Overseas Relations


Israel President Reuven Rivlin is on the visit of India yesterday 14 November Israel President Reuven Rivlin  arrived at India for 8 days visit. It is the first visit to India of any Israel President since past 20 years.

Israel President addressed from Hyderabad house Delhi and accepted that India is facing biased things in the matter of philistine. After that Israel President that India is our friend and we are going to celebrate 25 years old friendship with India.

Reuven Rivlin show support towards India in the matter of terrorism and said Israel and India will fight against terrorism and try to finish it from the core. We are glad to be with India and happy to protect the democracy of Israel. Reuven Rivlin said in his speech that terrorism is terrorism, doesn’t matter who is a part of terrorism and who is the victim of terrorism. If anyone is responsible for terrorism then he must be punished and it’s the duty of all the nations to fight against terrorism to save the humanity.

After that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the nation. Modi appreciated the efforts of Israel to against find against terrorism and give him a warm welcome in India for visit. Modi also talked about many planning and implementations to discuss with Israel President for future plan for the growth of Israel and India. Mod ialso said we will discuss and work for water resource management and Agriculture in following 8 days as Israel President is on his 8 days visit of India then we will utilize this meeting.

Israel and India had has signed many deals. Pm Narendra Modi and President raised their joint statement in front of media at a press conference today. Modi attacked on Pakistan by his words at the Press Conference while he was with the Israel President Reuven Rivlin and said ” terrorism is widely growing at the neighborhood of India and our neighbors are feeding the terrorists. India and Israel accepted that terrorism is a global threat.

PM Modi said that I am feeling proud of welcoming the Israel President Reuven Rivlin. India and Israel are together by many things. We are making our security relations more strong PM Modi also mentioned in his words that India will take help of Israel in the matter of water resource management and Agriculture.

Modi also said that number of students who are going to Israel for higher studies are getting increased day by day. It will take our partnership on the edge and will make the bond of India and Israel more strong. Israel is going to support India in the areas of agriculture, solar energy, water resource management and plantation etc.

Israel President sad thanks to PM Modi and invited him to come Israel after the Press Conference Israel President arrived at Rajghat and gave a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Israel President mentioned in his words that keeping a silence and taking no action is the reason of motivation for the terrorists. India and Israel are together against the terrorism.

PM Narendra Modi landed at Iran with a gilded welcome, where he met Iran President Hasan Ruhani and discussed about trading, investments and energy related topics. Both the leaders had a meeting  for sharing their thoughts about furthers tactics of business issues and trading of both countries.

Pm after that had a conversation with deputation and signed a deal about the development of Chabahar port on southern coast of Iran, aluminium smelter plant establishment and a setting up a railway line.

PM Modi expressed his happiness by saying “all the agreements signed by both the countries will take a new start in our fateful partnership”. Pm also said that both the countries has contributed and exchanged their thoughts about the growing situations of religion and global issues.

Pm Modi also said that India and Iran will discuss about the issues of terrorism, drugs, trafficking and cyber-crime etc on the regular basis and find the solutions to face these problems.


What is Chabhar

Chabahar is the sea port identified in southern coast of Iran. The thing of its significance, it is the only sea port of Iran which is directly connected to ocean. The port’s establishment has done by India in 1990 to provide the access to Afghanistan and central aisa.

Why Modi’s Iran Visit is Crucial

PM Modi is now on Iran’s Visit. This visit is going to be most crucial in the terms of hope that Chabhar Deal will bring huge advantages to the country. Infact this deal is going to be helpful for 3 Countries, India, Afganistan and Iran. And it could help India stand against its rival countries like Pakistan and China.  the Chabahar port will help India bypass Pakistan and transport goods directly to Afghanistan and central Asia. India now will not be depended on the permission of Pakistan for compelting the transportation tasks towards Afghanistan through wagha boarder.

Chabahar will help New Delhi’s efforts to engage with Kabul directly both strategically and economically.

