10 Points on New Anti-Corruption Rules Cleared by PM Narendra Modi

10 Points on New Anti-Corruption Rules Cleared by PM Narendra Modi

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Prime minister Modi has cleared the 10 point on the rules for anti-corruption campaign. Modi just raised few new points and changes which will take place soon with a tougher form then before.


  1. PM Modi has approved a cabinet note which favors amending the Prevention of Corruption Act.
  2. A rule which requires the approval of government before carrying an investigation on an official will be brought back.
  3. The Supreme Court, in 2014 had stated that it was necessary to punish a corrupt official irrespective of his rank.
  4. The lobby of IAS officers wanted the clause back which protected the officers from investigation.
  5. Officials in favor of the clause say that it will protect officers from unwanted harassment.
  6. The court stated that law cannot discriminate between public servants based on their ranks.
  7. After the approved changes in the law are made, senior management of corporate houses will be held liable only after their involvement in any given case in proved in the court.
  8. As per the current rules, if any company is found involved in bribery, then the head of the company is held guilty.
  9. The removal of the rigid “undue advantage” clause has been approved by prime minister Modi.
  10. The amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Fund are required to be cleared in the parliament.

Talking about the fist point among all, Modi has approved a cabinet note to mend the act of preventing the corruption to fetch the protection critics believe water down the law. Modi introduced this point to make the anti-corruption acts more secure and to show to those who believe in the lack of anti-corruption laws. Another rule is raised by Modi is for agencies. According to this point, agencies are required to get the sanction of the government but it would be restored before the investigation.

Rules which are in the consideration and have implemented will be for the entire class of people and the action will also be the same as per government seems to be ready to make it sure that no relaxation will be provided to the upper class in the matter of corruption.