Modi talked about the Glimpse of BJP government

Modi talked about the Glimpse of BJP government

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2 days ago PM Narender Modi said, “before 2 years everyone was living under the atmosphere of Despondency and sombreness. Now it is the time of delight and gratification”.

Country wants development, youngsters want growth.  Only development is the key of all problems. Rest all speak for the vote bank. Modi contented that very soon he will provide the electricity to the villages of Uttar Pradesh. Poor people of India now connected with banks because of “Prdhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojna” it will help them in future.

Modi added these words in his speech during the “Vikas Rally” at Saharanpur.

Few steps taken by Modi’s government and lines from his speech-

Modi said “youngsters happily and dedicatedly accepted the “Swachhta Abhiyan” and even a little kid of India is now aware of this. The Swachhta Abhiyan is not for upper class people, it is basically for the poor one. Poor people are not able to afford the expenses of treatment, due to all this they stop working and it makes so many difficulties in their lives. That is why we took a step of “Swachhta Abhiyan”

By an instance Modi asked to our doctors “ give the free treatment to a woman who is pregnant and comes to hospitals on the date of 9th of any month. Because in our country it is quite usual the pregnant women die due to no or costly treatment”.

The age of retirement of our doctors will be exceeded to 65 years; central cabinet is going to pass this very soon.


In his speech, Modi said “they are trying to make the economy of this country stronger than before. In prior time financial graph of central govt was 65% and state govt was 35% but now they are trying to give the 65% to state government so that they can build the state more better. It will give the strength to the economy of the states of our country.

Modi govt made a scheme of giving 2 lakh crores to the Gram Panchayats. 80 lakhs to 1 crore rupees our panchayats are getting every year from the central government.The main motive of these projects and schemes is the development of our villages. It will make a change which will be helpful to remove the poverty from our country.

Pm said that he is serving the nation and he is here to give the entire report of 2 years of his working.


Modi said “the government made the resolution to make the earning of our farmers double than before till 2022, and it is not only a slogan, we took this project in our hands and we will achieve its success very soon.

Pm added in his speech “ more than 1 crore people have given up their gas subsidies. Gas connections has been provided to 3 crore people in previous year by government and it will be exceeded by 5 crores in coming years. This is such a huge decision which hasn’t taken by any other government is past 50 years.