What benefits India attained upto now by Narendra Modi`s foreign visits.

What benefits India attained upto now by Narendra Modi`s foreign visits.

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Pm Modi specially focused on the foreign strategies during the one year of his Government. What benefits India attained upto now by Narendra Modi`s foreign visits?

Modi scored more than Manmohan :

Ex. Prime Minister had 8 foreign visits in the period of UPA Government during the first year of UPA-1.and 14 visits during UPA-2.But in this case Modi scored more than Mamohan singh. Last year Modi visted 19 countries and Bangladesh visit was his 20th foreign visit.

Benefits from foreign visits:

Although America is the biggest business partner of India but in the commitments of investments, china is competing America, and this all happened in past 8 months. after  Ginping`s India`s visit and then Modi`s china visit both countries commits about agreements of 52billion dollars. America also commits some agreements with India in during past 8 months but the investment will be 7 billion dollers less than china. It will be around 45 billion dollars.

Investments from other countries:

  • Investment from Canada will be 35 crore dollars
  • Investment from France will be  2 billion euro.
  • Investment from Japan will be 35 billion dollars
  • Investment from America will be 45 billion dollars
  • Investment from china will be 52 billion dollars

Agreements with other countries-

India`s investment in Bhutan-After taking the responsibility of Prime Minister Modi visited Bhutan in June 2014. India will invest in the building of supreme court and one hydro electric plant. India can also have some electricity from this plant.

Electricity Power plant in Nepal- Modi visited Nepal in august and then November 2014.Modi talked about electricity power plant projects on both visits. India may get some benefits from this power plant project.

Four investment agreements with Shrilanka- Modi visited Shrilanka as a prime minister after 1987.Four agreements signed between both countries which are related to the investments on businesses.

Myanmar, Moriciouse  and signature- Modi`s these visits were the part of India`s act east policy.

Japan will help in the matter of bullet train- Modi`s Japan visit was successful in September 2014.Jpan will help to run bullet train between Ahmadabad and Mumbai. Japan commits to give 35 billion dollars for development projects.

Investments from America-  With agreements on defence , intelligence and terrorism Modi and Obama wrote a united editorial in Washington post .Modi`s speech was also in the headlines. American industrialists commits to invest 45billion dollars.

Discussion of MAKE IN INDIA – After 28 years any Indian Prime Minister visited Australia .Modi went there to be a part of event of G-20 countries. Everyone discussed in Australia about MAKE IN INDIA to bring more investments for the development.

Promotion of MAKE IN INDIA in Germany:  Modi promoted the project MAKE IN INDIA in Germany with many other CM and CEOs.

France investment in India- Modi had a direct deal with France about 36 Rafael planes (fighter jets) although this agreement was in process from many years. Modi also discussed about jaitpur nuclear plant.

Canada will arrange Uranium- Agreement signed of 34 crore dollars for importation of Uranium.