PM Modi is in under threat of terrorists

PM Modi is in under threat of terrorists

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According to intelligence agencies Terrorists are planning to attack on capital of India. Intelligence bureau (IB) has announced this information under the department and to media. According to IB terrorists can target PM Modi, Indian parliament, army head quarter and defense ministry. Terrorist group lashkar is in activity to implement this plan.

20 terrorists of lashkar can enter secretly in India. Before that India security agencies announced alert for PM Modi. Even in the report of delhi police they have got the information that delhi is in a threat of terrorists including PM Modi. Terrorists are planning to attack delhi.

Many VVIPs are on the target of lashkar. Before that one information of attacking air flight of air india Kabul-delhi has been declared by the IB. According to IB lashkar commanders are continue in ordering the terrorists to attack india.


ISI agent and worker of Indian air force got arrested:

Ex worker of air force has been arrested by delhi police crime branch from Punjab. He is alleged of keeping confidential data of india and shared it with Pakistani agency ISI.

Person has been identified as a worker of Indian air force with name ranjeet of Punjab. He had been fired and arrested after getting the confidential data of india and sharing it with isi.

According to authorities police took ranjeet into delhi after getting arrested. Ranjeet was is under the doubt of indian intelligence bureau and trapped by a female who was his virtual friend on a social website.

Now police investigating ranjeet including a team which has 2 senior member of indian army and 3 members others. All 5 members has been arrested by police.

At the time according to police that still they are unable to identify that ranjeet also has any link with other terrorist group or not.