Modi just came forward and raised his statement to Ban notes of rupees 500 and 1000 from today midnight. Modi took this step to heal the nation from the cancer of black money and fake currency business. Although people will face a little inconvenience in the transactions by manual methods but this step will finish the corruption from our country.

Few points of this decision to be considered: 



  • Entire nation including government official got this statement few minutes ago as Modiannounced this decision.
  • Reserve Bank accepted the proposal of issuing Rs.2000 note according to this process.
  • All banks will be closed on 9th November 2016.
  • People are free to deposit 500 and 1000 rupees notes in the nearest banks till 30th December. After that no bank will accept this currency.
  • Besides the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees note, old coin and currency will remain the same.
  • 30th december is the deadline to deposit the note of 500 and thousand rupees.
  • Government to this hard step due to the highly increased rate of corruption and black money.
  • Terrorism is the great issue and hurdle for the nation that is why government took this step.According to the Prime Minister Modi”fake currency and black money is being used to provide facilities to the terrorists.”

India improved its position in the global ranking of the corruption, Modi has taken many steps against corruption and this step is the part of those steps which will be proved a boon for the anti corruption campaign started by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi mentioned in his words “ BJP government brings useful sachems time by time, especially  for the class of farmers and poor”. We took this step this time to finish the corruption from its roots and that is why I appeal to the public of India to deposit the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees note in the nearest bank, if someone is not able to deposit this currency till 30th December then he will be given a last chance.

In the end of his speech Modi address the nation and said ” we will take care of the rights of common public of nation. A little trouble is better than to tolerate the cancer of corruption. This stuff will come out with great results.


Famous Pakistani singer adnaan saami is now Indian as he applied for Indian citizenship and left Pakistan.

This is an important issue and a big slap to those who want to leave India for the sake of intolerance behavior including Bollywood stars like shahrukh khan, amir khan, and many other famous celebrities. They made a bigg issue before bihar elections and raised a message that not even a single muslim is safe in India but after the incident of Indian citizenship demanded by Pakistani muslim singer adnaan saami a question has been arise that if muslims are not safe in this country then why a muslim from Pakistan demanded Indian citizenship.


This crystal clear that saami feels safe in India, he found security, peace, respect, fame and wealth in India. Adnaan saami is famous singer and have enough living resource in Pakistan. He is well rich enough to live a luxury life in Pakistan. Then why he left his own country Pakistan and came India after demanding Indian citizenship.

There can be two reasons of that. First reason if the atmosphere of that place is not so much peaceful and other is there are not much opportunities in country for a safe future like many Asian people get citizenship of America.

Now there is a question is to be asked to those who returned their awards and done everything to destroy the image of country. And what happened to the super star like shahrukh khan before bihar election that he felt impossible to live in his own country.

Why these all people are now quiet? Don’t they find India is a place where they can’t live? Because now no one is talking about intolerance, no strike, neither anyone coming to return their awards. The thing is, people who made an issue on intolerance were never unsafe in india ever. They were only following the command of their political parties.

Many people who were more success and archiviers then these award returning group. They never asked to leave the country or return the awards. Because they utilized their entire life for making their talent and to shine the county. This can be call their love towards India.

Adnaan saami marked these lines and spoke about it with full of confidence and enthusiasm that no country in this world peaceful as India, so there is no question of intolerance etc.

He also said a big thanks to PM Narender Modi for giving him citizenship of India to a person who lived his entire life in Pakistan till yet in an army officer of Pakistan.

But he praised india for its peaceful atmosphere where anyone can live with full human rights and with freedom either he is hindu or muslim.