Advancing INDIA – Village Panchayat getting technical as Wi-Fi networks are approaching

Advancing INDIA – Village Panchayat getting technical as Wi-Fi networks are approaching

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Advancement by Modi’s government is to provide internet to the rural areas of India. There is a BIG amount which is to be invested in setting up and in maintaining the projects.

Rs 33,000 crore Government is planning to invest on broadband projects over next three years. Telecom secretary Mr. Rakesh Garg said in an event “Government will be spending Rs. 33,000 crore in coming three years over Fiver Network, Government User Network and many more other networks.

Rs 21,000 crore already been approved by government for NOFN (National Optic Fiber Network) which will be aiming to connect 2.5 lakh village panchayat till March 2017. Broadband delivery funds which will be used by Government User Network are yet to be approved. The panchayat connection will be Wi-Fi based with an expenditure of 2,472 crore annually which is a huge saving compared to markets costs.

“The annually cost of covering operational expenditure is Rs. 2742 crore which on comparison with the existing market rates by keeping the band width and speed in mind is around 15,435 crore annually.” an official source. This means a saving of 13,000 crore per year which can be used for other development funds.

10 years operational expenses are to be provided by Ministry of Rural Development. The NOFN and Government User Networks is waiting for the ministry to sought approval of Expenditure Committee for seeking 2,472 crore annual operation funds for the funds, as they already have approval from the inter-ministerial panel, telecom commission addressed.

GUN (government user network) is responsible to provide Wi-Fi services at panchayat level with the speed of 50 Mbps at each village panchayat. This speed can download a bollywood movie in 2 minutes. Capital expenditure of Rs 4,942 crore and operational expense of Rs 2,472 crore per annum will be required initially.

The national fiber option network project is still to get approval. An additional amount of beyond 20,000 crore will be required and it has been approved for NOFN (national fiber optics network). All of these estimates have been sent to the Expenditure Finance Committee for clearance. After this clearance it will be placed before the cabinet for the final nod.

“After the rainy season the work in about 2 lakh village panchayat will commence as all the survey for these 2 lakh villages were completed before the rainy season” – words of Rakesh Garg. More than 50,000 village panchayat will be completed by the end of this financial year and all the remaining work will be done till March 2017.

So, we assume that by the end of 2017 all the villages will be fully equipped with high speed internet and with all the latest technologies. We are heading towards a new India – A Glowing India, in which we can share our thoughts beyond the level we cannot imagine now. As per the villages are getting equipped with the internet government should also do in learning and how to make a good use of the facility.