will be valid to age of 70


Here claims given by this policy in permanent disability, what kind of permanent disability?


Loss of both eyes or loss of both hands and feet or loss of sight of one eye and loss of one hand or one foot. The policy does not cover temporary disabilities.





It is a pure term plan that does not pay you anything back when the policy matures. If the insured dies it pays the sum insured to the family.



Age should 18 to 50 years and anyone with a bank account can buy the policy.




This is the policy which provides risk cover in case of an untoward incident pays Rs 2 lakh to the family as        claim money. The policy is valid for one year (from June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016), after which you need to pay premium to renew the policy.



Scheme provides pension plans to people to make their life well in their old age. These kind of schemes help     people at the time they are not able to work or earn for their living.



The scheme is available to all bank account holders between 18 and 40 years of age. You need to contribute for 20 years or more under the scheme.



According to this scheme you will be able to get pension of Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 per month, at the age of 60 years. Which varies on the age of joining the APY?  Government provides the benefits of the scheme on the basis   of  current age. For example, a 35-year-old needs to pay Rs 902 a month for a pension of Rs 5,000.

Government also contributes 50% of your contribution.


But many of our people are still not aware or have information about these schemes due to lack of sources or communication by the government officials. Although we can get this information anytime from government websites or can get the information when it is available on newspaper or tv but due to lack of resources many places are still not aware about these government scheme.



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   Life will be expensive after implementation of 14% service tax.

Uses of internet, food and travel will be expensive form 1st June. Consumer have to give 14% service tax which increased by 12.36% to 14%. Food, train, airlines, banking, insurance, advertisement, construction, credit card, event organising, tour operators are in the list effected by this service tax.

Rate of service tax will directly effect the pocket of a common man. Service tax raised by the Finance minister Arun Jaitly. Except only 16 services all will b affected by this 14% service tax.

Education cess also included in it. It was 12.36% at prior time (including 12% Service and education cess.)

Service tax on Railway-

  • Now Ac and 1st class travelling will be expensive as it is increased by 3.7% to 4.2%.
  • Ticket of ac class will add a cost of more 5 Rs.
  • Fares of ac and first class of Passenger Trains increased by .05% from June 1st except the freight charges.


Jaitly introduced this 14% of service tax, so that government can easily apply the GST (Goods and Service tax) which government wants to roll out from April 2016.


Service tax on Airlines-

  • Costumers have to give 10 Rs. extra on per 1000 Rs. on domestic and 20 Rs. per 1000 Rs. on international flight.

Service tax on mobiles, telephones-

  • Users have to pay 1140 Rs. on the bill of 1000 Rs. (It was 1124 Rs. on 1000 Rs. earlier )
  • Uses of internet and phones will be expensive including rates of credit cards.
  • Mobile and credit card companies are giving updates of new rates and bills.

Service tax on Food-

  • The service tax was 4.944% earlier (1049 Rs. on the bill of 1000 Rs. was payable)
  • Now costumer has to pay 1056 Rs. on the bill of 1000 Rs. because of increased service tax (5.6%).

Service tax on Life Insurance-

  • Stress on Life insurance will be 0.5%.
  • It will be 3.5% after implementation of this service tax.
  • At the second year it will be 1.75% from 1.5% after increasing 0.25%.

Service tax on real estate-

  • 36% service tax will be payable of each purchasing according to 25% of base value on the property which is less than 1cror.
  • 14% on the property of more than 1cror value with same terms and conditions.

TDS will be deducted from provident fund (PF) for withdrawal of 30000 rupees or more before 5 years.

This service tax will directly effect the pocket of a middle class person. Now people have to take care of using mobile, travelling and eating out after this rise of service tax

Service tax by data-

  • Old service tax rate was 12.36% (education cess include).
  • Now it is 14% (education cess include).
  • 64% increased in rates of new service tax.
  • 16 services are out from this service tax list.
  • Revenue was 1.68 lakh crore in last financial year.
  • Government planning to get 2.09 lakh crore revenue this year.



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Indian Economy is basically an agriculture based economy.  India is set to become the world’s fastest developing economy. The recent research says that India is expected to grow more than 6.5 percent in late 2015 and is projected to cross China in such figures.

India’s Macro-economic prospects are very well developed and have strengthened the position of the country in the global economies.

Here are five top facts about Indian Financial System you must know:

  1. Market Size

The government has grown up the GDP from 4.7 percent to 6.9 percent overall broadening the framework of national income. The revision in the base accounts will increase the size of the economy to almost Rs. 111 Trillion US$ in the financial year of 2014-2015.

The capital economics, an independent research company on macro-economic reforms released a recent report saying that the overall budget says that Indian economy is going to boost by 5.5 percent overall in the year 2015.

The expectations are prevalent that the Indian economy is going to have a great potential to become a US$ 4-5 trillion economy in the next 10-12 years.

  1. Investments and Developments

With the improvement in economic reforms and scenario, the investments have also increased over the years in India.

Some of the mentioned facts about the investments in India are mentioned below:

  • The combined index of eight crore industries figured at 166.2 in last November 2014 and is expected to increase around 6.7 percent by the end of year 2015
  • India has emerged as one of the strongest performers in the field of mergers and acquisitions in 2013 and as well as in 2014.
  • The union cabinet has basically given approval to basically enhance the memorandum of understanding for strengthening its roots in the field of tourism between the ministry of tourism and government of India.
  • India’s forex reserves touched a record of US$ 322 billion over all, surpassing the previous stats of US$321.


  1. FDI Route

The government has announced certain regulations regarding foreign investments is that the foreign investors are allowed to put as much as around Rs. 90,300 crore in India’s rail infrastructure in terms of purchasing power parity.

  1. Government Initiatives

India has actually developed into an economy of high performance and durability. The “Make in India” program launched by the PM with the aim to give Indian economy, a global tag and recognition. The initiative will basically increase the power of a common man in terms of purchasing power parity.

  1. Road Ahead

The recent research by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank explains the growth rate in India by 6.4 percent by end of 2015 because of the confidence of India’s performance in the economic reforms undertaken by the government.

India could basically become the world’s seventh biggest nation in terms of private wealth with a 150 percent overall increase in private wealth.

The Make in India program is in fact the best programs launched by the Modi Government that has led to overall economic growth and development in nation.