The government basically took challenges to unveil the steps to check the rising prices.

The government basically took challenges to unveil the steps to check the rising prices.

Has Modi Government Really Delivered the Slogan “Ache Din” fruitfully?

It is always said that “Life’s Battles don’t always go to the stronger or the faster person, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can”

This is the thinking of this cost savvy government, which always wanted the benefit of the nation.

Being into power today, still Modi Government is being questioned on the factors of delivering the so called “Ache Din” fruitfully?

When NDA Government assumed office last year, it was directly confronted with a challenging task of taming raging price rise as the food inflation touched the double digits.

The government basically took challenges to unveil the steps to check the rising prices. It eventually got states on the board for a crackdown on hoarders and steps to improve supplies. It set up to an amount of Rs. 500 Crore price stabilization fund to support the market interventions for the control of prices of mostly the perishable goods.

The modernization in the retail sector as well as the wholesale sectors have prodded the central bank to cut the interest rates and government banks began on sharp interest rate reduction to regulate the investment cycle in the country.

Commercial banks reduced the lending rates is a fantastic move to revive interest rates.

While the price situation remains comfortable with the new government, the forecast below normal monsoon basically added an element of risk in the inflation traction. The Government will have to work on the encouraging farmers in the fight against prices-improving the supply chain, revamping the farming sector, shoring up irrigation across the country.

The major Promises of this Government were the PM’s Sansad Adarsh Yojana, convergence of activities basically under MGNREGA with the help of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The announcement of new land acquisition law to replace the 2013 legislations.

The major plus points include new initiatives under MGNREGA to check the delay in payments such as the mobile monitoring systems and to ensure the better quality of assets created by setting the delivery based approach.

The Government began consultations on the New National Education policy covering some points about bottom up approach. The Beti Bachao Scheme has progressed well for the first four months in the selected districts with the introduction of first rape crisis centre in Chandigarh.

A decision has also been taken to introduce new vaccinations in the universal immunization programme launched to eliminate rotavirus that has killed many babies. National health portal has been launched to provide help to TB patients, mentally retarded patients and cancer patients even to cure these dieseases on a large scale.

Overall, the actual struggle and work done by Modi Government has revolutionized the system in the country and have brought up new amendments that strive to make the world around people a better place to live and survive , thus delivering the so called “ACHE DIN” at glance.