A successful journey of Rouse, Modi’s Rose visit

A successful journey of Rouse, Modi’s Rose visit

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Relations of India and Rouse are satisfactory in every kind of matter from the independence of India as pandit jawahar lal Nehru also visited rouse with Indira Gandhi in 1955.

Russian politicians are interested to make a good relations with India from the time of Indian independence. Time to time india was also served by Russian communist party and mr.khurshew.

After that in 1955 Russian Prime Minister Bulganin and khurshew came India. This visit made a history in a good relations of India and rouse. Result of that hot a name of “favored nation treaty” which was the consideration of importance given by both the countries to each other.

Both countries have good relations every matter although it was a nuclear of space research etc. India did not sign this much deals with any other country then rouse either it is about technology, space research or nuclear deal etc.

After the visit of japan, rouse visit of modi was so proven successful for relation of both countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi and Russian Prime Minister Putin has signed 16 deals for the growth of both countries.

226 commove helicopter manufacturing is also included in this list of deals. This deal is a part of process of make in India. Both countries committed to establish 12 nuclear units and 2 nuclear reactor units of Russian design with the contribution of Indian companies.

Both countries considered that the peaceful use of nuclear energy will be the reason of good relations of both countries. Both countries took a step to increase business of 10billion dollars to 30 billion dollars.

Along with that prime ministers of both countries talked about the matter of terrorism and said that whole world should take a step together to finish the terrorism.

Putin also praised Indian steps of being a member of United States defense committee. Modi vested 33 countries included a successful journey of rouse and japan with the matter of bullet train in India.

With all that all countries not only able to make good relations for business, but also they can fight against terrorism.