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PM Modi warned the black money holders.

By taking some hard and strict actions against black money, government is keep on exposing the black money holders. Many employees of banks and people who are trying to hide their black money are getting busted and going jail.

Prime Minister Modi said ” Black money holders was thinking that they will be escape from the eye of Government and there will be a backdoor, but government has put up cameras on the back door for these kind of criminals.

“Criminals who are planning to create a wrong activity after the demonetization will be punished for sure, because innocent citizens of India are in the queue for getting there currency and facing hurdles for the better India” Said Modi while addressing a rally in Gujarat on Saturday.

Modi mentioned in his words ” Rupaya turned into paper from silver coins and now it will be using by mobile in the form of e-wallet.

E-wallet and mobile banking will facilitate the efforts of people of India. Public should be aware on the large level. Government is working on this concept by which everyone will be aware of technology and mobile banking.

Modi asked for blessing and support from the nation in the fight against Black Money. Modi also tagged the opposition that all the opposite parties are creating difficulties in Parliament and trying to stop me for speaking about the development and demonetization. To talk with public of India by the direct way I came here.

Modi also said ” after the 50 days of demonetization, difficulties will start reducing, conditions and situations will be normal like before. People should adopt mobile banking and e-payment and after that there will be no need of going bank or ATM for getting money.

Our country is thinking about that what will be happened with notes. Here I want to ask you that what was the importance small notes before 8th November. Everyone tries to Grab thousand and 500 rupees notes. But after that demonetization, small currency and small people got the great importance. Government took this decision to serve poor people in better way.

Modi said he will present his explanation about the concept of demonetization in the Parliament.

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Modi has earned the tag of person of the Year by the online survey of Times magazine.

The famous magazine “Times” introduced Modi as the person of the Year by a survey. Times magazine is very popular and first choice of readers which has given this tag to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an online survey 2016.

It was basically an online survey held by times magazine,in which the readers of Times magazine got a choice to choose the person of the Year between many personalities such as Modi, Trump, Putin and Obama etc. and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved the place of person of the Year among all those famous and popular personalities of the world , chosen bye the readers of TIMES magazine.

Here you need to know that Donald Trump is the new President of united States of America and considered as the famous and popular personality of the world of the world.

Similarly Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin both are very famous personalities, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the first choice of people according to this survey.

It was 4th year when Modi has got a great place in the survey of Times magazine, according to reports, magazine adds the name of those people who were in the light for good or bad news for their work. All the personalities who get the place in this magazine are those who leave a great impact on the news and readers. Last year chancellor of Germany Angela markel got this tag of the person of the year by Time Magazine.

In the online survey held by this magazine Narendra Modi got 25% of votes, Putin got 6% and Barack Obama was on 7% , here on the list and according to the reports the current Prime Minister of United States of America Donald Trump got more than 6%.

This survey is still going on and we need to see that, will Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi be able to increase his fan following or not till 4th December. Many other personality from the different countries are also added by times in this survey.

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PM Modi addressed union secretaries last week and said ” review all the government policies without any fear, there is no need to be hesitated from any government official while reviewing the government policies.” Modi asked the union secretaries to provide a road-map for the policies to be applied and for the budget  2017-18, with the innovative ideas.

90 secretaries has been divided in 10 groups in budget consultation exercise and they are asked to prepare a report on education, energy, environment, communication,Urban Development, Finance, Corporate Affairs, transport, agriculture, governance and crisis management, along with that many other sartorial themes. Time duration will be one month to prepare this report.

A secretary raised an information without showing his name that “Prime Minister wants a great output and focus on these policies started by his government along with many program ,schemes and projects, so that all policies can get a great implementation and people can get benefits for whom these policies are made.

The important thing in this discussion is, youngster officers also invited to give their views and opinion. Secretary also told ” PM Modi asked us to give a full conclusion in the report”. According to a report PM Modi said that with the contribution of youngsters, tech friendly officers and joint secretaries we can make a better road map.

A report came from PMO x that prime Minister Modi does not want a limited output of this process till the next budget. In fact PM wants these policies to give an effect on 2019 policies. All policy announcements are already done, either it is swachh Bharat, digital India etc.

Secretary also under the expectations to give an answer that what should be happened in the next 2 years and what will be the strategies to be applied in 2018-19 for the Wellness of nation and how to implement the strategies to give the benefits to the common public of India.

A meeting held between the prime Minister Modi and secretary cabinet and Pk Sinha from secretary cabinet performed a presentation with the 8 groups of secretaries about strategy for the new starting year.

Some suggestion from few secretaries of a group has been added in the last budget. The main motive of this meeting was to clarify the Prime Minister’s message that secretaries should be fearless and should make a crystal clear report. So that all policies should be melted without any hotel and government could be able to provide more and more benefits to the public of India.

Modi just came forward and raised his statement to Ban notes of rupees 500 and 1000 from today midnight. Modi took this step to heal the nation from the cancer of black money and fake currency business. Although people will face a little inconvenience in the transactions by manual methods but this step will finish the corruption from our country.

Few points of this decision to be considered: 



  • Entire nation including government official got this statement few minutes ago as Modiannounced this decision.
  • Reserve Bank accepted the proposal of issuing Rs.2000 note according to this process.
  • All banks will be closed on 9th November 2016.
  • People are free to deposit 500 and 1000 rupees notes in the nearest banks till 30th December. After that no bank will accept this currency.
  • Besides the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees note, old coin and currency will remain the same.
  • 30th december is the deadline to deposit the note of 500 and thousand rupees.
  • Government to this hard step due to the highly increased rate of corruption and black money.
  • Terrorism is the great issue and hurdle for the nation that is why government took this step.According to the Prime Minister Modi”fake currency and black money is being used to provide facilities to the terrorists.”

India improved its position in the global ranking of the corruption, Modi has taken many steps against corruption and this step is the part of those steps which will be proved a boon for the anti corruption campaign started by Prime Minister Modi.

Modi mentioned in his words “ BJP government brings useful sachems time by time, especially  for the class of farmers and poor”. We took this step this time to finish the corruption from its roots and that is why I appeal to the public of India to deposit the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees note in the nearest bank, if someone is not able to deposit this currency till 30th December then he will be given a last chance.

In the end of his speech Modi address the nation and said ” we will take care of the rights of common public of nation. A little trouble is better than to tolerate the cancer of corruption. This stuff will come out with great results.