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ISRO has created history after sending 104 satellites. This is the world record till now as  there is no country which has made this history of sending 104 satellite at one time. Russia was the one which has sent 37 satellites in 2014, but now India came on first position. In this mission India has claimed 104 satellite although America, 10, Netherlands, Israel and Kazakhstan claimed 101 satellites.

“Mr.A S Kiran Kumar chairman of ISRO has provided a statement to media that in the satellites, 1 satellite contains 730 kilograms of weight and another 2 contains 19 kilogram. Although we had capability to get the satellites carry 600 kilogram of weight, that is why we have decided to send 101 another satellites.”

Although the spending are not cleared yet, but Mr Kiran Kumar explained that half of the amount of this project is coming from foreign satellites sending procedures. According to the reports, ISRO is getting around 100 cr. of rupees from foreign satellites. The senior journalist Pallav said “ this mission was not started to made any record, but this is the initiative of ISRO for commercial starting serial this was not an easy task and will be a difficult one, so that entire world is staring on this mission with a great focus. The foreign satellites launched by India r claimed by America and Israel also.

ISRO is currently working on the the process to maintain this record for the future and to make it huge than now. Concern persons of ISRO gave their statement that” ISRO is working on the new projects with a great dedication. It will bring India in the limelight among the world.

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On the successful launch of Agni-5 every Indian should be proud. It will be the reason of a great security of the nation.It is the result of the scientist of DRDO. A great hard work is there behind this launch. I give a hearty congratulation to all the scientist and our country: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Successful experiment of
Agni-5 is able to hit the target from 5000 kilometers of distance.
India has taken its place in the hyper-exclusive club along with America, Russia, and China.

By writing the new story of success and Glory India has successfully done the experiment with missile Agni-5 which has a great mark and atomic power. Agni-5 can hit the target from the distance of 5000 kilometer or more. A test has done with missile Agni-5 from the Abdul Kalam island of Odisha, which will be able to hit the place of event China.

DRDO raised a statement that this missile has launched on 11 a.m. It was the fourth successful launch and second can astride test of this missile. This missile is able to bring the atomic types of equipment. According to the report, Agni-5 is 17-metre height and 2 meters in radius and 50 tons in weight. This missile can bring the atomic weapons with very heavy weight. The speed of Agni-5 is 24 times more than the speed of sound.

India has achieved its place in the hyper-exclusive club with Agni 5. America, Russia and china are the members of this club already. The missile is able to target many areas of Asia, northern China and a large part of Europe. At the time of the launching DRDL Hyderabad and many other scientists were present.

ITR raised a statement that Agni-5 which is an advanced and fully loaded with Indian techniques. It has already tested with mobile launcher and it is the first time.

At the present time, India has Agni-1 which has 700 kilometers of range. Agni-2, which has 2000 kilometers of range. Agni-3 which has 2500 to 3500 kilometers of range and now Agni-4 and 5 available.

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Inspected high speed of bullet train. 


Narendra Modivisited Japan and had a ride of bullet train with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. After that Modi arrived at Kawasaki heavy industries located at Kobe. At Kawasaki Modi analyzed the technique of high speed bullet train, and get the knowledge about it.

Before that Modi reached Prime Minister office of Japan. India and Japan signed civil nuclear deal. Meanwhile both the countries also signed a deal on textile,culture, sports and Outer sports etc

India is waiting for bullet train

As high speed trains are made in Kawasaki, during his visit of Kawasaki Modi said ” India is waiting for bullet train, high speed railway track as per required for bullet train is to be prepared in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Japan can sign 6 more deals on train corridor project decide the project of high speed train.

India gets the spot of Japan in NSE

India also has the support of Japan in the matter of NSG. 

Japan has announced to support India in the matter of NSG, japan is agreed for India to get the membership of NSG. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announce this in a Press Conference. Before that prime Minister Modi met The king of Japan Akihito in Tokyo and after that, prime Minister Modi met the CEOs of Indo-Japan form business and few other companies.

The Nuclear deal which was pending also signed by this visit of Modi. For the first time japan had signed this kind of deal with the country which hasnt signed NPT.