Important Points of Chabahar deal

  1. India will invest billions in the trade zone of Iran. In the joint press conference attended by Indian PM and Iranian President, the Iranian President Hassan Ruhani mentioned in his words “Chabahar is going to be the emblem of the co-operation between India and Iran.”
  2. Chabahar can be the bridge and a way of connectivity between India, Afghanistan and other countries. By participating in the speaking terms, pm narendra Modi also said “the friendship between India and Iran is not new; this is the oldest like history.
  3. Chabahar port on southern coast of Iran can plays a vital role in the strategic policies of India. Chabahar project will be the first foreign effort for the Indian mass territory port. Till today, Jawahar lal Nehru port is the biggest container port of India which has 60% of contribution in Indian global ports. Although kandla port has remain 40%.


Inside Cover Story

Modi is the first Prime Minister of India in past 15 years who had a bilateral visit of Iran. Iranian President Hassan Ruhani welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Courtyard of sadabad palace. Army band played the national anthems of India and Iran. After that Modi looked up the guard of honor.

PM Modi came to Iran for two days and he will try to make a strong bond between the India and Iran, also we will try to find some more new opportunity in trading and business for growing the more benefits for both the countries, Gadkari added.

After that he mentioned in his words “Iran has natural gas and power with very low cost and Indian companies want to establish the units of aluminum smelter and urea plants of 50 lakhs tones. We spend almost 45000 crore rupees on urea subsidies and if we manufacture it in the Chabahar free trade zone and transport it to kandla port then it will come out with the  same benefits.

At this occasion the Indian shipping minister Nitin Gadkari, who also presented in Tehran said “Chabahr and kandela port has less distance than Delhi to Mumbai. So this agreement will help us to transfer goods to Iran and then it will help to send the goods to afanistan through new road and railway lines.”


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Modi arrived at pak today’s morning. It is birthday of pak Prime Minister Nawaz sharif. Along with this surprise modi also talked about few things with pak pm Nawaz sharif.

As Modi pointed Pakistan on the matter of terrorism indirectly many times but during this discussion suddenly modi came to Pakistan (Lahore) without any information to give a surprise to pak prime minister Nawaz sharif.

Nawaz sharif came pakistan’s international airport Alama Iqbal to receive and give a warm welcome to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

After coming from rouse and finishing the entire government issues and works before arriving at delhi, modi suddenly made a program to stay in Pakistan.

It was like a surprise gift to Nawaz sharif on his birthday.

After arriving to Pakistan airport modi went to Nawaz sharif’s house raivind mehal by sharif’s helicopter. Nawaz was in the Lahore on the wedding of his granddaughter.

They ordered to make modi’s favorite food saag and other vegetarian food for modi at his house.

They also presented Kashmiri tea to modi. According to some politics specialists, modi gave a surprise to whole world by making this program on sudden time and it is a part of his democratic ethics.

Before all that modi also did a twit that I have wished Pakistani president Nawaz sharif on his 66th birthday. I pray for his heath and for his long life. After a period of time it is kind of achievement in matter of relation if India and pak.

Government officials of Pakistan has become a panic station when they got information of modi’s sudden visit of Pakistan. On the other hand they have applied a high alert in Lahore because of modi’s Lahore visit.

Modi also was the chief guest in the opening of afghan parliament in Kabul (Afghanistan) which is made by India in the presence of Afghanistan president Ashraf gani. The building made by spending’s of 9corer dollars. It was also an opening of building in afghan parliament named “Atal block” by modi.

In afghan parliament modi also spoke about the relations of both countries and talked about Mahabharata and Mahatma Gandhi.

Modi also met afghan president Ashraf gani after arriving from rouse. Modi also announced scholarship for 500 afghani students from India.

According to Indian foreign minister sushma swraaj “ modi made very good decision to visit Pakistan on Nawaz’s birthday. It will the helpful and good step to increase the relations of both countries.

