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PM Modi warned the black money holders.

By taking some hard and strict actions against black money, government is keep on exposing the black money holders. Many employees of banks and people who are trying to hide their black money are getting busted and going jail.

Prime Minister Modi said ” Black money holders was thinking that they will be escape from the eye of Government and there will be a backdoor, but government has put up cameras on the back door for these kind of criminals.

“Criminals who are planning to create a wrong activity after the demonetization will be punished for sure, because innocent citizens of India are in the queue for getting there currency and facing hurdles for the better India” Said Modi while addressing a rally in Gujarat on Saturday.

Modi mentioned in his words ” Rupaya turned into paper from silver coins and now it will be using by mobile in the form of e-wallet.

E-wallet and mobile banking will facilitate the efforts of people of India. Public should be aware on the large level. Government is working on this concept by which everyone will be aware of technology and mobile banking.

Modi asked for blessing and support from the nation in the fight against Black Money. Modi also tagged the opposition that all the opposite parties are creating difficulties in Parliament and trying to stop me for speaking about the development and demonetization. To talk with public of India by the direct way I came here.

Modi also said ” after the 50 days of demonetization, difficulties will start reducing, conditions and situations will be normal like before. People should adopt mobile banking and e-payment and after that there will be no need of going bank or ATM for getting money.

Our country is thinking about that what will be happened with notes. Here I want to ask you that what was the importance small notes before 8th November. Everyone tries to Grab thousand and 500 rupees notes. But after that demonetization, small currency and small people got the great importance. Government took this decision to serve poor people in better way.

Modi said he will present his explanation about the concept of demonetization in the Parliament.