Top Five Advantages & Disadvantages of Modi Government.

Top Five Advantages & Disadvantages of Modi Government.

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The era of Modi-fication has actually arrived in India in terms of health, wealth and properity throughout the country.

The transformation from a lazy government to a powerful and confident government has changed the roots of the country.

Here are top five advantages/Achievements and Disadvantages of the Modi government:


  1. Mid-Day Meals:

The mid-day meal scheme modified by the Modi government is the largest school feeding scheme in the world.

K Kamaraj, the last of congress titans in Tamil Nadu began this scheme and was successful in implementation of this scheme.

In 1995, this scheme was extended by union government across the country. The latest amendment to this scheme was added by Smriti Irani, the youngest of the Modi Government, who was successful in adding buttermilk to the menu.

The main aim was to improve the health of the school children and this buttermilk is traditional and inexpensive providing a complete nutrition to the children.

Currently, this scheme caters to around 11 crore children in the 12 lakh schools of India.

This is a great achievement by the Modi Government.

  1. Junking the Old System & Laws

The title itself says the applicability of new system in the country. This actually goes in favor of the Modi government as well as the government lead by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who literally worked on removing junk laws from the system.

Modi has in return, removed various dead files and the era of advancement has arrived.

About 1.5 lakh old files were destroyed by the government and according to the Home Minister, Raj Nath Singh, more than 11,000 such files have been shredded and the statistics are still continued.

The longer procedures of the old laws have been modified and cut down to repeal 32 irrelevant acts in the system and about 287 laws are still pending to be repealed.

The overregulation of laws is now in control by the Modi Government.


  1. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

The masterstroke of Modi government is the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This mission is being incorporated by Modi government in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi, aiming for a hygienic and a clean India.

The vision is to sweep, mope, dust and wash the surrounding and remove unwanted unhygienic materials from the society to help improve thought and action in Daily Routine.

This has improved the habits of the citizens of India.

  1. Prime Minister- Public discussion on Addiction

The first Prime Minister to formally initiate a discussion on addiction is Narendra Modi. The main aim is to remove and eradicate the addictive drugs from India. The corporates produce more substances and consumption rate also increases side by side. The tax saving helps earn more.

PM himself visited many places in India and generated public awareness campaigns to help people who are addicted to harmful drugs. This is a missionary project and will definitely help to control the addiction rates in India.

  1. Invite SAARC nations to the swearing-in

This was the biggest ever move by the Modi Government following the purpose of positioning India as a leader of South Asia. This move was basically smart, aggressive and big.

The most rousing moment in the Indian diplomacy was to accept India as a leader of South Asia and a permanent member of SAARC. Modi has spread its roots way ahead and is expected to touch great heights of success in future.

With more positives there are some disadvantages of Modi Government:

  • The distrust of people on Modi Government in some areas of railways, petrol prices etc have impacted to be disadvantageous for the nation.
  • The myth revolves still around Modi Government that being a Gujrati, Modi could work only on Gujrat with full power and confidence.
  • People often call Modi a ‘Mollusionist” as he mesmerizes his targest with his charming oratorical skills and a never say die spirit, claims, propagandas and flying claims.
  • The rumor of Modi Government’s disrespect to the Muslim People shows some signs of negativity to the nation.
  • The so called “Flight Mode” of Modi, as he mostly visits different nations for deals and partnerships for the development on India, still people question Modi Government on grounds of wealth and ban of foreign investment in India.