PM Modi raised the Green Signal to “Surgical Strike” on property.

PM Modi raised the Green Signal to “Surgical Strike” on property.


In the massive atmosphere of demonetization PM Modi had taken a very serious decision about the property business, which is also had introduced indirectly at Goa by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi targets Anonymous property of landlords and said “Government is going to take very strict action on those people who have Anonymous property”.

According to few records, Government is going to watch the entire selling and purchasing process of property with a keen and sharp eyes. All action will be taken to destroy the black money and the property business by unfair means. Government is also thinking to launch e-property passbook by which the black investments in property will be affected, Which is almost ready.

After the announcement of note banning on 8 November 2016 , the black money holders tried to invest their black money in the property business. That is the reason Government thought about “e-passbook” by which all the transactions will be transparent. It is considerable that e- passbook will be applied by 1st April 2017 and every person will have to make he/her property transparent.

Person will go to the registrar office and then declare the property and its the papers legally. To make this process successful Government is thinking to appoint new trained and skilled officers who will take care of the and entire process, also check the entire papers of the owner and submit all the details in the e-passbook.

Meanwhile the concerned person will not be forced to provide the details of his property other than that.Unique property identification card Launched by Delhi Municipal Corporation is being like by the public on social media. This new technology will not only provide the transparency of Assets and property of the Concern person but also can provide print of all the transactions whenever its needed.

Modi has built a special team:

According to the reports, after the announcement of note banning, financial situations are being affected in the country and people are facing problems in the daily routine life due to financial hurdles. So, to make this financial situation strong and to provided relief to the public of India Modi has made a special team for that which is going to make few miracle schemed for the poor classification of India and try to finish the hurdles people are facing. The process is in the progress and all the structures are being made by this team.

Although at the current time handling the situations occurred after the  announcement of note banning is the first priority of the Government but PM Modi is also thinking about the coming years and financial problems about daily routine life, related to property. That is why Government is thinking about new schemes which will be helpful for the poor citizen of India.