A glance of 8th BRICS summit at goa, Modi raised a joint statement with Putin.

A glance of 8th BRICS summit at goa, Modi raised a joint statement with Putin.

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Russia is our old friend, terrorism will be finished by this deal- Narendra Modi

A Deal has been signed on 16 agreements.

Russian president Vladimir Putin arrived at goa on Saturday to mark his presence in BRICS summit and had a consequential meeting with the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.  Although Putin arrived goa a bit late due to some reasons but here Narendra Modi greeted Russian president with a warm welcome and an anticipated meeting between the two leaders begins.

These important agreements took place:

  • Deal signed on the -200 Kamov helicopter.
  • Agreement on anti-missile defense system S-400
  • Smart city projects
  • Deal signed in shipbuilding agreement
  • Indo-Russian gas pipeline deal
  • Deal signed for education and railways system.
  • In the field of Science & Tech
  • In the field of nuclear energy

After this meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi raised some words in a joint statement “I felt a sheer joy after welcoming the Russian president at our place, Russia is our old friend and an old friend is better than two new friends. India and Russia are in a Unique friendship. I and Russian president Putin Spoke in the details on all the issues. India and Russia are together against the serious issue of terrorism.”

In his words, Modi also mentioned that Russia and India will not tolerate terrorism anymore and also will take a stand against the one who supports terrorism.


What is BRICS:

BRICS is the group of 5 nations of the world in which Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are involved. This group of 5 nations has 43% of total population of the world and the GDP of these nations is over $ 16,000 billion. India received the chairmanship of BRICS from Russia on 15 February which will be valid up to 31st December 2016.