The Official “Narendra Modi” App now on Android Play Store.

The Official “Narendra Modi” App now on Android Play Store.

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The Modi Government has already showed its intentions with the most productive financial year of the era.

With the introduction of certain pension schemes and insurance schemes in recent applications of the government of India, Modi Government planned well to launch the official application of the Narendra Modi, to get direct responses from the PM.

Now, the official “Narendra Modi” is available for Android play store and is expected to come soon for the iOS store.

The PM tweeted about the launch of the application from his official twitter account and asked citizens to “Come, let’s stay connected on mobile”.

Narendra Modi has always been a tech-savvy leader and is one of the major promoters of the e-governance and policies to make the system and procedures easier.

This android application is basically a one-stop destination for knowledge about the latest updates on the work done by the Modi Government, latest amendments and regulations, statistics regarding GDP growth and development in India.

With just one click user friendly interface, this application will allow the users to connect to the PM quickly.

The latest features of this app are:

  1. Best opportunity to receive messages and emails directly from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  2. The best way to interact with the PM and share reviews and ideas with the PM and clear all doubts regarding the government policies and regulations.
  3. The latest updates from Modi Government and steps taken by Modi Government for the development of India. This will help in regulating the GDP and growth prospects in India.
  4. There is also an option to contribute and earn various “Badges” through the to-do tasks.
  5. Another best feature of this application will be the updates from the official blog of Narendra Modi.
  6. One can tune-in and listen to various “Mann ki Baat” editions of the PM Narendra Modi.
  7. Comprehensive information on initiatives and achievements of the Union Government along with a section of “infographics”
  8. The unique insights of the Biography section will give a motivation for the working minds of the nation.
  9. Easy and user friendly graphical user interface that makes it easier for the users to access and connect with the PM Modi.

The application therefore, let us read and know about PM Modi’s style of “Good Governance” and is equipped with a dedicated section that highlights the efforts and hard work of PM Modi in developing Make in India program and giving a Global Tag and Global Recognition to the nation accompanied by the wonderful infographics section that helps improve the know-hows of the lives of the people of India.