Jan Aushadhi medicine brand launch, know benefits of the scheme.

Jan Aushadhi medicine brand launch, know benefits of the scheme.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government is going to present to you shortly cheaper drugs. The purpose of providing quality medicines at affordable rates in the country, the government has decided to release the medicine brand. According to reports by the end of this year, the official medicines -jagh place will be made available at medical stores.

The Government’s plan “Jan Aushadhi” has been named. Under the government’s public drug plan quality generic medicines in the private and public pharmaceutical companies to buy in bulk and mass of these people rebrand will provide the name of the drug product. Ü The generic medicines available in the market or about 70 percent cheaper than other brands are.

According to reports in the mass 504 prescription drug plan will be made available at affordable prices. The introduction of the scheme will be top 100 drugs. These drugs antibiotics, painkillers, vitamins, diabetes, respiratory and related diseases will Hvday. The government will provide these medicines selected medical stores. Initially based in Delhi and its surrounding areas will have 800 medical stores, mass tranquilizer drugs. In other metro cities by the end of this year will start to get affordable medicines. The plan will be launched from July 1.

Pharma sector to implement JAS Bureau of India (Beepeepiai) tender for the supply of medicines for the project have been released. According to government officials, the sample and production of medicines are the strict rules. Indian Medical Association (IMA) General Secretary KK Agarwal was initially skeptical that the government will not support the plan because the private sector physicians may have suffered. However, to maintain the quality of the drugs that physicians have supported this plan.

what is Jan Aushadhi

the initiative of the Department of Medicine at the public drug plan was initiated. Center in every district in the country to open a mass drug provision was passed. Under this provision, currently only 100 people medicine centers across the country. Mass drug benefits under the plan, Mr. brings affordable generic medicines are only two drug centers. That is why many of the people still have access to these cheaper drugs could.