After a great victory and during the period of BJP government a question arises that “is modi government losing its shine.

After a great victory and during the period of BJP government a question arises that “is modi government losing its shine.

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Before both elections modi mentioned many things and promises in his speech. PM Narender Modi made an atmosphere of modern and ideal country as he talked about opportunities for youth, border issues, terrorism issues etc.

But now a days modi government seems forgetting the promises done earlier in elections. Here media , people of country and many other NGOs asking to modi government about the focus they had on the time of election.

Why these questions arise??

There are few points to be considered –

  • Applying service tax-

As PM Narender Modi promised to work for growth of country with a focus of common men’s pocket , but when jaitly raised his flag of service tax even on food it has become a little injustice to common people. Although jaitly said “ middle class should take care of its pocket on its on efforts , let the government focus on growth of country. . Jaitly gave this proposal of 14% service tax so that government can easily apply  the GST  , which government wants to roll out from april 2016.


  • Where is black money?

Entire BJP party and PM Modi promised many times and mentioned in his speech that they will bring black money of back. But after so many days of modi government , no work is on progress for black money. Seems they completely forgot what they said.



  • Big issue of terrorism-

During the time or EX PM Manmohan singh, people made a thought that Pm should work on stopping the terrorism and when Pm modi said we will not going to tolerate the terrorism, country made an opinion that Modi will surely work for that. Besides modi the home minister Rajnath singh said the same. But after the incident of terrorist attack in Gurdaspur (Punjab) the promise of stopping the terrorism also seems loosing shine.

After the meetings with nawaz sharif and modi, Pakistan still in the form of increasing the terrorist incidents in India.


Although Modi visting forigen countries and bringing alot more proposals and investments, but still India is waiting for employment.

Few Investments from other countries:

  • Investment from Canada will be 35 crore dollars
  • Investment from France will be  2 billion euro.
  • Investment from Japan will be 35 billion dollars
  • Investment from America will be 45 billion dollars
  • Investment from china will be 52 billion dollars


Agreements with other countries-

India`s investment in Bhutan-After taking the responsibility of Prime Minister Modi visited Bhutan in June 2014. India will invest in the building of supreme court and one hydro electric plant. India can also have some electricity from this plant.

Electricity Power plant in Nepal- Modi visited Nepal in august and then November 2014.Modi talked about electricity power plant projects on both visits. India may get some benefits from this power plant project.

Myanmar, Moriciouse  and signature- Modi`s these visits were the part of India`s act east policy.


We cannot deny the efforts of modi government but still criticisers are not satisfied from modi government on the issues of budget, terrorism, land bill etc on which modi government should worok.