Girl Child- A Boon or a Bane.

Girl Child- A Boon or a Bane.

God gave life to nature and human. Each and every birth of life brings happiness in surroundings then it may be mankind or environment. Child is a boon of God and only some are blessed with it. Then a child either a boy or girl should be welcomed with a happy heart. India is a land of traditions, customs and rituals.

It’s a religious nation which believes in Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth, Saraswati- goddess of education and Durga- the killer of evil. In India where one side a girl child is considered as a form of Goddess Lakshmi but on the other side it is considered as a bane to society. There is a misconception in people that a girl is a liability to the family. When we worship a goddess with high respect and devotion but on the other side it is ill treated and exploited just for being a girl.


Times have changed, we have moved into a new era, where we have achieved and developed in a long way. But one of the thing that remains the same or close to truth, is the way daughters are looked down upon in the society. Women are always considered to be inferior to men. The girl child is considered to be a burden. She is always looked down upon, while the son of the house is considered to be the treasure. She is even many times deprived of basic child needs.


Why the girl child is denied of the fundamental right of taking birth through female feticide. In India ten million women were killed in past twenty years and still the quantity is increasing. As regards to the status of girl child- it is believed that each year 12million girls are born within the country and solely 1/3rd of them survive. Some are killed in the womb, some at the time of birth, some die owing to health problem and a few owing to poor nutrition provided. Only some survive until their 15th birthday.

A girl has to face many challenges in her life starting from her birth if she get through female feticide, she has to bear the pointing fingers of society which are always ready to degrade her moral. She has to listen the scolding of her family and near one’s for one or other reason. Sometimes she suffers from child marriage. Then next she may have to sacrifice her studies due to low income of family.

Dowry may be another cause for exploitation against women. Dowry custom has been a curse for India. Now it poses a challenge which seems difficult to meet. It has proved to be a greatest curse for the poor classes of India. Sometimes the girls commit suicide when their in-laws persecute them to bring more and more money from their parents. Sometimes the greedy husbands along with their parents also kill their wives, when they are not given huge dowry.


Today we are in 21st century; girls are progressing in each and every field. We have so many examples where women have proved that if given an opportunity they are no less than any men. Kalpna Chawla, Saina Mirza, Siana Nehwal, Mary Kom, Pratibha Patil, Aishwarya Rai, P.T Usha, Kiran Bedi and list is endless which have proved their iron in their respective arenas. Girls are equally talented and if compared in many fields much better, superior and well ahead of men. The modern world nowadays is proud to acknowledge the equality that has been acknowledged between age, gender, and race. Women are treated equally with men. Now they’re freer and are liberated from their ancient roles as housewives, and area unit following their hopes and dreams. However in some places thousands of females are dehumanized by whoredom and therefore the trafficking of girls and youngsters. It exploits and violates the rights of girls within the developing world. Sexual exploitation, which incorporates sex commercial enterprise, bride trade, temporary marriages, and sexual violence like rape, incest, and sexual harassment, has escalated throughout the twenty first century and has become a huge concern.


It has been rightly said that the condition of a nation can be judged by looking at the status of its woman. God could not be everywhere so he created women to play their different roles then it may be mother, sister, daughter, wife or a friend. She holds multiple avatars.  She is the highly adorable form of Girl Child. Respect her and love her that is what just she needs from you. Many people think Girl Child is a boon or blessing to them and many still think that she is a curse. But they have proved that they are equal in every sphere of life and have reached the skies of success. Today is the time we should raise our voice against the evils occurring to the girl child from female feticide to sexual harassment and contribute our little to save a girl child. And make her feel that she is a boon and not a curse.