Although the matter of Nuclear deal was in discussion since years, but it has now implemented after the accident of fufushima nuclear power plant. Point to be considered that countries such as America, Russia, South Korea, Namibia, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia already had a Nuclear deal with India.

Great opportunity of investing in India 

At the moment of business forum meeting Modi said ” there is a business atmosphere Made in India, it is a great opportunity and Japan can utilize this opportunity”. The combination of Made in India and made by Japan is working very nicely. India is on the path of the Great growth rate changing decisions and we made very important decisions in this concern.

Results are visible to all, growth of India is in a Limelight in the entire world.



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Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Goa and addressed India in an event mopa greenfield. At the time of giving the speech about Nation and his services towards India Narendra Modi got emotional and said ” I left my house my family and everything for the country”. Modi also mentioned in his words that he wants the time from the public till 30th December after that he will be ready to accept any punishment from the public of India.

Modi also attacked rahul Gandhi by his humorous words and said ” people who done 2G scam and coal allocation scams, today are in the line of exchanging the currency with common public of India”. For the Prime Minister Modi” I am doing all these things for the poor people of India and want to developed this country and the poor class”, Modi appealed the nation and asked the public to support him only for 50 days”

Modi also mentioned few news about the river Ganga and said ” people who are not interested to put a single rupee coin in River Ganga now putting lakhs of rupees.” at the end of speech Modi said I know what kind of powers I am dealing with, and made them my enemy. They can kill me, they can destroy me, but they can do whatever they want, i am with my nation, I will serve my nation and asking for 50 more days support.

According to the reports Modi also mentioned the issue of 500 and 1000 rupees notes on his Japan visit. on the Japan visit, Modi also addressed Indian people living in Japan and in his 26 minutes of speech he mentioned to take a very strict action on black money. Modi said” few people think that there will be no action after 30th December but let me tell you after 30th December no one will come to help you in this matter”. Modi mentioned that if I find anything which is not in the papers, records and out of the data, documents etc I will not tolerate that I’m going to check the entire data from the freedom of India, and if something wrong comes up then I will take very strict action against that.Pm Narendra Modi announced about 500 and 1000 rupees notes on night 8th November by the live TV, and after getting this announcement, public got crazy for exchanging the old currency as soon as possible. Due to this banks and ATMs get huge crowd and endless lines out of Bank and ATM.



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Government can face many hurdles by applying new rate of GST. Experts are in a favor to 2-4 percent tax of GST rates on gold.According to state finance minister Santosh Gangrao ” GST Council couldn’t get any decision on this matter in the meeting”. So according to few reports, government can apply 2% to 4% GST rate on gold.

According to Jewelers community two to four percent GST rate on gold will not be the correct decision and if it will happen then Jewelers community will raise its voice against this decision. Great protest may happen by the Jewelers community.

At the present time there is 1% tax on gold and Indian government has classified 4 categories on GST rate such as 5, 12, 18 and 28%. And what rate of GST will be applied on gold is still a suspense because GST Council hasn’t taken any decision on the matter of gold in the council meeting.

This matter can be discussed in the next GST council meeting and hopefully any solid decision on the matter of applying GST rate on gold may come out. Gangwar mentioned in his words” Indian government want to take decision of applying GST rate on gold will the concurrence of all, and this is the only reason why government holds this decision for a while.

According to president of mahajani Jewelers Association Tejram Agarwal ” if government take the decision of applying GST rate 3 to 4% on gold then government have to face a great protest by Jewellers community, because it will be the bad sign for jewelers and trading of gold will be affected by this decision of government so this cannot be happened, it will be considered as injustice with the Jewelers.

According to Sudhir Singh MD Margompusoft ” government should apply GST rates with the keen focus and consideration of all the communities, Businessmen, entrepreneurs and common public, so that everyone could get some benefits from GST and no one will face any hurdle because of these new GST rates.



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British Prime Minister Theresa may met prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday. She is a visit of India. It happened for the first time when the new Prime Minister of Britain attending a Bilateral meeting out of Europe.

