Smart Cities

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Indian students now can get the studies of making a smart city in the universities of America. We can see the rapid development in the cities of world including India. Today many cities are in the list of smart cities by using technology.

Smart city is future:

A smart city is not only to live in but also it is the result of living in future. A smart city contains all these points. Engineers, scientists and architectures are regularly inventing methods by which any city can be more smarter although it is about the issue of pollution or it is the issue of human resources.

Opportunities of Indian students for learning smart city concept in America:

Few of American universities and institutions arrange workshops for smart cities to teach the students about it. Arizona University has started this concept of teaching about smart city projects and technology.

Here Students talk about projects and technology about smart cities and study about this concept.

M.I.T an institute coordinates a program named city science. In that students notes all the points to make a smart city and also they consider sensor technology, its use, data of inventions of city life etc.

Research center of Alabama University is in the favor of making ecofriendly buildings. They teach students about health of people and psychology of people when the live in an ordinary city and in smart city.

Graduate school of design of Howard University also has arranged a program about smart cities in 2012. Concept of smart cities is not only a topic to study but also it is a serious issue for entire world now.

As Prime Minister Narender Modi also announced to make 100 smart cities in India by investing 1.2 billion dollars till 2022. According to Narender Modi “till 2022 India will get 100 smart cities with full of technology and resources without the problems of pollution, traffic and health issues etc.

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Modi government made a plan to develop 100 smart cities in India by investing 7000cr rupees. 2000cr rupees are expected to invest for a technology center. Many officers from foreign countries are also seems interested in this plan and in continuity visiting India time to time.

Smart campus of Cisco:

Smart campus of Cisco at outer ring road of crowded Bengaluru is kind of mini smart city. There are 12000 employees working in Smart campus of Cisco and they are getting enough facilities such as cafeteria, to order something, booking of cab, booking of hotel room, getting appointment of campus doctor all are available on just one application.

In campus of cisco, energy saving is very sensitive issue. They give a lot more importance to energy saving. If any conference room booked by anyone else then the lights, a.c etc. will start itself on time.

Except all these facilities there is an emergency medical primary healthcare facility too. If it is an emergency then you can call on a number and get instant help. Ambulance will come in just few minutes and take you to manipal hospital where you can get a good treatment. There are many ambulances in the campus.

Officials say that after making this campus smart, employee are performing well then before. Other IT companies are also considering this foot prints of Smart campus of Cisco.

More than 100 IT companies are active:

According to a report more than 100 companies in India are providing the facilities of software and hardware. These companies are seeing their bright future in the process of smart cities in India.

Here the meaning of smart city is, to make a residential area where everything is done by use of information technology and providing entire facilities to people who are living in. mainly there are energy saving, water saving and cleanness are the issues for making smart cities.

An initiative by big IT firms:

  • A demo command center has been established in Jaipur by tech Mahindra.
  • Microsoft launched city next initiative.
  • Wipro providing different facilities in lawasa scheme near pune.
  • Companies like cisco and Infosys converted their own campus and offices in smart models.

Smart cities is the future:

According to few Specialists of IT the future will be all about the smart cities. This concept will be adopted by entire India. Only technology can improve the condition of India where population is increasing very fast. Although it will be the great investment to implement is plan but smart cities are need of India at this time.

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The Modi Government has already showed its intentions with the most productive financial year of the era.

With the introduction of certain pension schemes and insurance schemes in recent applications of the government of India, Modi Government planned well to launch the official application of the Narendra Modi, to get direct responses from the PM.

Now, the official “Narendra Modi” is available for Android play store and is expected to come soon for the iOS store.

The PM tweeted about the launch of the application from his official twitter account and asked citizens to “Come, let’s stay connected on mobile”.

Narendra Modi has always been a tech-savvy leader and is one of the major promoters of the e-governance and policies to make the system and procedures easier.

