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Modi has earned the tag of person of the Year by the online survey of Times magazine.

The famous magazine “Times” introduced Modi as the person of the Year by a survey. Times magazine is very popular and first choice of readers which has given this tag to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an online survey 2016.

It was basically an online survey held by times magazine,in which the readers of Times magazine got a choice to choose the person of the Year between many personalities such as Modi, Trump, Putin and Obama etc. and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved the place of person of the Year among all those famous and popular personalities of the world , chosen bye the readers of TIMES magazine.

Here you need to know that Donald Trump is the new President of united States of America and considered as the famous and popular personality of the world of the world.

Similarly Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin both are very famous personalities, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the first choice of people according to this survey.

It was 4th year when Modi has got a great place in the survey of Times magazine, according to reports, magazine adds the name of those people who were in the light for good or bad news for their work. All the personalities who get the place in this magazine are those who leave a great impact on the news and readers. Last year chancellor of Germany Angela markel got this tag of the person of the year by Time Magazine.

In the online survey held by this magazine Narendra Modi got 25% of votes, Putin got 6% and Barack Obama was on 7% , here on the list and according to the reports the current Prime Minister of United States of America Donald Trump got more than 6%.

This survey is still going on and we need to see that, will Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi be able to increase his fan following or not till 4th December. Many other personality from the different countries are also added by times in this survey.