How to make a project of smart city

How to make a project of smart city

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Indian students now can get the studies of making a smart city in the universities of America. We can see the rapid development in the cities of world including India. Today many cities are in the list of smart cities by using technology.

Smart city is future:

A smart city is not only to live in but also it is the result of living in future. A smart city contains all these points. Engineers, scientists and architectures are regularly inventing methods by which any city can be more smarter although it is about the issue of pollution or it is the issue of human resources.

Opportunities of Indian students for learning smart city concept in America:

Few of American universities and institutions arrange workshops for smart cities to teach the students about it. Arizona University has started this concept of teaching about smart city projects and technology.

Here Students talk about projects and technology about smart cities and study about this concept.

M.I.T an institute coordinates a program named city science. In that students notes all the points to make a smart city and also they consider sensor technology, its use, data of inventions of city life etc.

Research center of Alabama University is in the favor of making ecofriendly buildings. They teach students about health of people and psychology of people when the live in an ordinary city and in smart city.

Graduate school of design of Howard University also has arranged a program about smart cities in 2012. Concept of smart cities is not only a topic to study but also it is a serious issue for entire world now.

As Prime Minister Narender Modi also announced to make 100 smart cities in India by investing 1.2 billion dollars till 2022. According to Narender Modi “till 2022 India will get 100 smart cities with full of technology and resources without the problems of pollution, traffic and health issues etc.