India, the US and China should maintain balance in their relationship with both.

India, the US and China should maintain balance in their relationship with both.

Obama-Modi’s future strategic cooperation through joint statement was broad outline, it was necessary and should be welcomed. India, however, have to be alert to the fact that it is not at the expense of its relationship with China. China’s economic clout to dismiss easily be thought about.

India should not forget that the deep economic and trade relations between China and the US, which makes them dependent on each other. Addressing industry representatives in New Delhi, India, with a hundred billion dollars, Obama said China’s trade with the US is $ 550 billion in annual trade. China’s foreign exchange reserves of $ 40 billion and more than 70 per cent of which he is invested in US government bonds. The meaning is clear that the US government has borrowed from China three trillion dollars. The amount borrowed by the US central bank of China’s total GDP of India is more than $ 20 trillion! So the logical conclusion is that the US rarely engaged with the country where the government is he borrowed $ 30 trillion. That America can do more than that an emerging power to China to try to front. He can not do anything more.

India must understand this aspect and it should not do anything which may cause enmity with China permanent. It should also not forget that the same Barack Obama, who came to power in 2009 after a trip to China and the United States to provide security and stability in Asia and China spoke of shared responsibility. The statement ‘G-2’ in partnership with the US and China, stressed the possibility of global governance. Indo-Pacific region is now in the US, India, Japan and Australia, including the multilateral security framework is talking. What is the guarantee that the next US president, whether it be anyone, will not try to deal with China. China not only superficial results of negotiations Modi told Obama, but he is confident that the Chinese troops encroached on the India-China border, the US will not interfere in it. Hence, the US, India and China, to maintain balance in their relationship with both.

As Obama talks between Modi went well, but Obama said himself that things do not change overnight. In a joint statement, the two countries optimistic thing is environment-friendly trade and investment agreement. It is clear that India and the US on clean energy to move in a cooperative framework. Bilateral agreement between the two countries in the future will be the same as between the US and China have occurred. Obama said that the poor Indians, especially in rural India, people who consume very little energy can not find or the use of biofuels, green sources of energy, more energy than they can consume. US to provide cheap energy that nearly 60 million Indians could agree on funding and technology transfer. Obama admits that the class causing carbon emissions towards clean energy technology could reject.

In practical terms, it appears that the Indian Prime Minister on US shale gas with solar energy and more willing to compromise, because American companies operating nuclear power agreement, would be very difficult in terms of cost and safety.

Civilian nuclear agreement between India and the United States agreed details of the agreement and has not yet public. We all know that the US government will have the right to legally traded, which supplies equipment to US companies in the event of a nuclear power plant accident victims to defend the lawsuit.

Many experts believe that it could be challenged legally, fully supported by the BJP in parliament 46 nuclear liability law, contract law to compensate victims through class action suit adds. Nuclear partnership agreement between the two countries to live in the commercialization can not be real. It would be difficult for the party to be vulnerable.

Class action suits arising from insurance premiums and the potential challenge to calculate the cost of nuclear power would discourage domestic operators. Given these risks, both India and the US should focus on other sources of clean energy, where technology and subsidies can be easily adopted. Export control nuclear deal only a means for India’s entry into the club, which will enable the free flow of technologies in our country. But it would be possible only when India finally agreed to deal with the US to a broad, intellectual property rights, banking, insurance, retail, etc. multibrand US concern about our laws to prevent it. According to his will India deal could neither choice nor the demand is down. The rapport between the two leaders will end only when the hard political and national interests will be taken care of.