Modi spoke in Program of schedule cast people, I was also the victim of this cast system.

Modi spoke in Program of schedule cast people, I was also the victim of this cast system.

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I was also a victim of insult of this cast system: Modi

Prime minister Narender Modi gave his presence into program of people belongs to schedule cast. During his speech prime minister Modi said that he also was a victim of this cast system. We can see this kind of mentality in our country which shows the discrimination of cast system.

He mentioned in his speech that persons belongs to schedule cast faced the very bad time of criticism and insult just because they are from schedule cast. Modi said this in the summit of Indian chamber of schedule cast of commerce and industries.

After completing his speech Modi got down from the stage and broke all the protocols, came in the crowed for taking a slfie with schedule cast people. People came in the program seems happy by seeing this friendly behavior of prime minister of India and took a lot more selfies.

Activist of Schedule cast chanderbhahn got so much emotional and couldn’t complete his speech for giving thank you to Prime Minister Modi. Modi also talked about “PM MUDRA YOJNA” during his speech. He said that according to this scheme 80 lakh people got financial loan without any guaranty.

There are mostly people from schedule cast and schedule tribes who got this loan. Financial inclusion is our main and very important motive he said. Modi said there is a need to make people strong who are from schedule casts and tribes.

He said they need people who can build their own business not who are in search for job. He also talked about bheen rao ambedkar that he is known person as a maker of indian constitution but few of us don’t know that he is also a good economist.