Obama-Modi’s future strategic cooperation through joint statement was broad outline, it was necessary and should be welcomed. India, however, have to be alert to the fact that it is not at the expense of its relationship with China. China’s economic clout to dismiss easily be thought about.

India should not forget that the deep economic and trade relations between China and the US, which makes them dependent on each other. Addressing industry representatives in New Delhi, India, with a hundred billion dollars, Obama said China’s trade with the US is $ 550 billion in annual trade. China’s foreign exchange reserves of $ 40 billion and more than 70 per cent of which he is invested in US government bonds. The meaning is clear that the US government has borrowed from China three trillion dollars. The amount borrowed by the US central bank of China’s total GDP of India is more than $ 20 trillion! So the logical conclusion is that the US rarely engaged with the country where the government is he borrowed $ 30 trillion. That America can do more than that an emerging power to China to try to front. He can not do anything more.

India must understand this aspect and it should not do anything which may cause enmity with China permanent. It should also not forget that the same Barack Obama, who came to power in 2009 after a trip to China and the United States to provide security and stability in Asia and China spoke of shared responsibility. The statement ‘G-2’ in partnership with the US and China, stressed the possibility of global governance. Indo-Pacific region is now in the US, India, Japan and Australia, including the multilateral security framework is talking. What is the guarantee that the next US president, whether it be anyone, will not try to deal with China. China not only superficial results of negotiations Modi told Obama, but he is confident that the Chinese troops encroached on the India-China border, the US will not interfere in it. Hence, the US, India and China, to maintain balance in their relationship with both.

As Obama talks between Modi went well, but Obama said himself that things do not change overnight. In a joint statement, the two countries optimistic thing is environment-friendly trade and investment agreement. It is clear that India and the US on clean energy to move in a cooperative framework. Bilateral agreement between the two countries in the future will be the same as between the US and China have occurred. Obama said that the poor Indians, especially in rural India, people who consume very little energy can not find or the use of biofuels, green sources of energy, more energy than they can consume. US to provide cheap energy that nearly 60 million Indians could agree on funding and technology transfer. Obama admits that the class causing carbon emissions towards clean energy technology could reject.

In practical terms, it appears that the Indian Prime Minister on US shale gas with solar energy and more willing to compromise, because American companies operating nuclear power agreement, would be very difficult in terms of cost and safety.

Civilian nuclear agreement between India and the United States agreed details of the agreement and has not yet public. We all know that the US government will have the right to legally traded, which supplies equipment to US companies in the event of a nuclear power plant accident victims to defend the lawsuit.

Many experts believe that it could be challenged legally, fully supported by the BJP in parliament 46 nuclear liability law, contract law to compensate victims through class action suit adds. Nuclear partnership agreement between the two countries to live in the commercialization can not be real. It would be difficult for the party to be vulnerable.

Class action suits arising from insurance premiums and the potential challenge to calculate the cost of nuclear power would discourage domestic operators. Given these risks, both India and the US should focus on other sources of clean energy, where technology and subsidies can be easily adopted. Export control nuclear deal only a means for India’s entry into the club, which will enable the free flow of technologies in our country. But it would be possible only when India finally agreed to deal with the US to a broad, intellectual property rights, banking, insurance, retail, etc. multibrand US concern about our laws to prevent it. According to his will India deal could neither choice nor the demand is down. The rapport between the two leaders will end only when the hard political and national interests will be taken care of.

Delhi chief ministerial candidate in the election Kiran Bedi has made the face of the party, the BJP has now changed its strategy. Bedi stake in layman edgy party would not see much advantage from the Delhi assembly elections, the party once again in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to seek votes.

However, as before dashing Bedi will promote, but were brought to the party leadership campaign leaders across the country in the name of Modi has directed canvassing. Also expected in the Modi’s four rallies crowd can increase the number of party rallies.

Anderkhane are now accepted in the party leader of the last four elections Modi in Delhi face only be made more effective strategy would be. Party hard at the altar after the BJP candidate and union workers are thrown themselves into the heart of the campaign.

