Mann Ki Baat: Modi-Obama opened the secret of the heart

Mann Ki Baat: Modi-Obama opened the secret of the heart

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama addressed the nation in a program with the mind by opening the two leaders kept secrets of the heart. From the beginning of the program of his address, Prime Minister Modi.

In which he explained the significance of Barack word. Means by which the blessings Barack Swail language. I have an enormous gift with the name of Barak, who has his family.

Barack Obama’s speech to the Modi invited. Significantly, the Prime Minister Modi program often referred to as the American president Barack.

Barack Obama began his address by Hello. He then referred to the Indian culture in his address to the nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

Obama said the country where you can hear me great honor for me. We are a country with a great culture of both worlds. There are two new thinking economy. Add each other as rough. Obama said the American Indians are like a bridge between the two countries.

He said, praising Modi to strengthen ties between the two countries Modi am impressed by the efforts of law. They empower women, power and commendable efforts are being made in education.

US seeks India’s help in these areas. He said that education, employment, health and justice, I have taken steps to order. There are many issues which are common to both countries.

He said that there is nothing greater than service to humanity. These values to be associated with peace, security and prosperity of the whole world can come. Obama answers a series of questions began after the speech.

Few questions and their answers.

The first questions :-is how to let their daughters go out and experience of India. If you buy something from them.

Answer: The first thing that you must tell it was very excited to come to India. But because the school program could not have come here. Daughter are examinations. So he could not leave. They are greatly influenced by the culture of India.

India’s freedom struggle is about to hear what I told him, as he had come here quite Utavlin. I go back and tell them that India is the way it was told them. Next time I will definitely will bring them here. My team bought some stuff for them.

Q: (Modi) has introduced what you plan to Beti Bachao he sought the help of Obama.

Answer daughters situation in India is not very good. The murder rate is much higher female embryo. So together we are striving towards. I ask for help or ask for Obama in this regard, but it is an inspiration for his own life. They have two daughters who are very well brought up. His life is like for us inspiration.


Q: (Obama) Your wife Michelle Obama diseases like obesity and diabetes are doing enough in terms of dealing with this problem in India is very large. What came to India after his term ends in this direction will do.

Answer: I am proud of the efforts of Mitchell. The world is plagued by the problem of obesity. Many places are very young children might suffer. This is fast food and lack of exercise. In this direction will be working closely with other countries, including India. Modi ji before I Ibola and effective measures to fight polio is discussed. Modi ji admirable efforts in the health sector. And these are examples for others.

Question: Have you ever thought that the two of you ever become today.

Answer: We are both born in ordinary families. Our education is almost the same. We took advantage of our countries the extraordinary possibilities. That inspires us something that no one could ever here.

Answer (Modi), I had never even imagined it. But the one thing that would not look anything ever dream of becoming. If you do something dreams. Just do not be a dream and then get disappointed. But if you see something dreams will get satisfaction.