In this meeting many of deals can take place. A team of 40 delegation also came with may. In this visit British Prime Minister met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday in a tech summit.

Theresa may mentioned in her words ” I will utilize this opportunity to create an importance between a Strategic partnership which we already have and it will provide us many kind of benefits in future. This meeting will be beneficial for both of the countries. Today Theresa may will take off to Bengaluru.

Significantly it is in the Constitution that new Prime Minister of Britain is working to create great relations with the countries out of 28 parliamentary union of European. In this

Bilateral conference Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised statement about the achievements India and Britain in the field of science and technology. Modi also mentioned about the works which are in the progress related to the field of science being done by both of the countries.

Modi mentioned in his words” both of the countries are keenly working for the treatment of many kind of rare disease according to the “Newton Bhabha program, working to provide energy to the people of the nations and to provide a need and clean atmosphere, how to handle changes and its effects.

Along with that we are working together Increase crop yields and food security as well.  Both of the countries already had a deal to make a “Clean Energy Center” and “Barrier-microbial resistance,” said by Modi.

PM Modi also talked to Theresa may about student study visa in Britain, and appealed to the British Prime Minister to take care of the problems which Indian students face for getting student visa in England and gave a message to Pakistan to fulfill the promise of taking action against the terrorism and the terrorists of Mumbai blast 2008 and Pathankot attacks.During this Summit India and Britain has signed two valuable M.O.U. Along with that Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed British prime minister to give some relaxation to the IT professionals of India in their visa so that they could be able to get a job in UK.

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By considering the need of people of India, Modi addressed the public of Varanasi on Monday and said “our government is committed to fulfill all the needs of nation”. Matter to conclude the target of providing the gas (LPG) connection to each and every house is yet to achieve.

In his words, Modi raised his views about this scheme of government and added in his speech “providing LPG connection was not easily accessible step for the government and now it has become a time bounded project for us.” Hence Modi declared that government will ensure to provide gas connections to all in coming three years. After three years, everyone will get his own LPG connection at home and our people will not suffer and will not be forced to burn woods etc to prepare the food.

Addressing a public meeting after inaugurating seven public schemes here, Modi said:  schemes made for public should be implemented and end up to any satisfactory result with a great output. Public should be served on time and all scheme should be come into lime light on the given time limit. There shouldn’t be a place for any delay.

Here our government gives the full assurance of providing the gas connection without any delay and with the committed time of three years. Modi also mentioned in his words and said “the schemes we make for our public are not for any advertisements, neither for any personal interests, but for the benefits and the better life our common public of India which is far from the helping hand of the government and facilities.

At the end in his speech Modi promised to the people of Varanasi including the entire public of India to fulfil all there necessary and important needs which will help them to make their life better then now.



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Russia is our old friend, terrorism will be finished by this deal- Narendra Modi

A Deal has been signed on 16 agreements.

Russian president Vladimir Putin arrived at goa on Saturday to mark his presence in BRICS summit and had a consequential meeting with the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.  Although Putin arrived goa a bit late due to some reasons but here Narendra Modi greeted Russian president with a warm welcome and an anticipated meeting between the two leaders begins.

These important agreements took place:

  • Deal signed on the -200 Kamov helicopter.
  • Agreement on anti-missile defense system S-400
  • Smart city projects
  • Deal signed in shipbuilding agreement
  • Indo-Russian gas pipeline deal
  • Deal signed for education and railways system.
  • In the field of Science & Tech
  • In the field of nuclear energy

After this meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi raised some words in a joint statement “I felt a sheer joy after welcoming the Russian president at our place, Russia is our old friend and an old friend is better than two new friends. India and Russia are in a Unique friendship. I and Russian president Putin Spoke in the details on all the issues. India and Russia are together against the serious issue of terrorism.”

In his words, Modi also mentioned that Russia and India will not tolerate terrorism anymore and also will take a stand against the one who supports terrorism.


What is BRICS:

BRICS is the group of 5 nations of the world in which Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are involved. This group of 5 nations has 43% of total population of the world and the GDP of these nations is over $ 16,000 billion. India received the chairmanship of BRICS from Russia on 15 February which will be valid up to 31st December 2016.



