India should be ready for the up and down of currency war

India should be ready for the up and down of currency war

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Financial stability and development council (F.S.D.C.) presents a report on Wednesday that India should be ready for the up and down of currency war.

If Indian government wants to save itself from this up and down of currency war then they have to improve the policies of their central banks. It was a meeting of financial stability and development council (F.S.D.C.) in this concern which held under guidelines of finance minister. During this meeting, many other official people was also their such as RBI Governor, officials of life insurance and pension department.

Report shows that price of petroleum is no so much beneficial than before but at the current time prices of petroleum is getting decrease so it can be beneficial for India. Remaining amount from the decreased price of petroleum will encourage the private sector to invest in policies.

Dollar will remain constant by a report of international market, which shows this instability of international market and china getting profit form that. Country will face more ups and downs which has made some wrong policies in the central banks.

Effect of Increment in interest rates from America is not affecting anything right now but soon it will affect the financial conditions. It is a warning comes from a report that entire world is going towards the financial instability but it is expected from India that it can be come out from this financial instability.

According to report that entire financial policies are getting effected by the financial policies of china. As china is the biggest market and manufacturer of electronic goods. So it is making a stress to other markets and making instability in the financial policies in the market by which financial market of India can be effected.