Internal survey minority, oppressed, the Sikh faith in the common man of class voters leaning stick figures have increased the concern of the party leadership. That party chairman Amit Shah not only ministers and central leaders have the responsibility of one seat, but also the responsibility of the respective seats will be decided on the winning and losing.

Shah, senior leaders at every seat in every direction to have at least three rallies. In the party several ministers, chief ministers, ministers and officials of the state government has thrown up in the polls.

According to the source face extraordinary altar must be made to raise the graph of the BJP was the first two days, but now it has stopped graph. Bedi not gather the concerned candidate rallies are demanding Modi’s rallies.

Bedi in case lawyers and businessmen led by the confusion is disturbing. The party leadership Bedi advised to avoid rhetoric on controversial issues. The party leadership elections in the country in addition to throwing attack on ministers by Kejriwal is the message of this effect.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama addressed the nation in a program with the mind by opening the two leaders kept secrets of the heart. From the beginning of the program of his address, Prime Minister Modi.

In which he explained the significance of Barack word. Means by which the blessings Barack Swail language. I have an enormous gift with the name of Barak, who has his family.

Barack Obama’s speech to the Modi invited. Significantly, the Prime Minister Modi program often referred to as the American president Barack.

Barack Obama began his address by Hello. He then referred to the Indian culture in his address to the nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

Obama said the country where you can hear me great honor for me. We are a country with a great culture of both worlds. There are two new thinking economy. Add each other as rough. Obama said the American Indians are like a bridge between the two countries.

He said, praising Modi to strengthen ties between the two countries Modi am impressed by the efforts of law. They empower women, power and commendable efforts are being made in education.

US seeks India’s help in these areas. He said that education, employment, health and justice, I have taken steps to order. There are many issues which are common to both countries.

He said that there is nothing greater than service to humanity. These values to be associated with peace, security and prosperity of the whole world can come. Obama answers a series of questions began after the speech.

Few questions and their answers.

The first questions :-is how to let their daughters go out and experience of India. If you buy something from them.

Answer: The first thing that you must tell it was very excited to come to India. But because the school program could not have come here. Daughter are examinations. So he could not leave. They are greatly influenced by the culture of India.

India’s freedom struggle is about to hear what I told him, as he had come here quite Utavlin. I go back and tell them that India is the way it was told them. Next time I will definitely will bring them here. My team bought some stuff for them.

Q: (Modi) has introduced what you plan to Beti Bachao he sought the help of Obama.

Answer daughters situation in India is not very good. The murder rate is much higher female embryo. So together we are striving towards. I ask for help or ask for Obama in this regard, but it is an inspiration for his own life. They have two daughters who are very well brought up. His life is like for us inspiration.


Q: (Obama) Your wife Michelle Obama diseases like obesity and diabetes are doing enough in terms of dealing with this problem in India is very large. What came to India after his term ends in this direction will do.

Answer: I am proud of the efforts of Mitchell. The world is plagued by the problem of obesity. Many places are very young children might suffer. This is fast food and lack of exercise. In this direction will be working closely with other countries, including India. Modi ji before I Ibola and effective measures to fight polio is discussed. Modi ji admirable efforts in the health sector. And these are examples for others.

Question: Have you ever thought that the two of you ever become today.

Answer: We are both born in ordinary families. Our education is almost the same. We took advantage of our countries the extraordinary possibilities. That inspires us something that no one could ever here.

Answer (Modi), I had never even imagined it. But the one thing that would not look anything ever dream of becoming. If you do something dreams. Just do not be a dream and then get disappointed. But if you see something dreams will get satisfaction.


US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 25 January, the two leaders will come out on Sunday from Rajghat agree on several key issues will have.

To pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi, who started with the visit of Obama in private conversations go with Modi at Rajghat (Walk the Talk) it. Under the program, both on the mind as well as radio personalities can jointly address the nation.

