Half of the world is following us, we will be the power: Modi

Half of the world is following us, we will be the power: Modi

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On the successful launch of Agni-5 every Indian should be proud. It will be the reason of a great security of the nation.It is the result of the scientist of DRDO. A great hard work is there behind this launch. I give a hearty congratulation to all the scientist and our country: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Successful experiment of
Agni-5 is able to hit the target from 5000 kilometers of distance.
India has taken its place in the hyper-exclusive club along with America, Russia, and China.

By writing the new story of success and Glory India has successfully done the experiment with missile Agni-5 which has a great mark and atomic power. Agni-5 can hit the target from the distance of 5000 kilometer or more. A test has done with missile Agni-5 from the Abdul Kalam island of Odisha, which will be able to hit the place of event China.

DRDO raised a statement that this missile has launched on 11 a.m. It was the fourth successful launch and second can astride test of this missile. This missile is able to bring the atomic types of equipment. According to the report, Agni-5 is 17-metre height and 2 meters in radius and 50 tons in weight. This missile can bring the atomic weapons with very heavy weight. The speed of Agni-5 is 24 times more than the speed of sound.

India has achieved its place in the hyper-exclusive club with Agni 5. America, Russia and china are the members of this club already. The missile is able to target many areas of Asia, northern China and a large part of Europe. At the time of the launching DRDL Hyderabad and many other scientists were present.

ITR raised a statement that Agni-5 which is an advanced and fully loaded with Indian techniques. It has already tested with mobile launcher and it is the first time.

At the present time, India has Agni-1 which has 700 kilometers of range. Agni-2, which has 2000 kilometers of range. Agni-3 which has 2500 to 3500 kilometers of range and now Agni-4 and 5 available.