2 years old Modi government proved better than UPA-2

2 years old Modi government proved better than UPA-2

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It was the happiest day for Modi’s lover when he has become the Prime Minister of India on 26th may 2014. It was a bunch of youth among all the followers of BJP who supported Modi with a great enthusiasm in prior parliamentary elections.

Modi’s wave completely destroyed the congress with a slogan of “Achhe Din” and congress came of worst very lamentably. Congress, which has won with 206 seats in elections of 2009, now just collapsed with 44 seats. And on the other hand Modi got 282 seats.

Narendra Modi has completed his 2 years as being a prime minister on 26th may 2016. On this occasion all the ministers of BJP was doing programs and telling about their achievements of these 2 years including all the newspapers and news channels of country.

Let’s have a look what the Modi’s government has delivered to the nation in the compression of UPA-2  

A glance at Modi’s work of recent 5 days :

  • Modi had a visit of Tehran on 22nd of May and came back on May 23 rd at night.
  • Modi attended few meetings in Delhi on 24th and 25th may and went to the Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh on 26th may and addressed a grand rally.
  • Pm arrived at shilong on 27th may and participated in the opening of a train.

These entire things indicate that it is hard to see when Modi takes rest in his house at racecourse. He is much fit and fast than our old prime minister.

According to a survey, the economy of India is getting a progress than china on the rate of 7.6. Rupees have become stronger than dollar and the rate of inflation has become half of the prior conditions.

Economy has become stronger with the investment of foreign countries in 12 different sectors such as insurance, railway, defence and corporates etc. And on the other hand if we see the rate of development of economy was 6.5 at the time of UPA. It was the time when the rupya has fallen against dollar beyond 70.

The prices of gold remains subdued at the mandate of Narendra Modi whereas it was beyond 30000 at the time of UPA-2.  So this indicates that Modi made the economy more better and stronger than before.

The historical schemes of Modi such as Ganga Safaai Abhiyaan, Swachh Bharat, Beti Pdhao-Beti Bchao, Make in India, Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan yojna, skilled India and the concept of smart cities has appreciated by the entire country and government working so fast to make these schemes successful.

All the political parties have become one to defeat the Prime Minister who is holding the entire responsibilities BJP as we can see that in the debates on social media between Modi’s followers and others. But the Prime Minister Modi is focusing on the development of the country and beating the all criticizers by his strategies of development for the country. Some says Modi should work for 5 years and then show the data base of his work.