This android application is basically a one-stop destination for knowledge about the latest updates on the work done by the Modi Government, latest amendments and regulations, statistics regarding GDP growth and development in India.

With just one click user friendly interface, this application will allow the users to connect to the PM quickly.

The latest features of this app are:

  1. Best opportunity to receive messages and emails directly from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  2. The best way to interact with the PM and share reviews and ideas with the PM and clear all doubts regarding the government policies and regulations.
  3. The latest updates from Modi Government and steps taken by Modi Government for the development of India. This will help in regulating the GDP and growth prospects in India.
  4. There is also an option to contribute and earn various “Badges” through the to-do tasks.
  5. Another best feature of this application will be the updates from the official blog of Narendra Modi.
  6. One can tune-in and listen to various “Mann ki Baat” editions of the PM Narendra Modi.
  7. Comprehensive information on initiatives and achievements of the Union Government along with a section of “infographics”
  8. The unique insights of the Biography section will give a motivation for the working minds of the nation.
  9. Easy and user friendly graphical user interface that makes it easier for the users to access and connect with the PM Modi.

The application therefore, let us read and know about PM Modi’s style of “Good Governance” and is equipped with a dedicated section that highlights the efforts and hard work of PM Modi in developing Make in India program and giving a Global Tag and Global Recognition to the nation accompanied by the wonderful infographics section that helps improve the know-hows of the lives of the people of India.


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Development is on ease now-a-days as Modi’s Government is now planning to start the process for construction of five smart cities at the beginning of next new financial year.

Government has handed over the responsibility for rolling out the contract for development of trunk infrastructure in the main cities to the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICD). Contracts for which the development has been planned are investment regions of Ahmedabad-Dholera & Shendra Bidkin in Maharashtra, integrated Industrial Township in Ujjain and Greater Noida, and the global city in Gurgaon.

Many international bidders are being invited for developing these trunk infrastructures which will include sewerage treatment and collection, water supply and roadways also. Amount of Rs 17,500 has been approved for DMIC trust for the maintenance of these infrastructures for the next five years. The contracts for the other investment region will be on track in the coming months.

All the basic work for these cities like setting up the master plan and acceptance of the following, land acquisition, the shareholder and state support agreements (SSA) have already been done so there should be no delay for further.

The main lime light for foreign investor like Japan will be the Gurgaon-Manesar plants, where presently we are having many plants which are hosting the units of supplying piston, crankshafts, fuel injection systems and other components to Maruti Suziki. There are more setups around the locations which will make interest for the foreign investors like the Honda Motorcycles and cars plant in Khushkhera-Bhiwadi-Neemrana in Rajashtan, Toyota plant in Bidani, and in Jhajjhar Haryana we have Panasonic and Denso like plants.

The DMIC main aim is to brighten up the enhancement for the country’s competiveness in the field or market of manufacturing of different products in India by creating high-class infrastructure and this will lead to reduction in the cost of logistics. The cost of logistics will be reduced as it will create smart industries with the help of western dedicated freight corridor.

There are eight industrial cities which has been taken care in the very first phase of DMIC which includes inverstement regions of Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad, Manesar-Bhiwadi-Neemrana, Pitampura-Dhar-Mhow, industrial areas of Dighi port, Jodhpur Pali Marwar.

The visit of PM Modi is the main feature of investors like Japan to have more interest in India, as we need to increase the GDP at least 10 percent in order to get a bench mark of 12 to 13 million of workforce every year. The title provide by PM “Come, Make In India” is very suitable for the foreign investor to invest in India as we want them to make in India and then spread it in the world.

Modi has set a special team to help the foreign investments. These foreign companies will be playing a huge role in manufacturing potential. Doing business in China, increasing the cost of labor class has made India more popular.

From all the above parts we think that DMIC will be focusing on developing high class infrastructures for all the 5 cities but they will commence in the region of Delhi NCR first mainly the Khushkhera-Bhiwadi-Neemrana as this place is most attracting to setup the new plants for production.