Are Women Safe in India the status of women in today’s world has become critical.

Are Women Safe in India the status of women in today’s world has become critical.

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The status of women in today’s world has become critical. Women in India a better half of Indian society, today, are becoming the most vulnerable section as far as their safety and security is concerned. It becomes apparent when we look at those various incidents taking place around the world, wherein the identity of woman has been misunderstood by a few individuals in the society and an attempt to harm a woman’s social status has been made. Today when we turn on the pages of a newspaper, we come across headlines mainly of cases reported of sexual harassment, rapes, molestation, sexual assault, trafficking, domestic violence etc. But what does it shows and to where it leads to us? This certainly means there has been an increasing trend of such sexual crimes against women. So how can we say that women are safe in our society?

Recent incident of rapes in Delhi, the capital of India has not only shaked the society but has also forced us to think “In what kind of society am I living in and in which direction will it turn in near future.” The subject of women’s security which was somewhere buried under the soil has been questioned from government and the law makers of society. The protest march and demands of the people who have been picketing outside the India Gate have also forced the governments to once again think upon the laws that claim protection to women in the society. Delhi is not the only state where such an incident has taken place. The statistics available are horrifying.

The incident of 16 December 2012 has left an indelible mark in the minds of Indian citizens, especially the citizens of National Capital Region, about the safety of women. The brutality of Delhi gang rape speaks volume about the Indian uncivilized and patriarchal mindset among the so-called Modern India of 21st century. The big question arises after two years of 16 December, has there been any meaningful change in the attitude of society towards woman? Has there been change in the environment with respect to women safety in Delhi?

In such a situation, we all will think that the governments should do something to tackle this global issue. Some law or some kind of reform must be brought in to put a stop on such incidents. Some major steps need to be taken. Delhi Police have already set up women help desks at police stations which are functional round-the-clock.  “A Crime Against Women Cell” has been established for registering complaints of women in distress and pain. An all-women police mobile team has been made functional round-the-clock. Patrolling has been increased, especially at night. Orders have been issued to ensure immediate registration of FIRs in cases of crime against women and efforts are made to file charge sheet against the accused within three months. Fast track courts should be setup especially to deal up with such offensive cases and installation of CCTV cameras at strategic places is also some other points which need to be done.

But here what we need to realize is that the government and its enacted law alone is not sufficient enough to protect a woman. These laws can fill fear among the minds of the criminals, but is that it enough! What’s the use of the law if the basic mindset of an individual in the society is not changing? The basic mindset and the basic values of an individual needs to be shaken from the roots.