Government will ensure LPG connection to all: Narendra Modi

Government will ensure LPG connection to all: Narendra Modi

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By considering the need of people of India, Modi addressed the public of Varanasi on Monday and said “our government is committed to fulfill all the needs of nation”. Matter to conclude the target of providing the gas (LPG) connection to each and every house is yet to achieve.

In his words, Modi raised his views about this scheme of government and added in his speech “providing LPG connection was not easily accessible step for the government and now it has become a time bounded project for us.” Hence Modi declared that government will ensure to provide gas connections to all in coming three years. After three years, everyone will get his own LPG connection at home and our people will not suffer and will not be forced to burn woods etc to prepare the food.

Addressing a public meeting after inaugurating seven public schemes here, Modi said:  schemes made for public should be implemented and end up to any satisfactory result with a great output. Public should be served on time and all scheme should be come into lime light on the given time limit. There shouldn’t be a place for any delay.

Here our government gives the full assurance of providing the gas connection without any delay and with the committed time of three years. Modi also mentioned in his words and said “the schemes we make for our public are not for any advertisements, neither for any personal interests, but for the benefits and the better life our common public of India which is far from the helping hand of the government and facilities.

At the end in his speech Modi promised to the people of Varanasi including the entire public of India to fulfil all there necessary and important needs which will help them to make their life better then now.