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For the first time Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited African countries and came back on Tuesday morning.


*Take a look of few more visits of Modi’s:


In the Government period of 25 months after May 2014 pm Modi has completed his 24 foreign official visits after becoming the prime minister. Till now Modi has visited 42 countries and according to Government reports Modi has spent 113 days out of India for these official visits. If compare, During the residency of UPA government on the basis of 25 months Modi has grown as a Prime Minister who had more foreign visits than the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

3 times Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had a very less number of visits during his first 25 months in his government from October 1999. In the period of first 25 months in May 2004 during the first residency of Manmohan Singh in the government, had 16 visits and in the second Residency which has started from 2009 he had 18 visits which are less than Modi’s 24 visits.

When Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the prime minister he had only 6 International visits during this period of time. So in the comparison of this period of time Modi is still on the top in the matter of foreign official visits for the nation by visiting 42 countries

On the other hand Atal Bihari Vajpayee had just 9 visits during this period of time. There are some countries where the Prime Minister had to go for official visit more than once. For example Modi visited America three times besides that he also visited Nepal, France, Singapore, Russia, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan repeatedly.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also visited Britain Russia and America more than once  during the period of first two years of his governance. And in the second session of his governance he also visited Russia and America more than once. Talking about the days spent for these visits are 113 for Modi where Manmohan Singh had spent 64 and 76 days outside of India in his first and second session of his governance and Mr Vajpayee had spent only 49 days out of India.

* Few special moments of Modi’s foreign visits:

  • The great welcome at Madison Square in America was the great moment of Modi’s American visit.
  • Addressing the American Congress and visit of Silicon Valley was the centre of attraction and pride for India.

On the other hand his visit of the African countries was also very important and will play a vital role in the development of India and Africa. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of India who visited Mozambique after 34 years, Before that Indira Gandhi visited Mozambique in 1982.

Visits:  different Prime Ministers, the foreign visits during the first 25 months in the Governance of


Narendra Modi:


24 visits

Number of countries: 42

Days spent out of India:113

Average of days for per visit: 4.7


Manmohan Singh

2004 to 2014

Visits 16 and 18

Number of countries 14 and 24

Days spent out of India:  64 and 76

Average of days for foreign visit: 4 to 4.4.


Atal Bihari Vajpayee

1999 to 2004

Visits:  6

Numbers of countries: 9

Days spent out of India 49

Average of days for per visit: 8.1

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi came back to India after the official visit of South Africa on Tuesday 12th July. Modi had this visit to make the relations of India and Africa stronger than before. After his last visit in Kenya Modi came back to Delhi.

Before that Modi arrived at Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania. Modi talked about very serious and important issues during this visit and signed few deals. Modi talked to the President of Kenya Mr Uuhru kenyatta.


Both the persons talked about the in many areas of development of the countries. They signed 7 deals regarding defence protection and other areas. Before that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a visit of Tanzania, South Africa and Mozambique.

India also signed 5 deals with a water supply scheme worth 9.2 crore Dollars in Tanzania.


Trade of China is more than 30 hour African countries:

  • Last year China had the business of 200 million dollars. It is more than the GDP of 30 countries of Africa.
  • Last year India had around 71.6 million dollars trade from Africa.



Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Mozambique during the visit of four African countries.

Three agreements have signed in Mozambique during this visit. Besides that they also considered few agreements regarding youth and sports and to prevent the drugs smuggling.

After that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of Mozambique Mr Philip, address the Press Conference.

Pm Narendra Modi addresses the Press Conference and said that “India will be with Mozambique in its development. Terrorism is the great issue for both countries India and Mozambique so both of these countries will fight against the terrorism.”

India will give contribution in the development of Mozambique but the main focus will be on agriculture, food security and Health Services. Both countries will work to prevent drug trafficking.


Modi said “we will welcome the partnership in the matter of the International solar Alliance of Mozambique to control the climate change.”

After these visits modi came back New Delhi. According to reports these 5 days visit of Africa will serve a strong bond between India and the African countries and it will play a vital role in the development of India and Africa.