Is it right to ban Beauty Pageants in schools and colleges?

Is it right to ban Beauty Pageants in schools and colleges?

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The Madras court prohibited beauty contests and pageants in school and colleges across the state on 6th Feb, 2015. Following the orders, students across province can now not be allowed to steer the ramp or flaunt their beauty and fashion sense. An interim order said a circular should be issued to ban or to not conduct any such beauty shows. The HC has ordered that walking the ramp is of no use for a student following engineering. From currently forwards, such events won’t be organized in universities and schools of state. The court passed the orders on petition filed by the mother of associate engineering student UN agency had won such a contest in associate engineering faculty, however was allegedly not paid the assured prize.

The decision has been received differently from different sections of the society. While some have welcomed it, others have openly criticized it. But is it right to ban the beauty pageants in schools and colleges. Are a creating any bad impact on our culture? The Madras high court is of the view that what an engineering student will get from walking on the ramp? But it’s not valid to ban such shows from school or colleges. Beauty Pageants and similar contests are just a sort of entertainment from the hectic schedule for the students.

These are held as a part of cultural activities, and there is nothing wrong in including beauty pageants with other form of activities like dance show, comedy, drama, fashion shows and others. There are many other activities like sports and dance that are given place in academic life. As sport focuses on physical stamina, dance focuses on moves, drama focuses on emotions, and fashion show focuses on dresses, similarly beauty pageants focuses on outer appearance. Each contest has a different objective.

If we have a tendency to think about these contests to be immoral or a making a dent to our culture, then we should always ideally finish these contests at the bottom level from our nation. We should put an end to modeling as a career that is that the main stream that marks and involves these beauty contests. When we say the beauty contests to be a distraction to the students, we should remember that the students are very much moldable at the school level. It is the time when they can take a decision regarding their career.

If a child is good at performance as a beauty pageant at the school and wants to take-up modeling as the career, provided we haven’t categorized modeling career as immoral as of now; then they have every right to get recognized that way. But, for any such recognition we need to have such contests being held at the school level. When we come on to the University level, every student is multi-talented. We just need to identify their hidden talents. Ramp walks add new learning experiences and to some extent reduces stage fear. It gives more ideas about fashion world. These competitions provide great help to person in life as the ones playing models there develop the sense of getting in front and hence is of great value for a person. Beauty pageants are part of co-curricular activities which surely helps to decrease mental pressure and also helps in developing ones self – confidence. It helps the students to give up on being shying, which is part and parcel of one’s life.
The students of engineering colleges have to work for their living; most of which includes interacting with people, a person who is not shy and self – confident will go higher on the ladder of success and the shy ones will be left behind.
As far as development of student is concerned I think that HC must make amendments to the order. But similarly looking on the other side these events must be organized in a disciplined manner so that it won’t spoil young brains and allow them to be more creative. We can keep a check on these events so that they don’t get off track. We can apply dress code for the contestants and can provide certain guidelines and instructions on the level of performance and dressing on the ramp walk. So it all depends upon our thinking and understanding and the way we take the things. We should treat beauty pageants in a positive sense but not in a negative sense. Always remember that our thought makes our actions. So have a positive sense and be a part in creating a positive society.