One year of Modi Government: Has India really grown up?

One year of Modi Government: Has India really grown up?

There is a famous quotation that signifies that “life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or the faster person, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can”

This is the thought process of our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

One year of Modi government has been a brilliant growth to Indian economy both in monetary terms as well as in terms of development.

The recent speech of Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha confirmed a fact that Reliance Industries is largest company by Revenues and seeking to burnish his pro-poor credentials, Modi spoke on affordable housing projects and land bill for benefitting the poor.

The most stunning and tremendous work done Modi government in one year, is that the corruption rate in India has declined to a much greater extent.

Here are some top achievements of Modi government in one year


In recent Iraq crisis that affected the world, Modi’s government was cursed by the people to help the Indian Nurses stuck there. But, Modi did not left any stone unturned in helping and rescuing those Indian nurses working in Iraq. When the rescue operation was successfully completed the people gave all credit to Kerala’s government. This is one of the most well accomplished tasks of Modi government.

  1. NGO Work

Congress government never acted against the foreign funded NGO’s but they supported them. When the Modi government started its operations, these types of activities were very well controlled by the government

  1. Improvement in Process

The process improvement has taken an advanced level of operations, as Modi government decided to improve the taxation process for facilitating the direct contact with the tax payers.

The process for applying to Passport has also improved, as the two times verification process initiated by the government helped in developing a better and fast procedure for the Passport applications. Kisan mandis are being made by the Modi government to fight the food inflation

  1. Power Crises

Modi government was criticized by opposition parties about the power crises, but Modi Government proved them wrong by establishing power projects in NCR region of India


  1. Railways

IRCTC has always been an issue for the people to access well and there has been a server failure every time people used to book tickets. The IRCTC was launched with a new website with much better performance by the Modi government. Today, IRCTC is running successfully without any slowdown or server error.

  1. Basic Needs:

Modi government’s major report for successful drinking, irrigation and power generation facilities to many rural areas by raising the height of Narmada dam, thus making the life better for all the citizens of rural areas too.

  1. Environment:

Another major achievement of Modi Government is the development of brilliant highway network across the country. The “Go green campaign” and “Clean India Campaign” by the government is an initiative to develop a clean India so that people live in a healthy environment.

  1. Defense:

This is an area of improvement of the country, which Modi government has taken rapid steps for development and application of ammunition in the defense sector Modi government has developed new Radar station for defense in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

These are wonderful achievements of the Modi government that has led to the overall growth and development in India in the past one year of its existence.