Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Ufa, Russia on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Ufa, Russia on Wednesday.

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During the period of one year of government modi specially focused on the foreign policies. Modi viaited many countries and made many plans, schemes for the nation. Modi arrived ufa, Russia on Wednesday.

Ex. Prime Minister had 8 foreign visits in the period of UPA Government during the first year of UPA-1.and 14 visits during UPA-2.But in this case Modi scored more than Mamohan singh. Last year Modi visted 19 countries and Bangladesh visit was his 20th foreign visit.


After completing his visit to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Ufa, Russia on Wednesday to participate in the 7th BRICS summit.


The Prime Minister also participated in the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).


The SCO summit is likely to see India, which is currently an observer of the grouping, acquire full membership. The 7th BRICS summit is going to be held from July 8-9.


On Wednesday, the leaders met in an informal milieu over dinner. The formal summit programme has done on next day. There was an official welcome, and then there a meeting has been arranged in which the members of the BRICS business council participated.


The theme of this summit is ‘BRICS partnership: A powerful factor for Global Development’. The agenda for this summit covers both political and economic issues but the emphasis is on the economic cooperation.


Earlier on Tuesday, Modi considered the matter of  common Islamic heritage of both India and Central Asia which doesn’t has  the forces of extremism and strongly pitched for enhanced defence and security cooperation between the two to combat terrorism.


Modi’s first visit to Central Asian countries, Modi, who walked toward Kazakhstan’s capital from Uzbekistan earlier in the day, underlined that both India and Central Asia which not be able to  achieve their full potential without the coordination of each other and nor will the region be more stable without the cooperation between the two.


Speeked with the crowed and gathering at the Nazerbayev University, the Prime Minister said, “We live at the frontier of instability. We live close to the crucible of extremism and terrorism. We see terrorism spawned by nations and groups. Today, we also see cyberspace become a platform without borders for terror to draw recruits to its cause.

Modi also mentioned the unity of both countries and gave examples of coordination of India and Russia. Besides that it was good to see that many Indian students are studying in Russia and getting the education for their bright future as Indian students are performing well in Russian universities.

Russia adopting the culture of yoga too. There are few Indian yoga experts  who are serving this Indian culture of yoga to Russian people by which they getting benefits of yoga and showing their full dedication towards yoga.

One of important lines said modi:

“Motive of this visit, to give strength to our defence and security cooperation in the region. But, we will also fight with terrorism by the strength of our values and our commitment to humanism.”