Big announcements of Modi after demonetization.

Big announcements of Modi after demonetization.

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PM Narendra Modi has addressed India at the end of the year, for fulfilling the dreams of the own house of every Indian. Modi announced few schemes for the common man of India. PM has raised 2 government house schemes for urban and rural areas.


According to these schemes, loan seekers who are desiring for building a house will get an attractive relaxation in the rate of interest of house loan. Modi also talked about demonetization in this accost. Demonetization was the beneficial step for the country and taken to destroy the balckmoeny and fake currency, but few government and private employees of banks made corruption during the period of demonetization, said Modi.

Pm said that this government is the friend of the common and poor people but the enemy of corrupt people and creating an atmosphere to punish them. Earnest man of India will get the benefits what he deserves.

Modi also said a great thank to the bank employees and praised their efforts and hard-work during the time of demonetization. Modi also mentioned those bank employees who made corruption and promised to punish them.

Farmers will get the relaxation on 60 days Interest

The government will provide the relaxation to the farmers in the matter of loan taken by central and cooperative banks. This relief will be provided in the interest of 60 days. In the next 3 months, 3 crores of farmers will get their credit cards turned into rupay card.


Gift to the Senior Citizens  

Senior citizens also get the new year gift from the Indian Governments. Senior Citizens will get the fixed rate of interest up to 8% on the amount of 7.5 lakh till 10 years.

Expectant women will get INR6,000


By seeing towards the pregnant women, Government has announced to provide the help of INR 6,000. The government will transfer 6000INR to the account of expectant for the pregnancy and spending of hospitals etc.

Small scale industrialists


Credit card limit of small scale industrialists has been increased to 2 crores from 1cror and cash credit limit has also increased to 25% from 20%.

By addressing the nation, Modi said thank the each Indian who has faced so many hurdles meanwhile the demonetization for their daily needs and banking.