President Barack Obama & Modi will share our thoughts together.

President Barack Obama & Modi will share our thoughts together.

US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 25 January, the two leaders will come out on Sunday from Rajghat agree on several key issues will have.

To pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi, who started with the visit of Obama in private conversations go with Modi at Rajghat (Walk the Talk) it. Under the program, both on the mind as well as radio personalities can jointly address the nation.

In view of the dense fog over Delhi, the US President’s plane preparing to land at the airport is Jaipur. As far as appearance is concerned, the Taj Mahal at Agra Obama his plane after landing at the airport, where Air Force One from Agra Taj Mahal helicopter Marine One will cover a distance of 10 kilometers.

Agra, the home of the US president will leave on January 27. Chinese President Xi Jinping Modi as PM with the American president will Walk the Talk. In private conversation between two celebrities have chosen to Rajghat.

Around four o’clock in the morning, arriving in Delhi on January 25, Obama’s official visit to India will start with a tribute to the Nation. According to sources, in private talks with Obama-Modi will be close to 10 minutes. Between the two figures is possible to discuss some serious issues.

Earlier, during the visit of Chinese President Modi Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad was negotiated in the same way. The Modi Jinping incursions into Indian territory to the Chinese soldiers had raised the matter.

Obama’s visit to the two countries’ security agencies Fog is a big problem. Given the fog where emergency landing at the airport in Jaipur on Obama’s plane was preparing, fog during the Republic Day celebrations in the wake of US security agencies have made special arrangements.

US intelligence service to visit the White House on Wednesday as president has visited the venue highway site. Meanwhile, the President’s At Home in the agency suggested to the guest list is small. Although India has refused to short list.