In view of the dense fog over Delhi, the US President’s plane preparing to land at the airport is Jaipur. As far as appearance is concerned, the Taj Mahal at Agra Obama his plane after landing at the airport, where Air Force One from Agra Taj Mahal helicopter Marine One will cover a distance of 10 kilometers.

Agra, the home of the US president will leave on January 27. Chinese President Xi Jinping Modi as PM with the American president will Walk the Talk. In private conversation between two celebrities have chosen to Rajghat.

Around four o’clock in the morning, arriving in Delhi on January 25, Obama’s official visit to India will start with a tribute to the Nation. According to sources, in private talks with Obama-Modi will be close to 10 minutes. Between the two figures is possible to discuss some serious issues.

Earlier, during the visit of Chinese President Modi Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad was negotiated in the same way. The Modi Jinping incursions into Indian territory to the Chinese soldiers had raised the matter.

Obama’s visit to the two countries’ security agencies Fog is a big problem. Given the fog where emergency landing at the airport in Jaipur on Obama’s plane was preparing, fog during the Republic Day celebrations in the wake of US security agencies have made special arrangements.

US intelligence service to visit the White House on Wednesday as president has visited the venue highway site. Meanwhile, the President’s At Home in the agency suggested to the guest list is small. Although India has refused to short list.

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US President Barack Obama on January 27 in the wake of Agra tour Tajnagri Syria, Iraq and Iran will look specifically at tourists. Intelligence agencies and police have warned hotels Obama’s visit to the three countries to tourists not Thraan here. Hotels when submitting the form C-British, American and Israel has sought to separate the list of tourists.

During Obama’s visit to India has warned the United States to prevent terrorist activities in Pakistan. After input from intelligence agencies on terrorist threats, Obama has taken precautions when traveling.

Accordingly, on January 27, Obama’s vision for the crown until Elaiu intelligence agencies, including the city’s hotel operators, managers are instructed that the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian tourists not stay in hotel.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other terrorist organizations because tourists from these countries have been warned about. Which countries are the tourists staying in hotels, it is to give details of every day.

Hotel operators are troubled by this Decree. Indeed, tourists are already booked. The book will not be easy to deny.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration’s Agra Agra before traveling to attend the Urs denied visas to the 100 Pakistani nationals have been approved by the Home Office. Please tell, C-form, including passport number of foreign tourists by hotels recorded the details and within 24 hours it is required to be submitted in Elaiu office.

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Conversion and image of the saffron brigade union disputed statements which have suffered, to compensate it is preparing to advance their service operations. In this effort, the capital of the Union in April next year to prepare for the national service program is called convergence.

Association national service before December 21, 2014 in Delhi, the Union will hold Aquarius forester defense family. RSS chief Mohan Rao Bhagwat under the event will honor the one million households, which have economic benefits for EU single campaign.

National Service Association, to be held from April 4 to 6 -2 015 are in the country through the Union before the world will keep its service operations. Being told that the event will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In addition to participating in the event will combine PM saint.

Laxman national treasurer of the National Service Bharti Amar Ujala Malay National Service Association said in an exclusive interview conducted in 2015 for the purpose of the association is to create new thinking in service operations.

The event, held in association with the exhibition of the works of the service, the service will work to support those who cheered. Laxman said union types from 200 thousand to 60 thousand in the country are run service project. National service functions related to the confluence of people from across the country have been called to serve in the Union. As well as other non-governmental organizations continue to strive to add. From across the country, which is also called the industrialists through its corporate social fund to support the work of the Federation Service. The VHP says Minister Jugal Kishore VHP serve many functions in addition to the functions of religion runs.

Bharti extended the scope of service work

Engaged in the service of the Union to perform national service Bharti expanded its service scope of the work is connected with other non-governmental entities. Indirectly connected to the country now has 480 institutions, but the service by the end of 2015 with the goal of Bharti is adding 1000 institutions.