India came on first position by launching 104 satellites.

India came on first position by launching 104 satellites.

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ISRO has created history after sending 104 satellites. This is the world record till now as  there is no country which has made this history of sending 104 satellite at one time. Russia was the one which has sent 37 satellites in 2014, but now India came on first position. In this mission India has claimed 104 satellite although America, 10, Netherlands, Israel and Kazakhstan claimed 101 satellites.

“Mr.A S Kiran Kumar chairman of ISRO has provided a statement to media that in the satellites, 1 satellite contains 730 kilograms of weight and another 2 contains 19 kilogram. Although we had capability to get the satellites carry 600 kilogram of weight, that is why we have decided to send 101 another satellites.”

Although the spending are not cleared yet, but Mr Kiran Kumar explained that half of the amount of this project is coming from foreign satellites sending procedures. According to the reports, ISRO is getting around 100 cr. of rupees from foreign satellites. The senior journalist Pallav said “ this mission was not started to made any record, but this is the initiative of ISRO for commercial starting serial this was not an easy task and will be a difficult one, so that entire world is staring on this mission with a great focus. The foreign satellites launched by India r claimed by America and Israel also.

ISRO is currently working on the the process to maintain this record for the future and to make it huge than now. Concern persons of ISRO gave their statement that” ISRO is working on the new projects with a great dedication. It will bring India in the limelight among the world.