New net neutrality rules to be in Effect from Now onwards

New net neutrality rules to be in Effect from Now onwards

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Net Neutrality is a major concern these days. It is in fact the internet’s guiding principle that basically preserves our right to communicate free online. The definition supports open internet. All in all, Net neutrality provides and enables free speech. The internet service providers should provide us with a range of open networks that should not block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks.

The recent order of FCC was intended to prevent broadband internet service providers to block or interfere with traffic on the web. The open internet order was destined to ensure the internet remained a playing field for all that is basically the net neutrality principle we all know today.

Legally, the concept of net neutrality in India, does not exists in actual. The rules for net neutrality have certainly been given some encouragement several times. The example suggests that it invited comments on the concept of net neutrality from industry bodies and stakeholders in 2006 to put some amendments and regulations to the net neutrality concepts.

Net Neutrality is very crucial for small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs, who basically rely on the open internet to launch their businesses and also find a platform online to market and promote their products and services at glance.

The main idea is to enable a faster growth, competition and innovation overall. Net neutrality lowers the barriers for new entrepreneurs, startups, businesses by ensuring a fair playing field on the web. It is because of Net Neutrality that small businesses and entrepreneurs have been able thrive on the internet. They basically use internet to reach new customers and showcase their goods, applications and services.

The rule says that no company should be able to interfere with the open marketplace as ISP’s are gatekeepers of the internet, and without the help net neutrality they would actually seize each and every possible opportunity to profit from the gatekeeper control.

Strictly speaking, if there is no net neutrality, the internet won’t function as we have known it well. This exactly signifies that ISP or the internet service providers will be basically able to charge the companies like YouTube or Netflix, because they consume more bandwidth, pushing the load of the sum to the consumers.

The internet service providers can create slow as well as fast internet lanes which basically says that websites cannot be accessed at the same period and speed and this can be done by paying more sum amount to the ISP’s. Taking a simple example, you have a basic data pack and access all the content at the same speed depending on the type of website basically. The charges for using social networking apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc can be charged separately and the customers have to pay a sum to the ISP’s depending upon the type of platform they are using.

With the increasing internet penetration in India and also there have been certain breeding grounds for startups and new businesses, net neutrality is equally important and will be in effect from now onwards saving the overall consumption of internet throughout India as well as the world.