Role of IT companies in smart cities

Role of IT companies in smart cities

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Modi government made a plan to develop 100 smart cities in India by investing 7000cr rupees. 2000cr rupees are expected to invest for a technology center. Many officers from foreign countries are also seems interested in this plan and in continuity visiting India time to time.

Smart campus of Cisco:

Smart campus of Cisco at outer ring road of crowded Bengaluru is kind of mini smart city. There are 12000 employees working in Smart campus of Cisco and they are getting enough facilities such as cafeteria, to order something, booking of cab, booking of hotel room, getting appointment of campus doctor all are available on just one application.

In campus of cisco, energy saving is very sensitive issue. They give a lot more importance to energy saving. If any conference room booked by anyone else then the lights, a.c etc. will start itself on time.

Except all these facilities there is an emergency medical primary healthcare facility too. If it is an emergency then you can call on a number and get instant help. Ambulance will come in just few minutes and take you to manipal hospital where you can get a good treatment. There are many ambulances in the campus.

Officials say that after making this campus smart, employee are performing well then before. Other IT companies are also considering this foot prints of Smart campus of Cisco.

More than 100 IT companies are active:

According to a report more than 100 companies in India are providing the facilities of software and hardware. These companies are seeing their bright future in the process of smart cities in India.

Here the meaning of smart city is, to make a residential area where everything is done by use of information technology and providing entire facilities to people who are living in. mainly there are energy saving, water saving and cleanness are the issues for making smart cities.

An initiative by big IT firms:

  • A demo command center has been established in Jaipur by tech Mahindra.
  • Microsoft launched city next initiative.
  • Wipro providing different facilities in lawasa scheme near pune.
  • Companies like cisco and Infosys converted their own campus and offices in smart models.

Smart cities is the future:

According to few Specialists of IT the future will be all about the smart cities. This concept will be adopted by entire India. Only technology can improve the condition of India where population is increasing very fast. Although it will be the great investment to implement is plan but smart cities are need of India at this time.